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Social Media in the Real Estate Industry 2013


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In this Kaplan and Continued Education approved course. Burke Smith of HSA Home Warranty shows how real estate agents are effectively using social media to build relationships and expand their audience in their market.

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Social Media in the Real Estate Industry 2013

  1. 1. Burke SmithFounder of YourNetCoachChief Communications Officer, HSA Home Warranty“Like No Other Home Warranty Company on the Planet!”Technology will Never replace agents, but agentsusing technology will!™
  2. 2. Win Listingsand ConvertBuyers
  3. 3. Burke Smith – Career Highlights• Chief Communications Officer at HSA Home Warranty• Founder of YourNetCoach, Founder of ipayOne,Executive Team at Prudential California Realty• Licensed California Broker & Real EstateCoach/Consultant/Trainer• Personally responsible for over 1000 closed realestate transactions• Featured on CNN & in the New York Times• Nominated 2 years in a row Inman Innovator of theYearClients have closed over $25 billion in residential real estate!
  4. 4. Double Your Chances to Win!Email and click thelink in the reply email
  5. 5. Questions?
  6. 6. Just a Thought…Everybody is….• Tweeting• Facebooking• Blogging• Texting• Pinging• Posting• EmailingNobody is…• Doorknocking• Farming• Calling• Talking• Writing• Mailing• LivingYour opportunity is to combine these two columns!!!!!
  7. 7. TODAY you will commit todoing something younormally would nothavedone!!!!
  8. 8. What is this class all about?
  9. 9. You help peopleBUY and SELL theAmerican Dream
  10. 10. First time Home Buyers
  11. 11. Soldier Coming Home from War
  12. 12. Empty Nesters Retiring toTravel the World
  13. 13. This class is About YOU!
  14. 14. Social Mediaand theReal Estate Industry
  15. 15. Social Media is your FREE platform:• To share your stories• To show your knowledge of a market• To network• Build your S.O.I.• Do PR for you and your business• Recruit and retainSocial Media does NOT replace what you do,it complements what you do!
  16. 16. All That Noise
  17. 17. Focus
  18. 18. What social media platforms are available andwhat are the differences
  19. 19. Compare the Top Social Media Platforms
  20. 20. Total Users
  21. 21. • Facebook (I like beer)• Twitter (I’m drinking a beer)• 4square (this is where I drink beer)• Youtube (watch me drink beer)• LinkedIn (I have experience in DrinkingBeer)• Pinterest (my favorite beers)Social Media Simplified
  22. 22. 3 Rules of Social Media1. Social Media is all about enablingconversations among your audience ormarket.2. You cannot control conversations with socialmedia, but you can influence them.3. Influence is the cornerstone on which all realestate relationships are built
  23. 23. Help mefind ahouseWhat is myhouse isworthTell mehow themarket isPROVE TO ME THAT I CAN TRUST YOUReal Estate 101 vs. Social Media 101
  24. 24. How you CLOSE the Salewith Social MediaYour #1 Goal is NOT to schedule an appointmentto show them the perfect property!!Your #1 Goal is that by the time they call, theprospect believes you are the perfect person toshow them any property because you understandtheir needs
  25. 25. Social Business
  26. 26. A Look at the Consumer
  27. 27. NAR/GOOGLE STUDY2012Google: Zero Moment of TruthGoogle Home Shopper Study 2012
  28. 28. • 90% of home buyers search online• Real estate related searches up 253% in last 4 years• 36% of new homebuyers use their smart phonewhile watching TV
  29. 29. NOT IMPRESSED??
  31. 31. Over 1 billion usersAvg. user has 130 Friends130 Friends!
