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2014 HRoot HR-MarketWatch May

  1. 1. HRoot is the largest human resource media company in China, with such brands and services as HRoot.com, a world’s leading human resources management website; Human Capital Management magazine, a leading industry journal in China; Overclass, an elite club for HR professionals; Society for HR Executives (SHRE), the only society of HR executives in China; the Annual Human Resources Awards in Greater China, a top-notch industry event with utmost authority, scale and influence; the China Human Capital Forum, the largest among such events in China, and the China Human Resources Service Expo, the largest of its kind in the world, which may register over 20,000 visitors in 2014. In 2012, HRoot launched iPhone, iPad and Android apps of its Human Capital Management magazine and its “Guide to Human Resources Services Providers”, and the mobile app of “HRoot Forums and Expo.” HRoot releases the annual reports of the “Top 100 Human Resources Services Brands in Greater China” and the ”Global 50 Human Resources Services Providers”, and the monthly white paper of MarketWatch of Global HR Service Industry, each being celebrated as a guidepost of this industry. The website of HRoot has some two million HR professionals as its registered users, who pay more than 500 million visits in total each year; HRoot has more than 20,000 people attending its off- line events each year and 30,000 readers of its publications; it serves over 20,000 customers now, including more than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies in China. It has more than 250 HR services providers, business schools, associations as its ad clients and sponsors; including nine of the top ten global HR services providers. About The Publisher
  2. 2. 2012HRoot人力资源行业市场洞察 HRoot Global Human Resources Service Industry MarketWatch is released by CIS (Competitive Intelligence System) developed by HRoot, a leading Chinese human resources media & internet company. The CIS seamlessly monitors and tracks trend of developments of HR industries in real- time 24/365. Key data and information covering news, events and transformation of HR providers, competitors and competitive environment will be well collected, edited, sorted and delivered to readers on a monthly basis by our specialists. For more information please visit: http://marketwatch.hroot.com/ . Contact us Sue Woo 021-5821 5197 5821 5127 021-5821 8663 Suite 511, North Building, No. 77 Eshan Road, Pudong, Shanghai marketing@hroot.com http://www.hroot.com http://weibo.com/hrootchina http://www.linkedin.com/company/hroot View more activities via iPhone App "HRoot Expo" Download the "China Human Resources Service Providers Guide" iPad App via Apple Store Download"Human Captial Management"magazine iPad App via Apple Store HRoot 2014
  3. 3. MARKETING EVENTS4. DEAL RECORDS5. 6. 7. 8. APPENDIX 2: Global Rankings of Website Traffic of HR Service Providers APPENDIX 1: Ranking List of Market Capitalization of Human Resources Service Providers OTHERS LEGAL ISSUES& PUBLIC POLICY2. ABOUT HRoot1. INDUSTRY TRENDS ● Recruitment Trends ● Institutional and Personnel Changes ● Lastest Business Development ● Financial Status ● Research Report ● Awards & Honours 3. CONTENTS
  4. 4. 2012HRoot人力资源行业市场洞察 HRoot Global HR-MarketWatch is released by Competitive Intelligence System (CIS) developed by HRoot, a leading Chinese human resources media & internet company. The CIS tracks intelligence of over 100 china-based HR service providers covering HR consulting, HR training, head hunting, recruitment, talent assessment, HRO, e-HR, eLeaning, HR media, and HR convention. The Intelligence seamlessly tracks and monitors trend of developments of HR industry, the result of which is well collected, edited and sorted by our specialists. HRoot Human Resources MarketWatch covers intelligence on laws & policies of human resources, news & events, contracting information, financial statement, website traffic ranking, etc. HRoot Human Resources MarketWatch provides business managers with real-time and comprehensive information about competitors and competitive environment so that they make wise decisions and handle ever- changing markets with flexibility. Currently, the following contents and data are covered in this Intelligence: ● Laws & Policies: Monthly updates on major laws of human recourses, polices and information issued or modified by national and/or local governments ● News & Events: Monthly updates on recruitment trends, personnel changes at HR service providers, latest business development, financial statement, major surveys & reports, awards, M&A,etc. ● Market Events: Monthly updates on marketing promotions by HR service providers, including summits, forums seminars,etc. ● Contracting Information: Monthly updates on information of clients entering into contracts with information of HR service providers. ● Ranking of Market Capitalization of Listed Companies: Monthly ranking of listed HR companies by market capitalization. Data on market cap are calculated from the monthly closing price of companies. ● Ranking of Global Traffic of Websites: It is ranked according to the global traffic of websites, which was the mean of the monthly statistic collected from tool bars by Alexa. The number various with the daily PVs by independent IPs, and thus indicates the popularity of a website. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". HRoot 2014
  5. 5. 1HRoot 2014 Germany set to introduce new minimum wage from 2015**** (Apr. 30, 2014,/ HRoot.com /) Germany’s cabinet has agreed to a new national minimum wage of €8.50 per hour, the first time it has been introduced on a countrywide basis. Angela Merkel’s conversative Christian Democrats approved the change as part of a power-sharing deal with the Social Democrats, the SPD. The measure will be phased in from 2015 and fully in place by 2017, with some exceptions. Labour minister Andrea Nahles from the SPD said that she wants “young people to get the best education possible and not be enticed by jobs that pay them relatively well. It’s for that reason that people under the age of 18 are not included in the new minimum wage. I want a balanced solution for the long- term unemployed and therefore they are also excluded from the new changes for a period of six months.” Along with minors and the long term unemployed, the new minimum wage will not apply to interns and trainees. Singapore government pushing to extend re-employment age to over 65**** (May. 1, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The government is throwing its full support behind the tripartite effort to extend the re-employment age in Singapore beyond 65. Speaking at the annual May Day Rally yesterday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong encouraged more older workers to continue working for as long as they can. Mr. Lee stressed that the government's ultimate objective is to amend the Retirement and Re-employment Act (RRA) to help these workers. He asked for patience, however, as the process would take some time to complete.The Prime Minister described the RRA, which has been in effect for over two years now, as an important piece of legislation to help older workers stay employed. This law allows those who turn 62 to be re-employed, and reflects the government's commitment to help seniors, noted Mr. Lee.Employers have to offer re-employment to their staff who turn 62, up to the age of 65, so long as they have performed satisfactorily at work and are healthy. Mr. Lee also spoke of the need to create better jobs as this would raise the value and dignity of work. This would provide better safety nets than social transfers, he added. Singapore must stay open and connected to the world, such as by working closely with its neighbours on mutually beneficial projects such as Iskandar Malaysia in Johor and the five Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Parks. He added that Singapore supports free trade and investments, including the 12-member Trans-Pacific Partnership and the European Union- Singapore free trade agreement as these would expand the country's export markets and attract more foreign investments. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  6. 6. 2HRoot 2014 Swiss reject world’s highest minimum wage **** (May. 18, 2015,/HRoot.com /) Swiss voters yesterday rejected proposals to introduce the world’s highest minimum wage. About 76 percent of voters in the wealthy nation dismissed the proposal made by Swiss union SGB and backed by the Socialist and Green parties for a minimum wage of 22 Swiss francs (US$25) per hour, final results showed. Meanwhile, some 53 percent blocked a government plan to free up funds to replace Switzerland’s aging fleet of fighter jets with 22 Gripen jets from Saab. Just over 55 percent of those eligible voted, the government said. The clear rejection of the proposed minimum wage — which corresponds to a monthly paycheck of 4,000 francs — brings relief to business leaders worried the measure would have hurt competitiveness and damaged the Swiss workplace. “If the initiative had been accepted, without doubt that would have led to job cuts, particularly in remote and structurally weaker regions,” Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann said at a news conference. It is reported that the vote is the latest in a slew of initiatives being put to voters to try to address the widening income gap in the generally egalitarian country. Supporters of the minimum wage had argued the proposed measure would have helped smooth out salary inequality and ensure a person working full-time can live decently. Despite the resounding “no,” Daniel Lampart, chief economist at SGB, said the debate around the measure in the run-up to the vote had prompted many firms to introduce a minimum wage of more than 4,000 francs. Discounter Lidl raised minimum Swiss salaries to 4,000 francs last year and retailer H&M has vowed to follow suit next year, although employers do not acknowledge a direct link to the proposal. Swiss voters have a history of voting against proposals they feel could hurt the country's economic success story or threaten competitiveness. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: China to announce the dual-track system of pension this year**** (May. 19, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Since the public respond strongly to the reform of dual-track system, the government will announce the dual-track system of pension this year and also to continue the pension reform of government organizations, said Pi Dehai, party secretary of insurance business management center of Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. He revealed that as the end of 2013, contributors of urban basic endowment insurance is 819 million with the coverage rate of 79.7%. The total income of endowment insurance system for urban workers is about CNY2.25 trillion, charged 1.84 trillion with balances of over CNY4,000 billion. For the next step, he said that the dual track system will be there this year to solve the problem of dual-track system to implement the national insured plan, making our pension insurance system be more fair and sustainable. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  7. 7. 3HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". China: jobs outlook good despite slowdown**** (May. 21, 2014, Beijing, /Xinhua News Agency/) China’s employment outlook is holding steady despite slowing economic growth, aided by a growing services sector. According to the Vice Minister for Human Resources and Social Security, Xin Changxing at a press conference held on 21 May.The economy created 4.7 million new jobs in urban areas in the first four months of the year, an increase of 30,000 from the same period a year earlier.“A one percentage point increase in gross domestic product growth now equates to 1.5 million new jobs, compared with one million previously,” Mr. Xin explained. Premier Li Keqiang set a target of creating 10 million new jobs this year, up from 9 million in 2013, while the economic growth target remained unchanged at an estimated +7.5%. According to Mr. Xin, the government is confident of reaching this year's jobs target. In the past, the government set an employment target based on its target for economic growth, but this year the government set the jobs goal first. Mr. Xin added that, within the next few weeks, the government will announce a plan to encourage more graduates to start their own businesses, explaining that only 1% do so now. China to keep employment stable in the first four months*** (May. 25, 2014, Beijing) Xin Changxing, the Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security announced recently that a total of 4.73 million jobs were newly created in China in the first four months this year, an increase of 30,000 than the same period of last year. And the data shows that the registered urban unemployment rate was 4.1% at the end of March, which means that 1.26 million jobs were newly created in April It is reported that agricultural labor transfer employment continued to increase in the first quarter reaching 169.33million, reflected that the supply and demand of labor market indicators in the first quarter was 1.11, which indicates that the job demand is sufficient.
