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How to Integrate Video and YouTube into your Real Estate Marketing


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Real estate professionals and brokerages are embracing video now more than ever before. If you haven't integrated video as a key role in your strategy for 2014 this webinar will give you a head start. Learn how you can win more listings and convert more buyers by using YouTube and video in your marketing.
Hosted by Real Estate coach and HSA's Chief Communications Officer, Burke Smith. We'll cover everything you need to know about setting up your own YouTube channel and creating videos that generate leads. Watch the live recording at:

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How to Integrate Video and YouTube into your Real Estate Marketing

  1. 1. Burke Smith Founder of YourNetCoach Chief Communications Officer, HSA Home Warranty • Technology will Never replace agents, but agents using technology will!™
  2. 2. Burke Smith – Career Highlights • Chief Communications Officer at HSA Home Warranty • Founder of YourNetCoach, Founder of ipayOne, Executive Team at Prudential California Realty • Licensed California Broker & Real Estate Coach/Consultant/Trainer • Personally responsible for over 1000 closed real estate transactions • Featured on CNN & in the New York Times • Nominated 2 years in a row Inman Innovator of the Year Clients have closed over $25 billion in residential real estate!
  3. 3. This is Recorded • Reach out to your local HSA representative for a recording and slides after today’s webinar • Find your rep at
  4. 4. Tutorial Videos on YouTube on
  5. 5. 1 Build a brand. You’re not just an agent, you are a brand within a brand. What is your niche?
  6. 6. Building a Brand Identity
  7. 7. You’re not just an agent, you’re a brand. What does your brand stand for? Hint: “Don’t say Loyalty, Integrity and experience” • 3 Step Branding Exercise: • Write down 3 – 5 things that you think your brand represents in the market. • Ask your family, friends, co-workers and most importantly your past clients what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about you and your brand. • Compare their responses to yours. What is your BIG, BOLD, BRANDING statement? For example: “The #1 resource for selling your Edwardsville Home”
  8. 8. YouTube Advantages • Real estate professionals, brokerages and brands are embracing video now more than ever before
  9. 9. YouTube Advantages • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that's almost an hour for every person on Earth • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  10. 10. YouTube Advantages • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network Your next first time home buyer/seller Now outnumber baby-boomers! Would you have advertised during Cheers or Friends or M.A.S.H. if you could have?
  11. 11. YouTube Advantages • YouTube videos are a large factor in determining Google rankings
  12. 12. State the problem… • 92% of Buyers will start their search on the web • 70% will start on GOOGLE • 73% of sellers say they prefer to list with an agent who uses video to sell their home • Only 12% of real estate agents have a YouTube channel • Only 1% of agents use YouTube to market their listings
  13. 13. YouTube Advantages • Sites that showcase relevant YouTube videos rank higher in organic search results • This means posting and linking to these videos gives you an advantage over other real estate professionals
  14. 14. YouTube Advantages • People trust content from videos more than any other medium • Videos attract 300% more traffic and leads than traditional marketing(Marketing Sherpa)
  15. 15. YouTube Advantages • YouTube is your mobile advertising platform it’s available on hundreds of top mobile devices
  16. 16. YouTube Advantages • Video is the most engaging and versatile content • Can be used on your – Website – Email – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Blog
  17. 17. Making a Video
  18. 18. Equipment
  19. 19. Smart Phones are all you need • 720p HD Video
  20. 20. YouTube Capture • Easy, Fast Recording • Quick touch up tools • Instant uploads to YouTube and all other social networks from your phone • IPhone only
  21. 21. Audio • Boom Mic • $40 • Lapel Mic • $30-$60
  22. 22. Best Practices • Have a Plan • Keep it Short – 1-3 minute videos • Make Content Not Ads • Have a clear and concise call to action
  23. 23. Video Editing • iMovie (Mac Only) • Windows Movie Maker (Windows) • YouTube (Edit Online)
  24. 24. YouTube Editor • Annotations (links on video) • Royalty free music • Simple editing
  25. 25. Effective Real Estate Videos
  26. 26. Effective Real Estate Videos • Agent Profiles – Great way to introduce yourself to a wider audience in a more personal way – Well done agent profiles increase the time spent on site by prospects – Prospects who call an agent after watching a video profile are far more qualified based on the investment they’ve made in learning about the agent
  27. 27. Effective Real Estate Videos • Property Videos – Use property photos to create a branded slideshow tour of a listing – Include pricing information and a link to the listing in the description
  28. 28. Effective Real Estate Videos • Neighborhood Profiles – Use video to help prospective home buyers learn about cities or neighborhoods – Hyperlocal – Focus on selling the community, not just the listing 7,500 + Views
  29. 29. Effective Real Estate Videos • Real Estate Industry Current Events – Establish yourself as an expert by discussing current changes in your real estate market 16,500+ Views
  30. 30. Effective Real Estate Videos • Corporate Communication – Using video for corporate communications can be a great way to get the word out about change, both externally and internally
  31. 31. Effective Real Estate Videos • Testimonials – Ask your best clients to say a few words about what it’s like working with you – Take a video camera with you whenever you're out with clients 4,000+ Views
  32. 32. Effective Real Estate Videos • Pre-listing presentation video – Create a video with your value proposition, why a seller should pick you and send it to potential clients before you meet in person
