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Winning Listings and Converting Buyers With Google Plus


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Today's home buyer will search online at some point during the home buying process. When they do it's crucial that your business and contact information show up at the top of the search results. Many people think that it costs thousands of dollars to have your name and business show up as a top search result but in this webinar you will learn a free and easy shortcut to get to the top of Google search results. Learn how to set up a Google Plus page that will appear at the top of local search results when a buyer is searching for homes or a real estate agent in your market.

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Winning Listings and Converting Buyers With Google Plus

  1. 1. Burke Smith Founder of YourNetCoach Chief Communications Officer, HSA Home Warranty Technology will never replace agents, but agents using technology will!™ Winning Listings & Converting Buyers With Google Plus
  2. 2. Audio Issues • During Todays webinar attendees will be in listen-only mode • If you are experiencing audio issues please contact: GoToWebinar: 1-800-263-6317 • Submit questions @HSAHomeWarranty on Twitter with #HSAwebinar
  3. 3. Audio Issues • Check to make sure your computer isn’t muted • Make sure your Audio Mode is set to Use Mic & Speakers if you haven’t dialed in
  4. 4. • Reach out to your local HSA representative for a recording and slides after today’s webinar • Find your rep at This is Recorded
  5. 5. Tutorial Videos on YouTube on
  6. 6. Burke Smith – Career Highlights • Chief Communications Officer at HSA Home Warranty • Founder of YourNetCoach, Founder of ipayOne, Executive Team at Prudential California Realty • Licensed California Broker & Real Estate Coach/Consultant/Trainer • Personally responsible for over 1000 closed real estate transactions • Featured on CNN & in the New York Times • Nominated 2 years in a row Inman Innovator of the Year Clients have closed over $25 billion in residential real estate!
  7. 7. “THIS IS WHY WE STARTED ZILLOW!” That’s almost $900 million in closed real estate transactions without a single lead from Zillow or Trulia!
  8. 8. • Featured content writer on RIS Media • Marketing and Promotions at ESPN Radio • Social Media Intern at Monona Terrace • IT and Social Media Consultant at American Family Insurance • Social Media Specialist at HSA Phone: 608-798-6001 ext. 6410 Email: Contact: Brian Geick – Career Highlights
  9. 9. Think Differently!
  10. 10. What is this class all about?
  11. 11. You help people BUY and SELL the American Dream
  12. 12. First time Home Buyers
  13. 13. Soldier Coming Home from War
  14. 14. Empty Nesters Retiring to Travel the World
  15. 15. This class is About YOU!
  16. 16. Social Media is your FREE platform: • To share your stories • To show your knowledge of a market • To network • Build your S.O.I. • Do PR for you and your business • Recruit and retain Social Media does NOT replace what you do, it complements what you do!
  17. 17. Help me find a house What is my house is worth Tell me how the market is PROVE TO ME THAT I CAN TRUST YOU Real Estate 101 vs. Social Media 101
  18. 18. Build a brand. You’re not just an agent, you are a brand within a brand. What is your niche?
  19. 19. Building a Brand Identity
  20. 20. You’re not just an agent, you’re a brand. What does your brand stand for? Hint: “Don’t say Loyalty, Integrity and experience” • 3 Step Branding Exercise: • Write down 3 – 5 things that you think your brand represents in the market. • Ask your family, friends, co-workers and most importantly your past clients what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about you and your brand. • Compare their responses to yours. What is your BIG, BOLD, BRANDING statement? For example: “The #1 resource for Indiana Real Estate”
  21. 21. What is YOUR Niche? Create AGGRESSIVE referrals
  22. 22. Market for listing appointments by creating a higher perceived value. The 40/40/20 rule.
  23. 23. 40/40/20 RULE for Winning More Listing Appointments with Your Marketing
  24. 24. 40% is knowing your audience Some Quick Facts About Your Next First Time Home Buyer • Equal to or Bigger than Baby Boomer Generation , Roughly 26% of the population • 3 times the size of Generation X • Weak on interpersonal skills …why? Technology • Spending power exceeds $200 billion • Close to family , so stay in touch with those past clients
  25. 25. 40% is the value of what you are offering Example of Failed Marketing: Really? I need you for that?
  26. 26. Anybody can tell you how much your home is worth, contact us today and we will tell you how to make your home worth MORE! You don’t need to know how much your home is worth, you need to know how to make your home worth MORE! Example of Successful Marketing:
  27. 27. 20% is the LOOK What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong with this picture? Everything you do offline MUST have a call to action to drive people online!!!
  28. 28. Everything you do offline MUST have a call to action to drive people online. For example: 5 Most Important things you need to know when thinking of selling your home in Schererville
  29. 29. What Is Google +? • A social network very similar to Facebook • Gives a social aspect to all of Google’s services – Search, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar
  30. 30. Why Do I need To Be On It? Why do I need to be on another social network?
  31. 31. Get found, right when your customers are most interested.