  8. 8. 5HRoot 2014 Jobless claims average up 4,750, total claims jump 24,000** (Apr. 25, 2014,/HRoot.com /)The U.S. four-week moving average of initial claims for unemployment insurance rose by 4,750 in the week ended April 19 to 316,750 from the previous week’s unrevised figure of 312,000, according to seasonally adjusted numbers released today by the U.S. Department of Labor. The four-week moving average decreases the volatility of the weekly numbers. Total initial claims for unemployment insurance for the week rose by 24,000 to a total of 329,000 from the previous week’s upwardly revised figure of 305,000. ADP report: private sector adds 220,000 jobs as market strengthens**** (May. 4, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Private-sector employment in the U.S. rose by 220,000 jobs in April from March, well above the 12-month average, according to Automatic Data Processing Inc.’s national employment report released today. The figure exceeds the six-month average of 197,000 and the three-month average of 207,000. Goods-producing employment rose by 24,000 jobs in April, down from 28,000 jobs gained in March. Most of the gains again came from the construction industry which added 19,000 jobs over the month, compared to 21,000 in March. Manufacturing continued to be sluggish adding 1,000 jobs in April, down from 4,000 in March. Service-providing employment rose by 197,000 jobs in April, up from the upwardly revised 181,000 in March. The ADP National Employment Report indicates that professional/ business services contributed the most to growth in service-providing industries, adding 77,000 jobs, up from 67,000 in March. Expansion in trade/ transportation/ utilities grew by 34,000, about equal to the 35,000 jobs added in March. The 8,000 new jobs in financial activities mark the strongest pace of growth in the industry since June 2013. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Total U.S. Nonfarm Private Employment 220,000 By Company Size Small businesses 82,000 1-19 employees 52,000 20-49 employees 31,000 Medium businesses 81,000 50-499 employees 81,000 Large businesses 57,000 500-999 employees 26,000 1,000+ employees 30,000 By Sector Goods producing 24,000 Service providing 197,000 Industry Snapshot Construction 19,000 Manufacturing 1,000 Trade/transportation/utilities 34,000 Financial activities 8,000 Professional/business services 77,000 Chart 1: Change in Total Nonfarm Private Employment Chart 2: Historical Trend - Change in Total Nonfarm Private Employment
  9. 9. 6HRoot 2014 Unemployment rate unchanged in Eurozone in 2014*** (May.2, 2014,/HRoot.com /)The unemployment rate across the Eurozone in March 2014 was 11.8%, unchanged since December 2013, but down from 12% in March 2013, according to the latest figures from Eurostat, the statistical body of the European Union. Across the 28 EU Member States, unemployment in March was 10.5%, stable compared with February 2014, but down from 10.9% in March 2013.Among the Member States, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria (4.9%), Germany (5.1%), and Luxembourg (6.1%), and the highest in Greece (26.7% in January 2014) and Spain (25.3%).In March 2014, the unemployment rate in the United States was 6.7%, stable compared with February 2014, but down from 7.5% in March 2013. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". U.K. jobless rate at five-year low of 6.8%*** (May. 14, 2014,/HRoot.com/) The U.K. unemployment rate fell to a five-year low in the first quarter, as economic recovery added more jobs, and pay growth exceeded consumer price inflation. The ILO jobless rate declined to 6.8 percent during January to March, the lowest since February 2009, from 7.2 percent in October to December, data from the Office for National Statistics showed Wednesday. The rate came in line with expectations. Partly due to more self-employed people, employment rose by 283,000 from the prior quarter to a record 30.43 million in January to March period. The quarterly increase of 283,000 was the biggest rise since records began in 1971. At the same time, unemployment declined by 133,000 to 2.21 million. Data from ONS today showed that average earnings pay including bonuses increased 1.7 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, but slower than the 2.1 percent rise forecast by economists. Excluding bonuses, average income advanced 1.3 percent. There were 1.12 million people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance in April, which was down 25,100 from March. Jobless claims, a narrow measure of unemployment, was expected to fall by 30,000.
  10. 10. 7HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Jobs boom expected following national election in India*** (May. 20, 2014, /The Times of India/) The recruitment industry is optimistic that, following a decisive mandate to the main opposition party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) to form the next Indian government, future President Narendra Modi will deliver on his promise to create more jobs by boosting the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, reports The Times of India. Moorthy Uppaluri, CEO, Randstad India, commented: "The manufacturing and infrastructure sectors are expected to create 30 to 40 million jobs over the next decade. Other sectors like healthcare, IT, and BFSI (banking, financial services, insurance) are expected to continue to create large numbers of jobs on the back of economic growth.” K Sudarshan, regional Managing Partner for Asia for global executive search firm EMA Partners International, forecast that infrastructure, automobiles, hospitality, travel, and real estate would see a rise in hiring: "We will see a spurt in job growth in power, roads and urban infrastructure sectors. Infrastructure will probably be the next big growth engine for jobs."Experts feel that the BJP's manifesto to create 100 new cities would also aid in overall job creation. The employment scenario with respect to flexible staffing is also expected to result in big gains. Rituparna Chakraborty, President of the Indian Staffing Federation, commented: "The flexi staffing players are positive to see a new leap in the employment work with at least a +15% to +18% growth in immediate months. The slowdown of last six months will be coming to an end.” Job creation in Brazil at worst level since 1999*** (May. 23, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Brazil created 105,384 jobs in April 2014, the worst result for the month since 1999 and far lower than expected, underscoring the strong decline in the number of new jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors. The number of jobs created in April 2014 was -46.5% lower than April 2013 when 196,913 jobs were created, according to data from the Labour Department. Analysts had expected 160,000 jobs to be created in April. The manufacturing industry, which in April 2013 created 40,600 new jobs, only created 3,400 in April 2014. Similarly in the construction sector, which reported 33,000 new jobs last year, there were only 4,300 new hires this year, this is despite the ongoing construction for the 2016 Olympic Games and the Football World Cup this year.
