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Health Care Reform Services in Texas - Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Texas


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HR&P offers the highest quality Health Care Reform Services to a diverse pool of clients in Texas - Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio.

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Health Care Reform Services in Texas - Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Texas

  1. 1. Toll Free: 877.880.4477 Phone : 281.880.6525 HR&P offers valuable compliance assistance and customized tools to help employers stay on the tracks.
  2. 2. How HR&P Can Reduce Your Compliance Burden • Providing a customized summary report on how Health Care Reform impacts your business • Calculating potential penalties under the “Play or Pay” provision • Offering a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Employee calculator • Performing a tax credit eligibility test for small businesses • Providing a tracking report for all “Variable Hour Employees” in conjunction with 4980H • Distributing required notices to all eligible employees
  3. 3. Health Care Reform Services also provided by HR&P Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) • Distribute material to all existing and eligible new hires within the deadlines • Update material when changes or amendments are made to the plan • Online access so employees can view or print material • Assist with questions from employees or employer • Incorporate with ERISA required SPD’s and open enrollment materials
  4. 4. Employee Notice of Exchange • Notice to all new and existing employees that describes all the options available under the Exchange • Guidance on how to sign up for the Exchange and what coverage is being offered • Troubleshoot difficult issues with the Exchange
  5. 5. Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) Rebates • Provide carriers with the monthly average total number of employees so they can calculate the rebate • Assist in distributing rebates to each employee through a payroll credit or separate check (client’s discretion) • Explain other options the DOL gives the employer in issuing the rebate • Issue a notice to each employee getting a rebate explaining the purpose of the rebate
  6. 6. Employer Shared Responsibility • Employers with 50+ FTEs and/or equivalents, must offer affordable, minimum essential coverage or be subject to tax penalties. • Calculating the minimum wages that must be paid to avoid offering “unaffordable coverage” • Helping clients establish a measurement period (3-12 months) and keeping track of existing and newly eligible employees • Providing reports that reflect where each employee stands (FTE Status, Variable Hour Status, Lookback Period, Stability Period) during this process throughout the year to help avoid tax penalties • Notify all newly eligible employees and provide available coverage information
  7. 7. Medicare Tax on Wages and Unearned Income Applies to those earning: $200,000 if filing single; $250,000 if married filing jointly, and; $125,000 if married filing separately. • Calculate and apply the 0.9% increase in Medicare tax on wages • Calculate and apply the 3.8% Medicare tax on unearned income
  8. 8. Form W-2 Reporting Applies to employers with 250+ W-2s for the tax year. • Track and include the value of group health coverage provided to employees showing the total costs for both employee and employer
  9. 9. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Annual Limit • Conduct open enrollment meetings to educate employees on tax savings, changes, and increase participation in the plan • Hand out material to employees that explain the changes to the annual limit ($2,500), eligible expenses, and answer employee & employer questions • Online enrollment with new and existing employees • Mobile Application that gives you direct access to your account, text notifications, and debit card • 3 in 1 (FSA, HSA, HRA)
  10. 10. 14550 Torrey Chase, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77014 USA Toll Free Phone Fax E-mail : : 877.880.4477 : 281.880.6525 : 281.866.9426