  33. 33. A Few Facts About FacebookThe #1 Site in the world over Google• More than 1 billion active users• 50% of active users log on to Facebook inany given day• Average user spends more than 55 minutesper day on Facebook• More than 5 billion pieces of content (weblinks, news stories, blog posts, notes, photoalbums, etc.) shared each week• More than 3 million active Pages onFacebook• More than 20 million people become fansof Pages each day• There are more than 100 million activeusers currently accessing Facebook throughtheir mobile devicesThe fastest growing demographic onFacebook is Women 55-65
  34. 34. Social Networking = Time on Facebook2008 – 2012
  35. 35. FB Facts & FiguresPosts less than 80characters = 27%higherengagement rateAgents who postedoutside of business hourshad engagement ratesapproximately 20%higher than average.Posts that endwith a questionhave a 15% higherengagement rate.Thursday and Friday besttimes of week to post.Facebook says“Happiness Index”spikes by 10% on Friday.“Where,” “when,”“would” and “should”drive the highestengagement ratesAvoid asking “why”questions. “Why” has boththe lowest ‘like’ andcomment rates, and may beperceived as intrusiveand/or challenging
  36. 36. What Happens in Vegas…
  37. 37. …stays on Facebook!Check your security settings!
  38. 38. FAN Pages/ Business Pages
  39. 39. Create a Page
  40. 40. Give your Facebook Fan Page a user-friendly name• One more handy tip on how to create an effectivepage on Facebook. When your Page has gotten atleast 25 fans, youll be able to create a user-friendly URL for it.• Go to the• Edit Page > Update Info > UsernameThe Facebook Business Page or Fan PageYOU NO LONGERNEED 25 FOR YOURFIRST PAGE!
  41. 41. Facebook URL Guidelines• Your username should be straightforward and easy to remember• As close as possible to the name of your business• Choose carefully usernames are permanent and non-transferable• If you enter your username incorrectly you may change it ONCE• Use only alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9)• You may include periods and capital letters to make your username easierto read, but these wont affect how people find your PageFor example, go to the samePage.
  42. 42. Facebook URL• Fliers• Brochures• Business cards• And all other marketingmaterial
  43. 43. Pic Scatter is by far the easiest. Youll need to give access to your likes, photos,and photos shared with you. Then you can create a montage cover showing agroup of your friends or some of your likes. You can also use a specific photoalbum. But no matter what you choose, make sure you have enough there forPic Scatter to choose from, to prevent repeating of images.Pic Scatter is free, but contains branding in the image. Its a super low lifetimefee of $1.50 to remove the branding, and it also gives you access to filters,instant uploads, and downloading images to your desktop.
  44. 44. Timeline Cover BannerUnlike Pic Scatter, Timeline Cover Banner is totally free and does not containany branding. Its not as simple, but if you want total control over yourFacebook Timelines cover image, this will do the trick. Their tool lets youupload any image (or images) of your choice, which you can then edit or addtext to. You can also select from one of many free background images in theirgallery.Once youve perfected your cover image, it will download right to yourdesktop. The big plus here? Theres no need to connect via Facebook!
  45. 45. SEOLinks to different parts ofyour websiteBranded cover photowith contact infoSeparate Your Personal From Professional
  46. 46. Facebook UpdatesRecentUpdates
  47. 47. • Post TargetingRecent Updates
  48. 48. • Post TargetingRecent UpdatesThe more specific you can be in segmenting your audiencethe more successful you will be in converting them anddelivering the appropriate message to themAge, Gender, Interests, College, High School, Relationshipstatus
  49. 49. • Facebook Job BoardRecent Updates
  50. 50. • Gifts– Buy, give and ship a real gift to your friendsdirectly through FacebookRecent Updates
  51. 51. • GiftsRecent Updates
  52. 52. Recent Updates• Gifts
  53. 53. • Likes (Fans)• Virality (Engagement)• Reach (Impressions)• People Talking About This (PTAT)– Likes, Shares, Comments, Mentions, RSVPs, Checkins, Wall Posts, Poll Answers, Photo TagsMetrics that Matter
  54. 54. • On Admin PanelAccessing Insights
  55. 55. Understanding Page Performance
  56. 56. View Your Competitor’s Insights
  57. 57. Facts & Figures200 million users7,610 searches on LinkedIn Every Minute
  58. 58. LinkedIn
  59. 59. 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile1) Add a profile photo2) List current position + at least 2 prior jobs3) 5 or more skills on your profile4) Write a summary about yourself5) Fill out your industry and zip code6) Add where you went to school7) Have 50 or more connections
  60. 60. Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Setup Tips
  61. 61. Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Setup Tips1. Understand Your Keywords: Understand what keywords you want to rank forfirst before completing your LinkedIn profile. Once you know the keywords youwant people to find you from, you will be using these extensively throughoutyour LinkedIn profile. This is how people will find you in the search. Tip:LinkedIn is one of the only sites I know of that still ranks the density ofkeywords in your profile to where you appear in their search results, so themore you use your keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile, the higher youwill rank for that term in the search results. If you want to get an example ofwhat other people are searching for, just use the search bar on LinkedIn. If noone is searching for the keywords you think are good, find one they are searchfor and use that.2. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile: Make certain you complete your entireLinkedIn profile! LinkedIn will tell you what percentage you are complete andexactly what to do. Not completing your LinkedIn profile is a guarantee yourLinkedIn profile will not rank high in LinkedIn search.