  11. 11. 9HRoot 2014 CTPartners acquires Parke Brown Internationl*** (May. 1, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Global executive search firm CTPartners (CTP: NYSE) announced yesterday that it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire the Australian office of executive search firm Park Brown International. Park Brown specialises in executive recruitment in energy, natural resources, and infrastructure. The Park Brown International office is located in Perth, Western Australia and is one of four offices worldwide; including Aberdeen and Edinburgh in Scotland, and Houston, Texas. The acquisition is for the Australian office only. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Brian Sullivan, CEO of CTPartners, said, “Park Brown in Perth is known as the leading, independent search firm in their sector, dominating the Asia Pacific region. The four partners of Park Brown, Debbie Cozart, Colin Simpson, Beau Yorke and David Cowan, strengthen our Industrial sector expertise and complement our existing global natural resources capabilities. Their reputations are stellar and we are thrilled to have them on board.” WilsonHCG acquires UK-based RPO firm*** (May. 5, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Recruitment process outsourcing provider WilsonHCG acquired CPH, a U.K.-based RPO provider. The transaction closed April 24 and terms were not announced.CPH operates offices in London, Manchester and Sydney; it was founded in 2005. CPH will operate as CPH, a WilsonHCG company, for 90 days and then transition to the WilsonHCG brand. The CPH executive team will remain in place, with Jerry Wright as managing director and John Wilson as CEO of the combined organization.WilsonHCG, headquartered in Tampa, Fla., has been seeking a global acquisition since 2012, according to founder and CEO John Wilson.CPH office locations include London and Manchester, England, and Sydney, Australia. Following its acquisition, WilsonHCG now counts six offices and approximately 300 employees. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  12. 12. 10HRoot 2014 ManpowerGroup acquires majority stake in iSense ICT professionals*** (May. 19, 2014,/HRoot.com /) As part of its growth strategy, ManpowerGroup has acquired a majority stake in Dutch staffing company iSense, which specialises in the placement of permanent and contract ICT staff. According to ManpowerGroup, the acquisition will improve growth in the professional staffing segment. iSense will continue to operate as a separate brand and will retain its existing management team under the purview of Jilko Andringa, a Director at ManpowerGroup Netherlands. Besides, in March this year, ManpowerGroup also acquired a majority stake in Salary Profs, a Dutch payroll company.Mr Andringa commented: “Expansion through acquisitions in not an end in itself, but we are focused strongly on growth. The labour market is in full motion, innovation and market position are critical. We are sure that with these two majority stake holdings we can be even more competitive.” StepStone acquires Jobsite.co.uk*** (May. 23, 2014, /HRoot.com /) Job board StepStone has continued its growth strategy by acquiring UK-based job board Jobsite, for an estimated €110 million (£90 million). Based Hampshire, the company runs the job board jobsite.co.uk along with brands including CityJobs.com and eMedCareers.com. Jobsite launched in 1995 and has 169 employees.Ralf Baumann, CEO of StepStone Group commented: “In a very competitive market, it is good to have largely complementary job boards in our portfolio.” The acquisition of Jobsite is in line with StepStone Group’s global strategy to advance in the job board business on a large scale. Along with Totaljobs, Saongroup and YOURCAREERGROUP, Jobsite will be a new unit in the StepStone group. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  13. 13. 12HRoot 2014 ASTD announced to rebrand to ATD**** (May. 6, 2014,/HRoot.com /) ASTD, the largest and most respected association for the learning and development profession, announced on May 6 2014 that the company is rebranding as ATD (Association for Talent Development) on its International Conference& Exposition, which is aimed make the company not only more internationalized but also remove the American regional characteristics and will also build new branch in China in 2014. It is reported that the company said that training and development field has changed and grown dramatically since ASTD was founded 71 years ago. It is time for the American Society for Training & Development to take the next step in reflecting and supporting the global nature, tremendous diversity, influence, and impact of this profession. We are excited about what the future holds! Read on to learn about our new brand. Zhaopin.com to launch on NYSE**** (May. 7, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Chinese job board Zhaopin Ltd has filed a registration statement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise up to USD 100 million in an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), reports foxbusiness.com. SEEK International Investments Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Australian job board SEEK Ltd, holds a 79% stake in Zhaopin. Beijing-based Zhaopin was China's second-largest online recruitment services provider in terms of 2013 revenue, the company said on Monday citing market research firm iResearch Public Data. The company told the SEC in a preliminary prospectus that Credit Suisse and UBS Investment Bank were underwriting the IPO.Zhaopin said it planned to use the proceeds from the offering to repay debt, expand into more markets, develop products, and upgrade its website. The filing did not reveal how many shares the company planned to sell or their expected price. The company intends to list its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "ZPIN".This marks the second IPO announcement by a Chinese recruiter, following reports yesterday that recruitment firm ChinaHR may float on the Hong Kong stock exchange. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  14. 14. 13HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Kronos cloud exceeds 11,000 deployments (May. 8, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Kronos Incorporated announced recently that more than 11,000 organizations now run their workforce management solutions in the Kronos Cloud. As a result of seizing the benefits of cloud computing, these organizations are implementing their workforce goals faster and seeing a rapid return on investment. The Kronos Cloud is the fastest-growing aspect of the company’s business. In the past quarter, Kronos workforce management cloud revenue increased 56 percent and bookings increased 72 percent as new customers continued to deploy in the Kronos Cloud and existing customers accelerated the move of their on-premise instances to the Kronos Cloud. Adecco’s Spring Professionals opens local office*** (May. 12, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Spring Professional, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Adecco Group, today opened its first office in Japan. Under the brand names of Spring Information Technology and Spring Engineering, the company will have an exclusive focus on the recruitment of mid-to-senior level management and specialists in IT and engineering. Its affiliation with the Adecco Group will allow Spring Professional to be connected to group offices across Europe, North America, and other geographies. In view of the rapid pace of progress and developments in IT technology in Japan, as well as the country’s positive economic recovery, many companies are now focusing on domestic as well as international growth. Given this trend, there is a growing need in the IT and engineering sectors for talented individuals with the requisite technical high-level skills and expertise. The opening in Japan, expanding the Spring Professional Asia network to eight countries and nine cities, comes just one month after the company commenced operations in China (Beijing and Shanghai). Workday launches Workday Recruiting*** (May. 18,2014,/HRoot.com /) Workday, a provider of enterprise cloud applications for global HR and finance, has launched Workday Recruiting, an end-to-end application that examines the way today’s hiring teams find, engage and select the best internal and external candidates for open positions. It is reported that Workday Recruiting has combined with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) to provide a service that gives hiring teams the freedom to add or adjust steps to the recruiting process at the pace their businesses demand. Key points include: Mobile availability of staff metrics, analytics and the talent pool. Hiring collaboration. A simplified job application process. A view of the talent pipeline.
  15. 15. 14HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Fifth-largest staffing firm Recruit Holdings plans October IPO***** (May. 20, 2014,/Bloomberg/) Recruit Holdings Co., the world’s fifth-largest staffing firm, plans an initial public offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Bloomberg reported, citing people with knowledge of the matter. It would seek a valuation of $9.8 billion. The Japan Times also announced the IPO. In a notice on its website, the Tokyo-based didn’t deny the reports but said no formal announcement was made.“Today, certain of the media carried reports which mentioned plans for a public offering of our stock,” according to the notice. “However, we have made no announcements on this matter.”Recruit provides publishing and staffing services. In addition to being the fifth-largest global staffing firm, Recruit is the eighth-largest staffing firm in the U.S. It operations in the U.S. include Staffmark Holdings Inc., Advantage Resourcing Group and The CSI Companies. It also owns online job site Indeed, which it acquired in 2012. Sina releases zhaopin.weibo.cn**** (May. 23, 2014, /HRoot.com ) Recently, Sina releases zhaopin.weibo.cn. Users could add "micro-recruiting" column and achieve the goal of jobs release, talent search, smart recommendations and sending bulk mail. It is covering 100 million potential job seekers, spreading through microblogging networks. Companies can get target candidates based on micro big data. Now the micro-recruitment is in beta, so it's free for users. Beisen joins in CSA as its first domestic SaaS software member**** (May. 26, 2014, / HRoot.com /) Global Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) China office announced officially landed in China. It will expand all-round cooperation with Chinese government on the area of "Cloud security standards, certification, research, and training". On that day, the first brand of Chinese Talent Management -Beisen, has become a member of CSA as Chinese first SaaS Software Company. Beisen built Chinese first cloud computing platform of talent management in 2010 to provide integrated SaaS software services to customers. Despite getting the world's best recognized authority, Beisen CEO Mr. Ji is very modest: "I always think that cloud security is not a state, but a process for security. For safety, we care of each step. Infrastructure is the foundation of architecture, operation and maintenance as well as insight is critical”.
  16. 16. 15HRoot 2014
  17. 17. 16HRoot 2014 Ultimate Software sees strong first quarter*** (Apr. 30, 2014,/HRoot.com /)Weston-based Ultimate Software, a human resources and payroll software company, saw higher earnings on robust revenues for its first quarter ended March 31. The company reported a profit of $6.9 million, or 23 cents a share, compared with $4.5 million, or 16 cents a share, for the first quarter of 2013, beating analysts' expectations. Revenues rose by 24 percent to $121 million compared with $97.9 million in the same quarter last year. Ultimate Software also said it increased recurring revenues by 25 percent. Scott Scherr, founder, president and chief executive of Ultimate Software, said the company maintained its customer retention of more than 96 percent in the quarter, which helped it achieve its results. Heidrick & Struggles reports first quarter 2014 financial results*** (Apr. 30, 2014, /HRoot.com /) Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc., a premier professional services firm focused on serving the leadership needs of top organizations globally, today announced financial results for its first quarter ended March 31, 2014.Consolidated net revenue was $111.1 million in the first quarter, up 7.9 percent from $103.0 million in the 2013 first quarter. Executive Search and Leadership Consulting net revenue increased 7.4 percent year over year, or $7.2 million, to $104.6 million. The increase was driven by a 42.6 percent increase in Europe (approximately 37 percent on a constant currency basis), and a 5.0 percent increase in Asia Pacific (approximately 12 percent on a constant currency basis). Revenue from Culture Shaping services increased 16.9 percent, or $0.9 million, to $6.5 million from $5.6 million in the 2013 first quarter. "Our first quarter results show progress, but also significant room for growth and improved profitability," said Tracy R. Wolstencroft, Heidrick & Struggles' President and Chief Executive Officer. "Net revenue increased 8 percent year over year, with particularly good improvement in Europe, and we saw positive confirmation trends and productivity improvement. I am encouraged by these results and by the growth in our consultant base since the end of the year." First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  18. 18. 