  32. 32. What We Know • 90% of today’s consumers search online when looking for a home • 33% of people looking for real estate information on Google are searching for local agents or brokers
  33. 33. Search Engines & Real Estate
  34. 34. What do top positioned Google pages have in common?
  35. 35. Top 5 Factors correlated with a high Google search ranking • Number of Google +1 • Facebook Shares • Backlinks • Facebook Total • Facebook Comments
  36. 36. Domain Name
  37. 37. The number of Google +1’s your website has is more highly correlated with search rankings than the name of your website Source: Search Metrics
  38. 38. Homes for sale in Indianapolis
  39. 39. Top 3
  40. 40. Real estate agent in Madison WI
  41. 41. Paid Ads
  42. 42. Business placed on the 1st page of search results Think of it as the new Yellow Pages Just as you had to be in the Yellow Pages you NEED to be listed here
  43. 43. What About Google Places? • In 2012 ‘Google Places’ changed to ‘Google+ Local’
  44. 44. When your customers search on Google, the results to the right may include relevant posts, photos, and videos from your Google+ page. Cantera Real Estate
  45. 45. • Google Plus pages get prime real estate in search results • Includes relevant contact information • Directions to your office • Reviews • Recent posts
  46. 46. Getting Started
  47. 47. • Go to and sign in with a Google account or create a new account Creating a Google + Page
  48. 48. • Fill in the required information
  49. 49. • Verify your Email
  50. 50. From your Google Plus profile go to Home in the upper left corner and select Pages
  51. 51. Click Create a page Choose Local Business or Place
  52. 52. • Search for your business and if you find a matching result you can click on it to claim the page other wise choose No not my business
  53. 53. • If your business is already listed you must verify that you are the business owner
  54. 54. • Enter your business information and select a category – Name, Address, Phone – Category: Real Estate Consultant
  55. 55. • Check this box and enter the zip codes of the areas you do business in
  56. 56. • Enter your business information – Name, Address, Phone
  57. 57. • Now we’re ready to fill out your info
  58. 58. If you already had a Google Plus Page made or had to claim your page this is where you can join in
  59. 59. Add A Profile Picture Click here to upload a profile picture
  60. 60. Add A Profile Picture • Your profile picture should be professional and of a high resolution • It appears in all your posts and in search results • You may also use a logo if you have one
  61. 61. Add A Cover Photo Click here to upload a Cover Photo Click here to upload a cover photo
  62. 62. Add A Cover Photo • Your cover photo is very large (1080 x 608 px) so use a high resolution photo – Minimum size requirement (480 x 270 px) • Choose something that catches the eye and represents your business or market • This image is only seen when people visit your page
  63. 63. Add Map and Search Photos • These are the display photos for your business on Google Maps and in search results • Use photos of your office, team, and neighborhoods you service
  64. 64. Add Map and Search Photos Where your photos appear in search results
  65. 65. • Use Dashboard in the upper left hand corner drop down menu to access to your page’s Activity center • From here you can see if you’re missing information, verify your page, start a G+ chat with your followers and more
  66. 66. Google + Dashboard • Add Managers • Delete • Transfer ownership • Verify your page
  67. 67. Google + Dashboard • Start a video Hangout • Edit information about your business
  68. 68. • Complete your page • Use the progress bar at the top to see what you’re missing – Hours of operation – Upload Photos of your team and building – Add an introduction
  69. 69. Verifying Your Page • After you’ve filled out your information you can Verify your page
  70. 70. Request a Pin
  71. 71. When the pin arrives, log back into your Google + Dashboard, enter the pin and your page will be verified
  72. 72. Checklist So Far Created a page Uploaded Photos Filled out basic information Requested to Verify Page
  73. 73. After Verification • Link your website to your page • Set a Google Plus URL Verified Local Business pages have a check mark by their photo
  74. 74. Link To Your Website Under the “About” heading look for a section called Links and hit “Edit” at the bottom
  75. 75. Link To Your Website Enter your website and link to your other social networks
  76. 76. Set A URL • Requirements – Your page must be verified • Can not be changed once set • Your URL may be preassigned based on the name of your page and the name of your linked website.
  77. 77. Set A URL Under the “Links” section claim your Google + URL
  78. 78. Build Your Brand – Online Reviews • Setting up a Google Plus business page allows people to review your business • Reviews can not be anonymous. They are linked to the reviewers Google + profile • Reviews help you show up higher in search results
  79. 79. “We live in social world where now and for the foreseeable future, the consumer is in control. They are more informed than ever and have a choice of who they work with,” - Sherry Chris, CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
  80. 80. HSA Social Media Resources
  81. 81. Video Walkthroughs •
  82. 82. Just a Thought… Everybody is…. • Tweeting • Facebooking • Blogging • Texting • Pinging • Posting • Emailing Nobody is… • Doorknocking • Farming • Calling • Talking • Writing • Mailing • Living Your opportunity is to combine these two columns!!!!!
  83. 83. Thank You!
  84. 84. Questions