  33. 33. Video Ideas • Open House Promotions – Give people a sneak peek at a new property and let them know when the next open house will be 340+ Views
  34. 34. Video Ideas • How To Videos – Real estate can be a big complicated world for your clients. Help them navigate with short, informational videos that include answers to common questions you receive 325+ Views
  35. 35. More Video Ideas • • • • • • How to purchase a home Lease-to-own tips How short sales work Renovation tips Community events Public services – Schools, local government
  36. 36. Setting Up A Channel For Your Business
  37. 37. Setting Up A Channel • You NEED a Google Account • If you have a Gmail for your business use it!
  38. 38. • Go to and choose create an account or login if you have a Google account
  39. 39. • Fill in the required information
  40. 40. • Verify your Email
  41. 41. • After you are logged in click the drop down arrow on the top right and select Settings • Select Click Here right underneath your name to create a channel for your business
  42. 42. • Enter your business name and category then hit Create Channel
  43. 43. • If you already have an account go to YouTube Settings
  44. 44. • Click on “Create a new channel”
  45. 45. • Choose a Channel Name • Select Company Institution or Organization for the Category • Agree to the Pages Terms
  46. 46. • Select a Profile Picture • This is linked to your Google + profile picture
  47. 47. • Set your channel art
  48. 48. • Set your URL
  49. 49. Once set your URL is permanent and can never be changed!
  50. 50. Seriously. . . It’s permanent
  51. 51. • Click on your profile in the top right and select YouTube Settings
  52. 52. • Choose Advanced
  53. 53. • Click Create Custom URL
  54. 54. Think it over
  55. 55. Add A Description
  56. 56. • Click on the pencil icon
  57. 57. • Channel Description – Highlight your most important content up front and add a link to your website – The description also shows up in the About Tab for a channel and is a valuable resource for subscribers to find out more – Include relevant contact information (email, phone, etc) – Remember to think about your description as it shows up on YouTube- on your channel page and in search results.
  58. 58. Include Links To Other Social Networks • Add Links to: – Your Website – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Pinterest
  59. 59. • Can add 4 social links to your profile • However only 1 link to an external site can appear on your channel art
  60. 60. • Click on the pencil icon directly below the description
  61. 61. • Use this to drive traffic to your website. Check this box Add your website
  62. 62. Uploading a Video • It’s the details that make the difference • Think about what your clients would search for
  63. 63. Uploading a Video • Select Upload, then Select files to upload. Note: You can also drag and drop a video file into this area to upload it
  64. 64. Uploading a Video Share This Link Privacy Settings Category Description Tags
  65. 65. • Title: What you want to call your video • Include Keywords • Keep branding towards the end • Tour of Downtown San Diego by Burke Smith Real Estate Agent not Burke Smith Real Estate Agent – Tour of Downtown San Diego • Description: include keywords, your company name, a link to your website and your contact information on every video • Only the first few sentences of your video description will appear in search results
  66. 66. • Tags: These are keywords that help identify your video and business • For example, if you’re a realtor posting a video on how to stage a home, you might use the following tags: [Home Staging], [How to Sell Your Home], [Name of Your Business]
  67. 67. • Privacy Settings • Public – anyone can view your video • Unlisted - only people who have the link to will be able to view your video • Private - only those who you list can view the video
  68. 68. • Category: Select a subject matter category that’s most relevant for your business. Most often “Real Estate” • Advanced Settings: These settings are optional and allow you to include information about the video location and recording date, and settings for comments.
  69. 69. Do Not Make the #1 Uploading Mistake!
  70. 70. Have a URL at the beginning of the description
  71. 71. YouTube Production Review • KISS: Keep It Short and Sweet (3 minutes is good) • Take advantage of video annotations to share more videos with your audience • NEVER compromise quality! • Make sure to include your full contact information in the video
  72. 72. YouTube Video Ideas Review • • • • • • tours for available properties welcome video that showcases your expertise client testimonial videos neighborhood tours Real Estate trends in your area how-to videos for home sellers to help them get the highest possible price (staging, before & after, rehab) • home-buying tips and best practices (first time home sellers)
  73. 73. Uploading Review • • • • • Keywords in the Title Keywords in the Description Use Tags Check the Transcription Keywords in the file name of the video
  74. 74. YouTube Networking Tips • Respond promptly and informatively to people’s comments on your videos • Thoughtfully comment on videos that are interesting to your target clients to increase your channel’s visibility • YouTube Video response is a very powerful feature if used wisely
  75. 75. The key to successful YouTube marketing is creating
  76. 76. Remember • If you put in the effort you will see the results. Never Give Up
  77. 77. HSA Social Media Resources
  78. 78. Video Walkthroughs •
  80. 80. You’re not just an agent, you’re a brand. What does your brand stand for? Hint: “Don’t say Loyalty, Integrity and experience” • 3 Step Branding Exercise: • Write down 3 – 5 things that you think your brand represents in the market. • Ask your family, friends, co-workers and most importantly your past clients what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about you and your brand. • Compare their responses to yours. What is your BIG, BOLD, BRANDING statement? For example: “The #1 resource for selling your Edwardsville Home”
  81. 81. Thank You!
  82. 82. Questions