17HRoot 2014 LinkedIn growth hampered by rising costs*** (May. 2, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Online professional network LinkedIn (LNKD: NYSE) yesterday reported revenue of USD 473 million for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014, a year-on-year increase of +46% compared with USD 324.7 million a year ago. The company reported a net loss for the quarter of USD 13.3 million, a substantial decline following a net profit of USD 22.6 million during the same period last year. Rising revenue, sales & marketing, and product development costs negatively impacted the company’s Q1 performance. Revenue from the company’s Talent Solutions business increased by +50% during to quarter to USD 275.9 million, up from USD 184.3 million last year. Talent Solutions revenue represented 58% of total company revenue during the first quarter, compared with 57% in Q1 2013. The United States remains LinkedIn’s biggest market, with revenue from the company’s Talent Solutions business growing by +43% to USD 171.5 million, up from USD 120 million last year. International revenue increased by +38% to USD 104.4 million, up from USD 64.3 million a year ago. Total revenue from the United States increased, year-on-year, by +41% to USD 284.9 million, up from USD 201.4 million in Q1 2013. Across ‘Other Americas’, revenue increased by +32% to USD 31.9 million in Q1 2014, up from USD 24.2 million a year ago. Revenue from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) during Q1 2014 was USD 117.9 million, a year-on-year rise of +57% from USD 75.2 million last year. Asia Pacific revenue rose by +60% to USD 38.5 million, up from USD 24 million a year ago. Insperity announces first quarter results** (May. 2, 2014,/BUSINESS WIRE/) Insperity, Inc. (NYSE:NSP), a leading provider of human resources and business performance solutions for America's best businesses, today reported first quarter net income of $9.6 million and diluted earnings per share of $0.37. Revenues for the first quarter of 2014 increased 4.1% over the first quarter of 2013 to $637.0 million. Gross profit decreased 1.8% compared to the first quarter of 2013 to $106.2 million, due primarily to an expected higher deficit in the benefits cost center. Operating expenses increased 4.0% over the first quarter of 2013 to $89.6 million and included the impact of Business Performance Advisors hired throughout 2013, implementation of our health care reform strategy and recent technology investments. The company generated adjusted EBITDA of $24.3 million. “We exceeded our first quarter earnings expectations during a weak economy, soft labor market and repeated delays and changes to health care reform, ” said Paul J. Sarvadi, Insperity chairman and chief executive officer. “Our momentum for both core and mid-market sales, coupled with our plan to align operating expenses, establishes a solid foundation for growth for the balance of the year and operating leverage into 2015. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  19. 19. 18HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Randstad reports revenue growth but advises that recovery will be gradual*** (May. 2, 2014,/HRoot.com /) International recruitment giant Randstad (RAND: NA) reported revenue for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014 of €3.97 billion, a year- on-year increase of +4% from €3.83 billion during the same period last year. The company achieved gross profit for the period of €717.3 million, a rise of +5% from €683.6 million a year ago. Operating profit for the period increased by +71% from €47.9 million in Q1 2013 to €82.1 million in Q1 2014. In North America, revenue fell by -1% on an organic basis to €850.9 million, down from €900.2 million last year. North American revenue accounted for 22% of total company revenue during the first quarter of the year. Revenue from France fell by -2% on an organic basis to €621.2 million, compared with €637 million a year ago. France accounted for 16% of total company revenue during Q1. In Randstad’s home market, the Netherlands, revenue fell organically by -1% to €647.9 million, down from €660.4 million last year. Revenue from the Netherlands accounted for 16% of total company revenue during Q1. Germany reported organic revenue growth of +11% during the first quarter, rising to €475.1 million from €422.4 million last year. Revenue derived from the United Kingdom increased by +5% on an organic basis, rising to €197.1 million from €180.2 million a year ago. In Japan revenue grew by +11% led by good performances in logistics and retail. In Australia revenue grew by +15% strengthened by temporary recruitment. China reported revenue growth of +87% during the quarter. Growth in permanent placement in China gained further momentum and doubled, year-on-year. USG People reports growth across all businesses in Q1 2014*** (May. 3, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Dutch staffing firm USG People (USG: NL) reported revenue of €542.8 million for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014, an organic increase of +4% compared with €539.8 million during the same period last year. Gross profit for the period was €116.5 million, a marginal increase from €116.1 million a year ago. Operating income for the period fell by -59% to €12.8 million, down from €31.4 million last year, however Q1 2013 results include a net income of €28.7 million from the divestment of some of its General Staffing units to Randstad. USG People’s General Staffing business reported organic revenue growth of +2% during the first quarter, rising to €316.2 million from €309.9 million a year ago. USG People’s Specialist Staffing business reported organic revenue growth of +7% to €187.5 million in Q1 2014, up from €175.3 million a year ago. Rob Zandbergen, CEO of USG People, commented: “In line with the outlook we issued previously, revenue and profit growth continued to improve in the first quarter.”
  20. 20. 19HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Barrett revenue up 21%, names new COOs*** (May. 5, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Barrett Business Services Inc. (NASD: BBSI) reported first-quarter net revenue rose 21.1 percent year over year to $135.1 million. However, first-quarter gross margin slipped to 6.9 percent from 7.5 percent in the year-ago quarter. The net loss at the professional employer organization and commercial staffing provider increased to $3.6 million from a net loss of $2.5 million in the same quarter year prior. Barrett also named new chief operating officers, effective immediately. The firm promoted Gerald Blotz, the director of branch operations, to the position of vice president and chief operating officer - field operations. Greg Vaughn, vice president and chief administrative officer, was promoted to the position of chief operating officer - corporate operations. Kforce revenue up 15%** (May. 5, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Kforce Inc. (NASD: KFRC) reported first-quarter revenue rose 14.9 percent to $305.3 million. Net income at the Tampa, Fla.-based professional staffing firm rose 102.0 percent to $6.2 million. However, Kforce’s gross margin narrowed to 29.8 percent in the first quarter from 31.4 percent in the year-ago quarter. Revenue in Kforce’s largest division, technology staffing, rose 17.2 percent year over year in the first quarter to $196.5 million. Technology flexible staffing revenue rose 18.2 percent to $192.5 million, while technology search revenue fell 16.4 percent year over year to $4.0 million in the first quarter. Government solutions revenue edged down 0.3 percent in the first quarter to $22.8 million.
  21. 21. 20HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Hudson Global to divest loss making business following Q1 revenue drop** (May. 2, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Global talent solutions company Hudson Global Inc. (HSON: NSDQ) yesterday reported revenue of USD 161.9 million for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014, a fall of -1.4% in constant currency from USD 165.7 million during the same period last year. Gross profit for the period rose by +2.3% in constant currency to USD 57.5 million, up from USD 56.7 million a year ago. Hudson reported an operating loss of USD 3.7 million for Q1 2014, an improvement against an operating loss of USD 8.5 million last year. In the Americas, Hudson reported revenue during Q1 2014 of USD 26.9 million, a fall of -28% in constant currency compared with USD 37.2 million during the same period last year. Gross profit for the period fell by -18% in constant currency to USD 6.7 million. Hudson Asia Pacific reported a rise of +11% in constant currency in revenue to USD 56.4 million. Gross profit for the period rose by +6% to USD 20.9 million. Hudson global’s largest region in terms of revenue remained Europe, which reported USD 75.6 million in revenue during the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of +3% in constant currency from USD 72.3 million last year. Gross profit during Q1 increased by +5% to USD 30 million. Growth was driven primarily by permanent recruitment in the UK and France, growing by +15% and +17% in constant currency, respectively. Towers Watson Reports Third Quarter Earnings (May. 6, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Towers Watson (NYSE:TW), a leading global professional services company, today announced financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2014, which ended March 31, 2014. Total revenues were $905 million for the quarter, an increase of 1% (1% increase constant currency) from $893 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2013. Adjusted EBITDA for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 was $183 million, or 20.2% of revenues, versus Adjusted EBITDA of $173 million, or 19.3% of revenues, for the prior-year third quarter. Income from continuing operations (attributable to common stockholders) for the third quarter of fiscal 2014 was $99 million, an increase of 18% from $83 million for the prior-year third quarter. "Overall, revenue growth for the Americas Region came in as expected, but there was a general pull back in project work in the EMEA and Asia Pacific Regions, which drove the shortfalls in forecasted revenue," said John Haley, chief executive officer. "We had been seeing some positive momentum in the new business pipeline in EMEA, and in the UK specifically, however, organizations appear to have pulled back on the size and scope of projects. On a positive note, off-cycle retiree exchange enrollments are up, we've had an increase of inquiries regarding bulk lump sum work, and we continue to be very pleased about the Liazon acquisition."
  22. 22. 21HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". 51job reports first quarter 2014 financial results*** (May, 7, 2014,/HRoot.com /) 51job, Inc., a leading provider of integrated human resource services in China, announced today its unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2014 ended March 31, 2014. Total revenues for the first quarter ended March 31, 2014 were CNY437.2 million (US$70.3 million), an increase of 14.9% from CNY380.4 million for the same quarter in 2013. Online recruitment services revenues for the first quarter of 2014 were CNY301.5 million (US$48.5 million), representing a 21.6% increase from CNY248.0 million for the same quarter of the prior year. The growth was principally due to an increase in the number of unique employers using online recruitment services, which was partially offset by a decrease in average revenue per unique employer. Print advertising revenues for the first quarter of 2014 decreased 66.0% to CNY8.4 million (US$1.4 million) compared with CNY24.8 million for the same quarter in 2013 primarily due to the ongoing business transition away from print advertising services. Other human resource related revenues for the first quarter of 2014 increased 18.3% to CNY127.2 million (US$20.5 million) from RMB107.5 million in the same quarter of 2013 primarily due to greater demand and usage of business process outsourcing and training services. Gross profit for the first quarter of 2014 increased 17.8% to CNY312.7 million (US$50.3 million) from CNY265.4 million for the same quarter of the prior year. Gross margin, which is gross profit as a percentage of net revenues, increased to 74.5% in the first quarter of 2014 compared with 72.8% in the same quarter in 2013 due primarily to economies of scale and improved operating efficiency. SEEK affirms profit guidance**** (May. 8, 2014,/ Sydney Morning Herald /)Australian job board SEEK announced yesterday that it is on track to meet its guidance for the second half of the 2013/14 financial year, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. In February, SEEK reported a net profit excluding significant items of AUD 87.4 million (USD 81.4 million) for the first half of 2013/14, up from AUD 67.5 million (USD 62.9 million) for the same period the previous year. In an update of another transaction, SEEK said its Chinese subsidiary Zhaopin.com had filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States. SEEK also announced yesterday that it would list Zhaopin.com, the second largest online recruitment services provider in China, on the New York Stock Exchange. SEEK said that in recent months, Zhaopin.com had experienced solid growth in forward looking financial indicators such as billing revenue, which reflected improving market conditions. SEEK also advised that it was still awaiting regulatory approval for the acquisition of the Singapore assets of Kuala Lumpur-based online employment service JobStreet. JobStreet serves markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.Andrew Bassat, Chief Executive of SEEK, said that he expects net profit for the second half of the year to exceed that of the first half.