  62. 62. Tips cont’d3. Use Your Main Keywords in your Headline:Your headline, the linejust below your name, is one of the most important factors insearch. Make sure you use your keywords there!4. Fill your profile with interesting facts about you: Use realcaptivating words up front, not like “works at XYZ company”, butinstead, like an advertisement for you, because that’s whatLinkedIn is!5. Add Multiple Current Jobs:Current jobs is another way you will befound for your keywords on your LinkedIn profile. Don’t worry ifyou really only have one job since all of us wear multiple hatsnowadays. If you have a blog (or multiple), use it.6. Then in each job description, use your keywords (I hope you arestarting to get the point of keyword importance in your LinkedInProfile about now)
  63. 63. 7. Add your email address to your current job listing: Forsomeone to connect to you without directly knowing you,they need to know your first and last name, as well a validemail address. Make it easier by adding your email to themost recent job description of your LinkedIn profile so itreads “Job description” and then your email address(example: Real Estate Agent + Thisgives people an easier way to connect with you.8. Complete Your Summary: Make your LinkedIn profilesummary section complete and really easy to read. I suggestusing your main keywords by section and breaking downeach section using simple headers for each with a colonafterward (example: Internet Marketing Strategist:).Top 10 LinkedIn Profile Setup Tips…cont’d
  64. 64. 9 & 109. Solicit colleagues and friends for recommendations: People loveto read reviews. And there is no better review then someone elsetalking about YOU. Make sure you’ve got some greatrecommendations for the work you have done. Don’t be afraid tosolicit recommendations. I always recommend in return for everyone written about me. The trick is: write what you truly feel aboutthe person in the nicest possible terms, and never oversellsomeone you don’t recommend. That can come back to bite you.10. Add plenty of passion: People who are going to bother to readyour profile want to know who you are. If you merely put downthat you’re an operations manager at XYZ company, that’s all theyhave in their minds about you. Add that you’re passionate aboutCub scouts and that you play guitar and sing in the shower. Makesure people know about YOU, not just your job history.
  65. 65. Your NetworkandDegrees of Connection
  66. 66. Your Network and Degrees of ConnectionWhat does "your network" and"out of network" mean?• On LinkedIn, people in yournetwork are called connectionsand your network is made up ofyour 1st-degree, 2nd-degree,and 3rd-degree connections andfellow members of your LinkedInGroups.• 1st-degree - People youredirectly connected to becauseyou have accepted theirinvitation to connect, or theyhave accepted your invitation.Youll see a 1st degree icon nextto their name in search resultsand on their profile. You cancontact them by sending amessage on LinkedIn.
  67. 67. 2nd-degree• People who areconnected to your1st-degreeconnections. Youllsee a 2nd degreeicon next to theirname in searchresults and on theirprofile. You cansend them aninvitation byclicking Connect orcontact themthrough an InMailor an introduction.
  68. 68. 3rd-degree- People who areconnected to your 2nd-degree connections.Youll see a 3rd degreeicon next to their namein search results and ontheir profile. You cansend them an invitationby clicking Connect orcontact them throughan InMail or anintroduction.
