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Workplace Motivation


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This PPT is about Motivation and how and why it is important in Work-place and among employees. It explains how motivation brings the best out of an employee and makes him/her productive.

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Workplace Motivation

  2. 2. Its a Reasonor Intention Motivation is the reason or intention for doing something or behaving in a certain manner. It becomes the source of willingness to perform a certain task WHAT IS MOTIVATION? SECTION ONE
  3. 3. WHY MOTIVATION AT WORK? Because "Motivated" employees are "Happy" employees and are more "Productive"
  4. 4. Almost all the tasks that we perform in our daily routine are result of motivation. And it is equally true in the work place. A workplace which is driven by motivation yields positive and better results. Because here, employees not only work for money but also out of sheer motivation. SECTION TWO
  5. 5. Several corporate giants have over the decades spend tones of money to organise motivation seminars, workshops, guest lectures and like stuffs only with the intention to increase motivation among employees or to keep them motivated in their work. One of the consultancies in Mumbai does this. High level of motivation increases productivity SECTION TWO
  6. 6. An unmotivated employee will only do the bare minimal in being of fired. Whereas a motivated employee will employees who are motivated will of course work for money but will also make sure that his/her work is recognised and is counted well among the contributions to the success of the company. T&A Solutions is one of the placement consultants in Bangalore practising motivation in employees. SECTION TWO
  7. 7. Intrinsic Extrinsic MotivationisdrivenbyTwoFactors:
  8. 8. Knowledge Achievement Growth Advancement Recognition Appreciation I n t r i n s i c Fa c to r s
  9. 9. Salary Benefit Promotions Work Environment Policy Security Safety EXTRINSIC FACTORS
  10. 10. Boost Confidence Positive Work Environment Matching Skills With Work Value Your Employee H o w t o M o t i v a t e Yo u r Employees
  11. 11. PARTNER'S PRESENTATION PRESENTED BY: T&A Solutions, Your recruitment specialist Thank You For Your Time