  23. 23. 22HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Adecco maintains positive momentum in Q1 2014*** (May. 8, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Adecco Group, the world’s leading provider of Human Resources solutions, today announced results for Q1 2014. Revenues were EUR 4.7 billion, up 6% in constant currency. Gross profit amounted to EUR 868 million, an increase of 6% or 10% in constant currency. The gross margin was 18.6%, up 60 bps year-on-year. Operating income was EUR 171 million compared to EUR 116 million last year. EBITA was EUR 180 million in the first quarter of 2014.By area, in France, revenues of EUR 1.1 billion were up 1%. In North America, revenues were EUR 874 million. In the UK & Ireland, revenues increased by 9% to EUR 509 million. In Germany & Austria, revenues were EUR 421 million, up 13%. In Japan, revenues were EUR 248 million, in-line with Q1 2013. In Italy, revenues were up 14%, helped by good demand from manufacturing clients. In Australia & New Zealand, revenues fell by 21%,Patrick De Maeseneire, CEO of the Adecco Group said: “In the first quarter our more than 31,000 colleagues delivered another strong performance. Revenue growth continued to pick up in Europe, led once again by our Industrial business.” Kronos surpasses $1 billion in annual revenue*** (May. 7, 2014,Beijing) Kronos Incorporated announced recently that it has surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue. Breaking the $1 billion threshold comes weeks after Blackstone and GIC invested in Kronos alongside original investors Hellman & Friedman and JMI Equity in a transaction which valued the company at $4.5 billion. In addition to announcing its $1 billion revenue achievement, Kronos also announced financial results, company advancements, and customer successes for the second quarter of Fiscal 2014. Kronos revenue for the quarter increased to $248.7 million. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) increased to $80.5 million. Kronos experienced strong momentum across targeted vertical segments - including retail and hospitality, healthcare, services and distribution, manufacturing, and the public sector. The manufacturing sector was particularly strong having its best-ever quarterly performance and growing product bookings 60 percent. In term of global market leadership, Kronos has deployed in more than 100 countries, also remains the world's leading supplier of workforce management solutions. Besides, the Kronos Cloud is experiencing significant growth across all market segments. The fastest-growing aspect of the business, workforce management cloud revenue increased 56 percent and bookings increased 72 percent during the quarter. More than 60 percent of new customers selected from an array of Kronos Cloud offerings, bringing the total number of organizations leveraging the Kronos Cloud to more than 11,000.
  24. 24. 23HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". CTPartners reports strong Q1 growth*** (May. 9, 2014,/HRoot/) Global executive search firm CTPartners (CTP: NYSE) reported revenue for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014 of USD 39.9 million, an increase of +37% compared with USD 29.2 million for the same period last year. The company achieved an operating income of USD 1.7 million for the period. Net income for the period was USD 1.2 million, against a net loss of USD 2 million a year ago. CTPartners reported revenue growth of +35.8% across North America during the first quarter, compared with last year. Revenue for the period rose to USD 23.7 million, up from USD 17.4 million in Q1 2013. North America accounted for 59.4% of total company revenue in Q1 2014. EMEA reported revenue during Q1 2014 of USD 10.6 million, up by +58.4% compared with USD 6.7 million last year. EMEA revenue accounted for 26.5% of total company revenue. Across Asia-Pacific revenue during the first quarter rose by +42.8% to USD 2.5 million, up from USD 1.7 million in Q1 2013. Revenue from Asia-Pacific accounted for 5.9% of total revenue. Latin America was the only region to report a fall in revenue during the first quarter, compared with a year ago. Revenue dropped by -5.6% to USD 3.2 million, down from USD 3.3 million. Revenue from Latin America accounted for 7.9% of total company revenue during the first quarter. Kelly Services reported revenue for Q1 2014*** (May. 9, 2014,/HRoot.com /) US-based international recruitment firm Kelly Services reported revenue for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014 of USD 1.33 billion, an increase of +1.2% compared with USD 1.31 billion last year. Gross profit for the period rose by +2.5% to USD 222.3 million, up from USD 216.9 million a year ago. Profit before tax for the period fell by -25.1% to USD 4.6 million, down from USD 6.1 million last year. Revenue from the Americas fell by -2.6% in constant currency to USD 849.6 million, down from USD 880.9 million a year ago. Gross profit for the region rose by +0.7% in constant currency to USD 131.6 million in Q1 2014 compared with last year. Revenue from the United States and Brazil remain relatively static, year-on-year, in terms of constant currency. Organic revenue growth was reported in Puerto Rico (+8.5%) and Mexico (+5.6%), while the sharpest decline was reported in Canada (-8.9%). Across EMEA revenue rose by +9.1% in constant currency to USD 269.6 million, up from USD 244.5 million last year. Revenue from APAC rose by +7.5% in constant currency during the first quarter to USD 91.6 million, despite falling slightly compared with USD 91.7 million last year. Carl T. Camden, President and CEO of Kelly Services, commented: “We’re pleased with our first quarter performance, which is better than expectations and confirms our strategic direction.”
  25. 25. 24HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". CDI Corp’s Q1 revenues rise but operating profits fall** (May. 9, 2014,/HRoot.com/) US-based engineering and technology services firm CDI Corp (CDI: NYSE) reported revenue for the first quarter ending 31 March 2014 of USD 276.3 million, an increase of +3% compared with USD 269.5 million last year. Gross profit for the period rose marginally by +1% to USD 50.8 million, up from USD 50.2 million a year ago. Operating profit, however, fell by -5% to USD 4.7 million, down from USD 4.9 million in Q1 2013.Robert Larney, interim CEO of CDI, commented: “We are pleased with our first quarter year-over-year revenue growth. We continue to face revenue challenges in our government-related businesses, as well as in MRI (Management Recruiters International) and non-program staffing.” Meitec revenue up but income falters*** (May. 12, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Japanese engineering staffing firm Meitec Corp (TYO:9744) reported revenue for the year ending 31 March 2014 of JPY 74.9 billion (USD 736.7 million), an increase of +6.5%, compared with JPY 70.3 billion (USD 691.5 million) last year. The company reported an operating income of JPY 7 billion (USD 68.9 million), a year-on-year increase of +9.8% from JPY 6.4 billion (USD 63 million). Net income for the period fell by a third (-33.7%) to JPY 4 billion (USD 39.3 million), down from JPY 6 billion (USD 59 million) last year, but met the company’s predictions for the year. Looking forward, Meitec Corp expects to achieve revenue of JPY 79 billion (USD 777.1 million) during the year to 31 March 2015. Net income for the coming year is expected to increase to JPY 4.9 billion (USD 48.2 million). Team Health Holdings net revenue increased 11.4% Q1 2014*** (May. 13, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Team Health Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: TMH), one of the largest providers of outsourced physician staffing solutions for hospitals in the United States, announced results for its first quarter of 2014 recently showing that net revenue increased 11.4% to $641.7 million from $575.9 million in the first quarter of 2013. Acquisitions contributed 7.2%, same contract revenue contributed 2.6% and net sales growth contributed 1.6%, of the increase in quarter-over-quarter growth in net revenue. Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter increased 19.2% to $71.8 million from $60.2 million in the first quarter of 2013, and Adjusted EBITDA margin increased to 11.2% compared to 10.5% for the same quarter in 2013. "We are pleased with our financial performance for the first quarter of 2014 as we generated double digit revenue and earnings growth, while expanding our Adjusted EBITDA margin over the prior year," said Team Health Chief Executive Officer, Greg Roth.
  26. 26. 25HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Salesforce's 2015 first-quarter net loss of $ 96.9, more than last year (May. 20, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM), the world’s largest CRM platform, today announced results for its fiscal first quarter ended April 30, 2014. Total Q1 revenue was $1.23 billion, an increase of 37% year-over-year. Net loss of $ 96.9 million, a net loss of $ 67.72 million last year. Salesforce's first-quarter revenue grew 37% due to sales and marketing software market, and the business has exceeded industry analysts' expectations. Revenue for the company’s second fiscal quarter is projected to be in the range of $1.285 billion to $1.290 billion, an increase of 34% to 35% year-over-year. Revenue for the company’s full fiscal year 2015 is projected to be in the range of $5.30 billion to $5.34 billion, an increase of 30% to 31% year-over-year. Affected by this, Salesforce stock price stop falling and rebound. In Tuesday's regular trading on the U.S. stock market, Salesforce shares fell $ 0.34, close at $ 52.89, down 0.64%. Workday announces fiscal 2015 first quarter financial results** (May. 27, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for human resources and finance, today announced results for the fiscal first quarter ended April 30, 2014.Total revenues were $159.7 million, an increase of 74% from the first quarter of fiscal 2014. In the first quarter, operating loss was $52.1 million, or negative 32.6% of revenues, compared to an operating loss of $32.6 million, or negative 35.6% of revenues, in the same period last year. "We are very pleased with our strong first quarter results," said Mark Peek, chief financial officer, Workday. "Looking ahead, we expect our second quarter revenues to be within a range of $173 and $178 million or growth of 61% to 65% as compared to the prior year. Total revenues for the year are anticipated to be in the range of $730 and $750 million or growth of 56% to 60%.