  69. 69. Twitter
  70. 70. • The @ signifies someone’s Twitter handle, or name.• (Ex: Hey @HSAHomeWarranty)• The # symbol. Hashtags are a great way to enhance aconversation so that more people see your tweet. You canliterally hashtag every word in a tweet, but it’s stronglydiscouraged. (Ex: At #edina #expo #realestate conferencespeaker #Burke Smith is amazing!)TWITTER LINGO
  71. 71. • Favorite. If you love a tweet• Retweet or RT. The best way to give someone ashout out on Twitter.• Direct message or DM. This is a way to sendsomeone a private messageTWITTER LINGO
  72. 72. Starting Twitter (• Create a handle. This can change, but choosecarefully. You want people to easily rememberyour name. (Ex: @HSAHomeWarranty)• Choose a profile picture or logo.• Choose a background. Twitter has many pre-made themes or you can upload a photo of yourchoice. (Ex: Themeleon)• Choose a header photo. This is a somewhat newfeature. Much like Facebook, you can choose acover photo• Biography. You get 160 characters
  73. 73. TwitterBuilding followers. Here are a few tips for findingtargeted prospects:• Location Search: One of the best things you can do isfind friends in and around your local area• Industry Search: Search for terms like “real estate,,“real estate agent”, “buying real estate”, you couldcome up with these for days. Many of these searcheswill return other real estate agents outside yourmarket.• Searching for Related Terms: Search for terms such as“need to move”, “house shopping”, “shopping for anew home”, etc.
  74. 74. Twitter Tools for Real Estate AgentsThere are a number of great tools out there that can increase the powerof Twitter and decrease the amount of time and effort required to useTwitter successfully. Some that would be valuable to real estate agents:• Twitter Local: allows you to filter tweets by location. This makesfinding potential clients in your area extremely easy.• Monitter: Monitter allows you to monitor specific terms andkeywords. Very powerful tool for new relationships for real estateagents.• Twellow: List your real estate business in Twellow a Yellow Pages typelisting directory for Twitter accounts. This is also a great place to findother real estate agents in your specialty and across the country.• TweetLister: TweetLister is a really unique service that makes addingyour property listings to Twitter easy! This online serviceautomatically converts your listings to tweets and posts them toTwitter. Pretty neat, huh.
  75. 75. Create a following• Start following people that closely relate to your interests. Other Realtors,brokers and agents are a great place to start.– You can easily do this by typing “real estate”, #realestate, or any combination ofwords in the search bar at the top of your home page.• Follow your company’s twitter!!• Follow people and businesses in your territory. You are the expert on yourterritory! Follow restaurants, schools, malls and people that live in your area.– You can do this by typing your city, state in the search box on the home page. This willbring up a variety of people connected to this city as well as people who are tweetingabout the community.
  76. 76. Questions?
  77. 77. Start tweeting• Start talking about relevant information. People useTwitter to find information quickly and if you become ahub for real estate information, people will find you.• Tweet articles but add your 2 cents. Remember, you onlyhave 140 characters, so give a quick headline with a linkto the rest of the article (you can truncate links by using• Be engaging. Ask questions to your followers andcomment on articles people post. Twitter is about theconversation.• Be personal. No one wants to follow a robot. Acombination of personal tweets and automated
  78. 78. OVERVIEW
  79. 79. • The domain name was registered on February14, 2005• Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day• More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 majorUS networks created in 60 years• 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US• YouTube is localized in 25 countries across 43 languages• 800M unique users visit YouTube each month• YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine - #1 for video (358,000 realestate videos)• Through Google, YouTube can automatically translate your videointo 43 different languagesFacts & Figures
  80. 80. REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY AND SOCIALMEDIA USAGE73% of homeowners say they’remore likely to list with aREALTOR who offers to do video
  81. 81. REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY AND SOCIALMEDIA USAGEYet only 12 %of the total # ofREALTORS currently have YouTubeaccounts
  82. 82. Communication Skills• Phone• Email• Text• FacebookGen Y thinks Gen X is a bunch of whiners.Gen X sees Gen Y as arrogant and entitled.And everyone thinks the Baby Boomersare self-absorbed workaholics.