  27. 27. 27HRoot 2014 Gallup: People are retiring later in life**** (Apr. 30, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Gallup poll released today shows the average age of retirement has risen to age 62, up from age 59 in 2002. The expected retirement age for non-retirees has also risen to age 66 since 2002, when the expected retirement age was 63. That trend could help Maine, which the Maine Development Foundation projects will have a declining labor force out to 2020. For the same time period as the Gallup survey, it’s clear that labor force participation among older age groups in Maine is on the rise. The poll cites various possible reasons for the later-retirement trend — damaged savings through the Great Recession, increasing life spans, baby boomers’ reluctance to retire. In the first tab — changing the view to the civilian labor force participation rate and looking at the years from 2002 to 2013 (like so) — we see the number of people over 65 and working rose more than 8 percentage points. Similarly, the percentage of people ages 55-64 that are working or actively seeking work rose 9 points for the same period, during which the total labor force participation rate dropped one percentage point to 65.4 percent. For both of those older age groups, the number in the labor force nearly doubled during that time period in Maine, according to the CWRI and Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Randstad survey: the attractiveness of employers has increased 4% worldwide *** (May. 12, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The attractiveness of employers has increased 4% worldwide compared to last year. This suggests that confidence in people’s own prospects and the wider economic outlook is increasing. By industry, the most attractive industry sector to work in is information technology, according to the respondents, followed by life sciences, consulting, automotive and technology. “In today’s increasingly mismatched global labor market, strong employer brands are crucial to attract and retain the right talent,” said Randstad CEO Jacques van den Broek. “Reasons why people choose certain employers differ greatly. There is no single set of characteristics that will attract everyone. Employer branding is highly nuanced, individual and multi-dimensional and creating a compelling brand is therefore more of an art than a science. Countries, companies, and even people within them all want something slightly different and the employer brand should therefore seek to articulate and convey the rich and varied traits that make an organization unique.” First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  28. 28. 28HRoot 2014 Female CEOs more likely to be hired from outside*** (May. 12, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Only 5% of Chief Executives of the world’s biggest companies are women and they are more likely to be sacked than their more numerous male colleagues, reports The Economist. Of the female CEOs who left their jobs over the past ten years, 38% were forced to go, compared with 27% of men. A clue as to why women are more likely to be fired than men is provided by another statistic in the study: 35% of female CEOs are hired from outside the company, compared with just 22% of male ones. Outsiders generally have a higher chance of being sacked, and generate lower returns to shareholders. Businesses that are already troubled are more likely to turn to outsiders; and outsiders are less likely to have a support network of friends who can rally around when times get tough.The new research is not entirely pessimistic. Over the past ten years the balance of incoming versus outgoing female CEOs, as a proportion of all changes of boss, has risen significantly. Strategy& predicts that women will make up as many as a third of incoming CEOs by 2040. It appears that the demand for female bosses exceeds supply—hence firms’ willingness to bring them in from outside. Gallup survey: mobile tech keeps millennials working all hours*** (May. 13, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Everyone in D.C. seems to always be on their smartphones, especially millennials. It's not all calling family and taking selfies though. A new Gallup poll indicates that smartphones and other mobile technology have bumped up how much people communicate for business and political reasons, as well as personal ones. It shows that 76 percent of people surveyed between the ages of 18 and 29 said mobile technology greatly increased how much communicating with friends and family. But mobile technology has a big impact on the working lives of people even when they aren't at work. And 21 percent said it boosts how much involvement they have in politics and political campaigns, although that could be debated as a positive or negative. 37 percent of that age group said mobile technology greatly increases how much time they spend on work outside of the office, the same percentage was reported by those 30 to 49. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  29. 29. 29HRoot 2014 Towers Watson survey: APAC salaries seen up 6% in 2014, China leading the trend**** (May. 14, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Salaries across Asia Pacific are set to rise an average 6.9% in 2014, with China (+5.2%) leading the way in terms of increases after allowing for inflation and Japan seeing no change on the salary, according 2014 Salary Budget Planning Report(Asia Pacific) conducted by Towers Watson, a leading global professional services company. They survey also shows that the data for 2013 and 2014 looks very similar. More specifically, salaries in China are forecast to rise 8%, in Vietnam 11.5% and Indonesia 9.6% in 2014, before inflation is taken into account. Elsewhere in the region, Pakistan and India are the country with the largest raise with 13% and 10% separately. While Hong Kong and Singapore salaries are set to rise 4.5% and 4.3%, New Zealand 3% and Japan 2.3%. According to Towers Watson that although China is set to see the largest salary raise in Asia Pacific, companies in China also are facing with plenty of problem faced by the other countries: finding and retaining suitably skilled staff. Michael Page survey: security is top priority for jobseekers in Australia*** (May. 14, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Many Australian professionals are likely to look for a new job this year, with long-term job security the primary factor encouraging them to make the move, according to the 2014 Michael Page Australia Employee Intentions Report. The report revealed that 78% of professionals surveyed are ‘very likely’ or ‘quite likely’ to look for a new role this year, with 35% indicating they will seek a new job either interstate or overseas. Job security is a key focus for many jobseekers, with 29% looking for this stability in their next role and 41% citing job security as their primary concern for the months ahead. Simon Meyer, Managing Director of Michael Page in Australia, commented: “Although slowing domestic economic conditions have dampened business and consumer spending and impacted hiring activity, factors like lower interest rates, a weaker exchange rate and activity across the housing sector are expected to keep the economy afloat, along with business and consumer confidence in 2014. Considering this, the employment market is likely to remain steady with job opportunities continuing to become available for talented professionals. However, softening economic conditions and the subsequent effect on hiring means job security is a primary focus for employees.” First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  30. 30. 30HRoot 2014 Hays survey: candidates need to earn global career passport*** (May. 19, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Along with job prospects finally improving in the West, emerging markets overseas offer the promise of new challenges and rich rewards for the people with in-demand skills, For jobseekers, a global career passport comes from building your cultural awareness, communication skills, learning agility and ability to deal with the new or the unknown. Unfortunately, many employers view employees who crave global mobility as a retention risk. According to Hays, international employers can: view globally mobile talent as an asset, not a retention risk; provide those hungry for travel the opportunity to do so within your organization by offering them international career paths; make everyone aware of international career opportunities in your overseas offices; consider offering opportunities in your most dynamic and skills-deprived markets; remember that overseas experiences can harness the drive of high performers with international ambitions for years to come. For candidates, to gain your international career passport you should learn additional language skills. It’s becoming more common for international movers to be trilingual; gain cultural acumen so you are sensitive to what works in different geographies rather than attempting to replicate what works in your native country.; be flexible and willing to accept and deal with the new or the unknown, be adaptable so you quickly and successfully settle into a new environment, and open so you take control of your own learning experience; learn from your new environment and local business practices. Towers Watson survey: Shanghai Free Trade Area to see talent gap for management, finance, IT**** (May. 20, 2014 / PRNewswire /) Recently, Global leading professional consulting firm Towers Watson and the Communist Youth League Shanghai Municipal Committee completed " Shanghai FTA Human Capital Research : potential, Status and Trends " ( hereinafter referred to as " research " ) , and it for the first time revealed the talent demand of Shanghai Free Trade Area. Research shows that management, finance, IT professionals ranked the three top of talent demand, while the existing shortage of talent and labor costs continued to rise, which will be a challenge for the FTA companies after obtaining the relevant preferential policies. In this study, above 80% of companies said they need more senior management talents, above 70% of companies said they need more financial actuarial talent, which ranking second in all positions; due to establishing many large-scale integrated platform, FTA need information technology talents. All FTA IT companies have expressed an urgent need of IT R & D talents. In addition, professionals in other fields such as international trade, foreign languages, and legal professionals will also be needed. Demand for FTA senior managers, professional and technical talents is large, while China's labor costs are increasing steadily , this study made two concrete proposals for company : to provide a clear career path for employees and to give employees more guidance from management level. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  31. 31. 31HRoot 2014 Over half of workers put in more than 44 hours per week in Hong Kong*** (May. 20, 2014,/HRoot.com /) More than half of Hong Kong’s labor force work more than 44 hours a week, with nearly one in five respondents working more than 52 hours each week, according to a survey conducted by The South China Morning Post. The findings signal a need for the city to introduce a law on working hours as soon as possible, a moderate pan-democratic political group the Neighborhood and Workers Service Centre said. The Labor Department defines standard working hours as the normal number of hours an employee should work on a regular basis, beyond which overtime wages are payable. The center wants working hours capped at 44 a week, with workers getting 1.5 times their normal wages for any extra time they put in. Bosses say a law may hurt competitiveness and worsen the labor shortage. It said some employees feared losing their jobs if business costs rose as a result of the law. A 2012 government study showed employers would have to pay up to HKD 55.2 billion (USD 7.2 billion) more a year in wages, if a law was introduced. A 24-member special committee, set up last year to look into the pros and cons of such a law, has commissioned a consultancy to poll about 10,000 workers. 51job released overseas students employment survey*** (May. 20, 2014, /PRNewswire/) The largest HR service providers 51job (NASDAQ: JOBS) recently conducted a "overseas students employment survey " , revealing that the United Kingdom, Japan, the U.S. and Australia have become the largest national to study in , 60 percent of students get master's degree abroad. About 54% of participates in the survey have overseas internships and job experience. About 90% of students has returned or want to return to China. Students majored in computer science, mechanical, biological have a relatively high employment rate, while students in studying finance, and business management, languagesand cultures are the most students. Do not want to or can not to cope with national college entrance examination, or do not want or can not find job in China, as the two main reasons for studying abroad. Lijuan, 51job chief human resources expert say that study abroad more and more like a helpless choice. It is not easy to find a job abroad. The average time of finding a job now is 3.6 months. 