  83. 83. Baby boomers(born 1943-1960)• highly competitive willing to sacrifice for success.• Recognition is important to boomers – “MasterAgents”• personable style of communication- build rapport.• value hard work, appreciate respect.• Phone, hand-written notes• Need help with Social Media• Don’t tell them what to do…show them• These clients WANT to HELP, so ask!
  84. 84. Generation X(born 1960-1980)• Work hard – play hard, Work to live• More educated than their parents• Want fun in the work environment – saw parents struggle• A higher divorce rate combined with an increase in working mothers meantmany Xers grew up as "latch-key kids," frequently left to their own devices.• Xers tend to be skeptical, highly individual workers who value a work/lifebalance.• Generation X was shaped by a culture of instant results — from remote controlsto the birth of the Internet — so they value efficiency and directness.• Do not waste my time!• Email, Text• Do Not Need your help with Social Media, but need your content and input –wants somebody else to do it because they are “too busy”.• You are a resource that save them time, entertain them
  85. 85. Millenials Gen Y(born after 1980)• They want INSTANT gratification• Very weak interpersonal skills• Priority is family over work• Team Oriented – (Play Groups, tons of sports)• Wonder how the world existed on a dial-up connection• People are thinking that theyre just like Generation Xers, only younger —and theyre not• Millenials are highly collaborative and optimistic.• They put feelings on the table• Text, FB, Twitter, Email• Do NOT need your help with technology, they need to know you use it andunderstand it – need your help with the business!• Work on their emotions
  86. 86. Building a Brand Identity
  87. 87. You’re not just an agent, you’re a brand.What does your brand stand for?Hint: “Don’t say Loyalty, Integrity and experience”• 3 Step Branding Exercise:• Write down 3 – 5 things that you think your brand represents in themarket.• Ask your family, friends, co-workers and most importantly your pastclients what is the first thing that comes to mind when they thinkabout you and your brand.• Compare their responses to yours.What is your BIG, BOLD, BRANDING statement?
  88. 88. 40/40/20 RULE
  89. 89. 40% is knowing your audienceSome Quick Facts AboutYour Next First Time Home Buyer• Equal to or Bigger than Baby Boomer Generation ,Roughly 26% of the population• 3 times the size of Generation X• Weak on interpersonal skills …why? Technology• Spending power exceeds $200 billion• Close to family , so stay in touch with those past clients
  90. 90. 40% is the value of what you are offering
  91. 91. FAIL!
  93. 93. Bonus Tips to Thinking BIG andThinking DifferentTake People Offline and Give them a Reason to Join YouOnline – Top 10 Lists!10 Most Important things you need to know whenthinking of selling your home in Minneapolis
  94. 94. Bonus Tip for Open HousesIf you are a First Time HomeSeller, here are 5 things you needto know: To find out the #1 thing youneed to know as a first time homeseller, please visit our facebookpage Or please email me at…FRONT OF THE BROCHURE BACK OF THE BROCHURE
  95. 95. Drive People to your Facebook PageNORMALFLYER
  96. 96. Drive People to Text YouINTERACTIVE FLYERTO DRIVE PEOPLEOFFLINE…ONLINEText me for Price: 555.123.45675 things you need to know about this house orneighborhood go to Tip
  97. 97. Using Email Contacts toBuild Your Audience• Export Your Contacts to Upload toFacebook• Create a CSV file
  98. 98. 5. Select the CSV file you created when you exported your contacts and press OPEN
  99. 99. Basic Social Media Strategies for Real EstateMONITOR TRENDS – DON’T MASTER THEMCONCENTRATE ON BEING INTERESTED INSTEAD OFINTERESTINGWhat do you postto Facebook?
  101. 101. HSA Social Media
  102. 102. Monitoring Your Presence
  103. 103. Realtor
  104. 104. Monitoring Your Presence
  105. 105. XOBNI
  106. 106. Win PrizesPost on our page and be entered intoour monthly fan drawing
  107. 107. Thank You!