50.7% of people who have found their job said that their job is what they have learned. This indicator is higher than data of domestic employment (51job 2013 survey, 32.7 % students think major-job counterparts). Satisfaction of Students currently working in China for job is only 11.8%, while reaching 43.2 percent working in overseas. But talents working overseas mainly engaged in computer, mechanical, chemical and other professionals. If they work in China, their salaries and benefits are more competitive than other students in Chinese college. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  32. 32. 32HRoot 2014 Hays survey: war of Mobile Internet in China" created create more jobs of IT and Marketing*** (May. 21, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The rapid development of Mobile Internet market in China, create more jobs of science and technology experts, social network marketing experts, recruitment specialist From Hays said.”In order to gain more market share and more investment, companies not only need develop and improve science and technology experts, but also need talent of digital marketing, mobile marketing and social media.” Simon Lance, director of Hays China said,” the rapid changes in the industry means huge challenge of getting relevant skills and experience professionals. Affected by this problem, it led to rising salaries. “In the future, Simon Lance believes that the demand for technical and marketing experts in the Mobile Internet will continue to grow. Aon Hewitt survey: female employees place a higher priority on health than male counterparts*** (May. 21, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The 2014 Consumer Health Mindset survey, which analyzed responses from more than 2,700 U.S. employees and their dependents covered by employer-sponsored health plans, shows marked differences in the perspectives, behaviors and attitudes that male and female employees display towards their health and wellbeing. 73% of female employees feel managing their emotional health and their stress levels are important to their overall health, compared to 54% and 57% of males, respectively. 58% percent of female employees say they experience high stress, compared to 44% of males. 44% percent of female employees are more likely to cite affordability as an obstacle in achieving good health, compared to 37% of males.Said Joann Hall Swenson, health engagement leader at Aon Hewitt. “To effectively encourage healthier behaviors across the entire employee population, companies need to implement a holistic health and wellness strategy that considers different segments of the workforce, targets decision makers and encourages active employee participation in health decisions.” First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  33. 33. 33HRoot 2014 Steadying demand for on-hire and permanent recruitment services in Australia*** (May. 22, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) has released its latest Pulse Survey of Hiring Intentions across Australia and New Zealand. The survey shows that 61% of responding RCSA members predict an increase in the demand for permanent recruitment services and 50% expect an increase in the demand for on-hire workers over the coming three-months. An increase in demand for contract labour is expected as large scale infra-structure projects are launched, resulting in increased demand for specialist construction labour. Demand is expected to remain constant over the same period for permanent placement services with the greatest demand for Managers, Community & Personal Services, and Sales staff. Steve Granland, CEO of the RCSA, commented: “The Pulse Survey of Hiring Intentions and the Department of Employments’ Internet Vacancy Index, released earlier today, both reflect the wider recruitment industry expectation of a steadying in the demand for permanent and on-hire recruitment services.” “The demand for on-hire services has steadied over the past three months with the Pulse Survey Index of Demand showing actual demand for on-hire services reaching 3.24 (out of 5). RCSA members expect the Pulse Survey Index of Future Demand for on-hire services to reach 3.26 during the March to June period,” (The higher the index, the greater recruitment needs) he added. Glassdoor releases the Top 10 job industries hiring right now *** (May. 22, 2014, / HRoot.com /) Finding a job isn’t easy, which is why you need a statistical advantage. Glassdoor, an online database that compiles job information, provided a data report of the top 10 industries hiring in the U.S. It analyzed the number of employers, in sectors such as health care and business, who had at least one job listing posted on the site as of May 18. It also collected the business outlook and satisfaction ratings by current employees. As a sign of the times, business and tech job listings are at the top of the list. “Employers in these industries are looking to hire for many competitive roles,” Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor community expert, tells Mashable. “Job seekers with big data, mobile or analytics skills are in high demand.”Here are the top 10 industries looking for employees: 1. Business services 2. Information Technology Industry 3. Manufacturing 4. Health care industry 5. Financial sector 6. Retail industry 7. Accounting and Legal professions 8. Construction, Repair and Maintenance industry 9. Media industry 10. Restaurants, Bars, and Food service industries First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  34. 34. 34HRoot 2014 Kelly Services to release 2014 Kelly Global Workforce Index*** (May. 22, 2014, /HRoot.com /) Kelly Services has released its first Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) report for 2014. The Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) is an annual global survey revealing opinions about work and the workplace. Almost 230,000 people across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions responded to the 2014 survey. This first installment, on the topic Engaging Active and Passive Job Seekers, examines the nature of the contemporary job search process from a candidate's perspective.There are some notable key findings: Many employees have become disengaged from their work and this is affecting performance and productivity. Investments in online job postings and the use of social media help to reach the broadest pool of job seekers. Social media has become an integral part of career decisions and job selection for large numbers of candidates. Express Employment Professionals survey: almost half of unemployed in US have give up on job search*** (May. 23, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Nearly half the unemployed have not gone on a job interview in the past month, and 47 percent of the unemployed have completely given up looking for work, according to Express Employment Professionals’ survey of unemployed Americans, “The State of the Unemployed.” However, 91 percent agreed with the statement, “I’m hopeful that I will find a job I really want in the next six months.” Sixty percent said looking for work has been harder than expected; 10 percent reported it’s been easier than expected.“The study offers several surprising and sometimes troubling insights into how unemployed Americans are faring and what they’re doing, and not doing, to get jobs,” said Express CEO Bob Funk. “It also demonstrates why the labor force participation rate is so low — many people have given up looking for a job.” First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  35. 35. 35HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Zhaopin.com survey: five bankers for each job in China*** (May. 23, 2014, /HRoot.com /) China has a surplus of talent in the banking industry, according to a report from job board Zhaopin.com. There are approximately five candidates per vacancy in China, with the imminent graduation of 7.27 million university students in the summer, finding a job will be a lot more important than finding a ‘good’ job. While IT and banking are the two industries with the highest starting salaries, the report from Zhaopin.com advised that the average monthly salary for an IT workers is CNY 4,501 (USD 600), compared with CNY 4,181 (USD 557) for a new employee in the banking industry. The insurance industry reported the most vacancies among all other professional categories. Investment and management consultant services, bonds trading, foreign currency sales, and risk control are the five ‘most wanted’ jobs in China. As banks are allowed to deal with insurance and stock business at the same time according to one anonymous analyst, they have a tendency to recruit talent with expertise across different fields. Harvey Nash: CIOs focused on making money, not cost savings*** (May. 23, 2014,/HRoot.com /)In 2005, 11% of organisations reported that they had a Chief Information Officer (CIO). This year the figure has growth to 44%, according to the CIO Survey 2014 from recruitment firm Harvey Nash. Executive board participation for CIOs has been much higher since the depth of the recession. Over the past few years, priorities across the industry have been fairly consistent. CIOs are worried about operational efficiencies and the need to improve business processes. Costs savings experienced the biggest fall in priority, falling from number one in 2013 to number four in 2014. Delivering consistent and stable IT also experienced a sharp drop, with one-in-ten fewer CIOs seeing this as a priority.Almost two-thirds (63%) or respondents say that projects that can make money are a priority. This suggests that the wider operational focus may be changing to ‘what IT can do to grow the business’.This year saw a big jump in the number of CIOs reporting a technology skills shortage. Whereas 45% were concerned about a lack of technology talent in 2013, this rose sharply to 60% in 2014.
  36. 36. 36HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Glassdoor announces top 25 companies for compensation and benefits, Google ranked the first*** (May. 26, 2014, /HRoot.com /) Career database Glassdoor has compiled its annual ranking of the top 25 companies for compensation and benefits, based entirely on employee feedback. Google ranked the best US employer for compensation and benefits. Google employees feel satisfied that Google's high salary, free commuting, as well as food by top chef and so on. The results are from hundreds of thousands of employees.How much do Google employees make? Those show software engineers at Google have an average base salary of $128,000. Apple software engineers did slightly better, making $132,000. Facebook’s made $120,000 and Microsoft and Amazon’s made closer to $111,000 and $105,000 respectively.No surprisingly, 12 tech companies ranked in the top 25. Facebook ranked third, Adobe forth, Intuit sixth, Salesforce ninth, Microsoft eighteenth, eBay twenty-fifth.
  37. 37. 37HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". LinkedIn releases the skills in demand to land an international job*** (May. 26, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) make up nearly half of the 10 abilities most commonly found among professionals who have moved to other parts of the world to pursue career opportunities in the past year, according to new research from LinkedIn. The study was based on the analysis of 300 million LinkedIn members worldwide and the 20 countries that saw the most migration activity. The top 10 skill categories that tended to be unique to movers in the past year were: 1. Social media marketing 2. Mechanical and aerospace engineering 3. Java development 4. Life sciences 5. Military, defence, and national security 6. Foreign language translation 7. Public policy and international relations 8. Software engineering management 9. Retail and wholesale 10. Management consulting, business strategy, and analysis ITUC survey: China and US among the worst places to be a worker**** (May. 27, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), an alliance of regional trade confederations that advocates for labour rights around the world, debuted its Global Rights Index this week, ranking countries on a 1 (best) through 5 (worst) scale on the basis of how well workers' rights are protected. The organisation used 97 different indicators to compile its index, centred on the ability of workers to join unions, win collective bargaining rights, and have access to due process and legal protections. The report evaluates labour rights in 139 countries, hence the grey areas on the map. It is reported that China ranked 5, a sign of “no guarantee”. The report ranked the US a dismal 4, a sign of "systematic violations". Collective bargaining rights are uneven across the US's states and unions are far weaker than some of their counterparts in northern Europe. ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow commented: “Countries such as Denmark and Uruguay led the way through their strong labour laws, but perhaps surprisingly, the likes of Greece, the United States and Hong Kong, lagged behind. A country’s level of development proved to be a poor indicator of whether it respected basic rights to bargain collectively, strike for decent conditions, or simply join a union at all.”
  38. 38. 38HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". Hays survey: Oriental Management Model no less than the Western model *** (May. 28, 2014, /HRoot.com/) Some of Eastern Asia multinationals including Chinese enterprises have unique operation mode, which makes those multinationals could expand overseas rapid with optimistic achievement, according to the latest survey conducted by recruitment experts worldwide Hays. It is reported that Hays surveyed how those Eastern Asia multinationals expand oversea, how to challenge the enterprises with Western culture and how to makes those Western companies lose their advantages. The survey demonstrated that the successful case of Asia multinational shows that the development of cross-border business is more than the one way and overseas recruitment becomes to be the key step to internationalization, which means that the successful companies with the consideration of located market when recruiting, reflected all of them have diversity of customers and know the located custom. Hay noted that enterprises can create some kind of global enterprise culture to adjusted flexibly and adapt the local business environment. ADP survey: salary to be the core of the relationship between employees and enterprise*** (May. 28, 2014, / HRoot.com /) Salary is regarded as the core relationship between employees and enterpirse, according to the latest white paper released Hays, the world's largest outsourcing and human capital management solutions provider. The white paper shows that although the realization of employees' individual value and the training of individual ability have a real impact on bilateral relations between employees and companies, the salary and whether employees could get paid on time is the more concerned issue. Besides, the compensation management level has a direct impact on the loyalty and satisfaction of employees. Therefore, ADP suggested that companies should attach importance to compensation management and maintenance the core relationship between employees and enterprise to keep business forward, develop steadily and enhance employee loyalty.
  39. 39. 39HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". jobsDB survey: increasing salaries not the best way to retain staff *** (May. 28, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Six out of 10 (64%) employers in Hong Kong intend to hire staff in the coming three months, an increase of +2 percentage points compared with last quarter and +5 percentage points compared with the same period last year, according to the Q1 2014 Hiring Index from job board jobsDB. The recent figures reflect that employers are generally optimistic about the employment market in the second quarter of 2014. On the whole, 41% of the respondents expect that the recruitment market will be more active in the coming three months. The Hiring Index revealed that 72% of respondents had had staff resign in the past three months, with 62% admitting difficulties retaining staff. Amidst a myriad of retention strategies, salary increases are still considered the greatest motivator for staff to remain in a job. More than half (57%) of employers citing retention difficulties adopted a strategy of salary increases to entice workers to stay. On average the pay increases were between +6% and +10%. Robert Walters survey: China to see strong hiring demand in Product Development and Logistics in Q1*** (May. 28, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Within the first quarter, the Chinese job advertising market saw the traditional decrease (-17% from Q4 2013) due to the festive Chinese New Year holidays. In contrast, the year-on-year uplift from 2013 was at a healthy 25% which performed beyond expectations. This suggests a conservatively positive economy. The reasons for this include the expansion of Chinese companies within China and regionally, as well as new overseas investments particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. With the recent news of China registering the lowest GDP this quarter in recent years, we can expect the Chinese government to channel more efforts into economic and infrastructure development such as the railway system and public housing. These developments are likely to have a positive impact on the economy in the next two quarters. The survey also shows that the operations (product & logistics) sector showed 56% annual growth despite the shrinking manufacturing industry which is evident of profitability from product development, cost reduction and streamlining logistics; job advertising for engineers, surveyors, architects and technicians dropped 9% due to Chinese government initiatives to fully utilise vacant buildings, resulting in less new investment in real estate; Organisations to establish shared services centres in China, particularly for IT, HR, logistics and sourcing in the Chinese market for global export.
  40. 40. 41HRoot 2014 Zhaopin.com to receive the "The Most Influential " and "Best Growth Potential " awards *** (May. 7, 2014, /HRoot.com/) Zhaopin.com, the leading job board in China announced recently that the company has received the award of "2013-2014 the Most Influential service web in China”and "2013-2014 the Best Growth Potential of Website App” for excellent in the performance on the creative, service of online recruitment and also on the achievement of mobile phone client. The iResearch Awards Goldry Award is the results based on the annual survey, which is designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best creative products, software service, website app and innovative leaders in the area of Internet in the past year to promote the development of the whole industry healthily, rapidly and orderly. Kronos recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction for 14th consecutive year*** (May. 29, 2014,/HRoot.com/) Kronos Incorporated recently that it has received the NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM from the Omega Management Group Corp. for excellence in customer satisfaction for 2013. Omega presents the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award annually to organizations that consistently exceeded customer expectations during the preceding year, as rated by their customers. Results from Omega Management Group Corp. show that 98 percent of organizations responded positively when asked if Kronos understands their problem. Additionally, 91 percent of respondents said they are satisfied with product innovation as well as features and functionality. Kronos has received the Omega NorthFace ScoreBoard Award every year since the program's inception in 2000, and is one of only two organizations to do so. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  41. 41. 43HRoot 2014 HRoot held China Human Resource Services Expo 2014 in Shenzhen for the first time (May. 8, 2014, /HRoot.com/) HRoot, China’s leading HR website and media company, held the China Human Resource Services Expo 2014 at Shenzhen futian Sheraton on May 8 successfully. The expo attracted 4,089 HR directors, HR managers, corporate senior managers, general managers and buyers with need of human resource service, which makes the number of exhibitors and participant to a new high. More specifically, the “2014 China HR Services Expo had a total of over a fifty exhibitors which include leading players of a range of services in the global human resources industry, i.e., HR outsourcing, consulting, recruitment and headhunting, recruitment process outsourcing, talent dispatch, payroll and benefit outsourcing, payroll data research, talent assessment and research, HR software, e-learning, training, employee background check, associations and societies, and HR media. All the exhibitors showed a wide variety of new products and services in the field of human resource. All the participants had the opportunity to have face-to-face communications based on their own demand. The expo provide a platform for participants have easier access to new technology, new services, new products and solutions, best practices and new trends of HR industry trends and the strategic direction of the development of human resources services. Hay Group to start the “Best Company for Leadership 2014” globally*** (May. 16, 2014,/HRoot.com /) Hay Group, the global management consulting firm, announced recently that the company starts the Hay Group Best Companies for Leadership 2014 globally. The study ranks the best companies for leadership around the globe and examines how those companies nurture talent and foster innovation in their ranks. It is reported that the survey is the largest global research survey of its kind capturing responses from more than 18,000 individuals in 2,200 organizations. The survey is truly global in nature with responses from 125 countries. And it is aimed to identify which organizations have the best leadership practices, then see what we can learn from them. According to Hay Group the Best Companies for Leadership study starts from now until the end of June 30, and all the participates can get the whitepaper of the survey for free, which will be released on November of 2014. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".
  42. 42. 44HRoot 2014 First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch". HRoot held 2014 China Talent Management Forum in Beijing*** (May. 21, 2014,/HRoot.com/) The "2014 China Talent Management Forum" held by HRoot, a leading HR media and internet company in China, was held at the Westin Beijing Financial Street in Beijing. The forum attracted over 200 HR directors, HR managers, corporate senior managers, general managers Chinese and foreign enterprises from JD, CNOOC, FESTO, Huatai Insurance, Pfizer, Standard Chartered, Youku Tudou, Ifeng, CP, COFCO, SINOCHEM, SIEMENS, Lenovo etc.. All of them shared their latest insights and creative application in the talent management and also shared the experience in the screening of high potential talents, constructing of the channel of the leadership development. FESCO law lecture tour starts in Beijing ** (May. 26, 2013, Beijing, /HRoot.com/) The Human Resources and Social Security Ministry and Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO) jointly launched the "FESCO 2014 nationwide law lecture tour” in Beijing today, and the event was attended by 400 Chinese and foreign enterprises, from Bayer, Shell, xi 'an yeung sum, Siemens, Oracle, Canon,Bank of China and others. The campaign is designed to help companies build harmonious labor relations and promote healthy development of enterprises. Starting in Beijing, it will cover 22 cities to accommodate Chinese and foreign business executives in the four-month time span. IBM to hold the CHRO “Tour of Beauty• Flavor• Smart” in Shenzhen together with HRoot**** (May. 30, 2014, /HRoot.com/) IBM, the world’s largest information technology and business solutions provider, held the Sharing meeting of IBM smarter team--“Tour of Beauty• Flavor• Smart” together with HRoot at Shenzhen. It is reported that this forum got the full support of HRoot, the largest HR media in China and attracted plenty of CEO, president of HR and HRD from the well-known companies. Being the strategic partner, HRoot has build a high vision, high-grade, high-value commercial platform for IBM and corporate executives to learn, social, develop and share. The forum was based on the integration of the technology into HR management, and the IBM Smart Workforce team shared their precious insight on how to selet the appropriate talent, how to stimulate the employees’ creativity to improve their engagement and how to predict the performance through the big date anyalysis.
  43. 43. 45HRoot 2014 Kayang announced its latest contract information*** (May, 12, 2014,/HRoot.com /) The famous e-HR solution provider Kayang announce today that the company signed cooperation agreement with China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group Limited (CMGE), BY-HEALTH and Orica separately. CMGE is a holding company, which is engaged in the development, operation and sale of feature phone and smartphone games, as well as the provision of handset design products and services. BY-HEALTH is the leader and benchmark enterprise in Chinese dietary supplement market. Orica is an Australian owned, publicly listed company employing around15,000 staff across 50 countries. It is reported that Kayang will provide CMGE customization human resource management system to promote the HR connection between domestic and overseas for the company. According to the agreement, Kayang will also engaged to help BY-HEALTH and Orica achieving HR information management turns and enhancing core competitiveness of those two-company. First for HR industry news, trends and analysis, please follow us on Wechat"hrmarketwatch".