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In for the Long Term: Maximising Adoption


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by: Jeff Little / Rolls-Royce

The world’s leading provider of power systems and services will describe how they approached change management and adoption during their global Workday roll-out. Key insight willinclude the importance of sustainability post go-live, and the provision ofon-demand change, communications and training support before, during and after implantation.

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In for the Long Term: Maximising Adoption

  1. 1. Rolls-Royce proprietary information Trusted to deliver excellence © 2016 Rolls-Royce plc The information in this document is the property of Rolls-Royce plc and may not be copied or communicated to a third party, or used for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied without the express written consent of Rolls-Royce plc. This information is given in good faith based upon the latest information available to Rolls-Royce plc, no warranty or representation is given concerning such information, which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce plc or any of its subsidiary or associated companies. TotalCare® is a registered trademark, Life®, Term® and Flex® are registered in the European community. Trent® is a registered trademark. In for the Long Term: Maximising Adoption Jeff Little – HR Change and Transformation Leader
  2. 2. Rolls-Royce proprietary information
  3. 3. Rolls-Royce proprietary information Background to Workday implementation • SAP implemented in 5 of 46 Countries • Each implementation varied to suit Country • Organisation moved from a Country model to a Global Business Model • Functionality increased by “adding” 3rd party systems • Voice of the Customer • “Business is hampered by lack of accurate people data and systems that don’t talk to each other” • “HR moved activities to managers without consultation or training“ • “HR is not geared up to support the existing people challenges and our global growth agenda” • “We know their age profile and diversity, but don’t know their qualifications and capabilities … we make decisions blind” • Implementation Scope • All Countries, all employees (excluding recently acquired), same Day • All HCM & Compensation functionality (with PDR, Time & Absence, Merit following in line with Calendar)
  4. 4. Rolls-Royce proprietary information Adoption starts when you select the Technology • Users have high Expectations of Usability • Smartphones / Apps • “Make it as easy as the John Lewis website” • Never forget - Users have the choice to adopt or not !! • Is Intuitive really “Intuitive”? • Sales People make it look easy – they do it every day! • Beware the word “Powerful” – it means “Hard and Difficult” • Will you make it easier for your back-office or the infrequent user? • What support infrastructure do you need? • What users expect continues to develop • Will your new technology continue to develop and keep pace? • Will you be able to afford to keep pace? • Be clear on what your stakeholders want from this investment • “What have you got to prove?”
  5. 5. Rolls-Royce proprietary information Adoption is determined during Design • Create Guiding Principles for the Design • Capture what each stakeholder group needs • Strong governance to deal with conflicts and dilemmas • Engage Global teams in the design from day one • Don’t develop in “Head Office” and export • Control “localisation” to “legal & regulatory” only • Consistency makes communication and adoption easier • Establish your Support Strategy during Design • Each Stakeholder group will be different • The “functional experts” are not normal users • Ensure the “Voice of the User” is loud • Include the Users in your “Testing” • Let people test the system as if it’s their 1st day live • Test your support packages at the same time Ensure the Design delivers the Stakeholders Needs
  6. 6. Rolls-Royce proprietary information Adoption is delivered during Implementation • Adoption is driven by changing Behaviours • Focus implementation on Behaviours - not the technology • Communicate when the Stakeholder NEEDS it • Don’t communicate too early • Use the “Change Curve” to check where you are • Never ask someone to communicate something they haven’t experienced • Give early access to the technology to those communicating • Allow learning through experience - Guide it • Create a Change Implementation Network • Share what needs to be achieved and get their ideas • Make Local teams responsible for Adoption • They know their people and they know how to get adoption • Co-ordinate, don’t dictate communications • Local teams tailor communications, but stay consistent
  7. 7. Rolls-Royce proprietary information “Real” Adoption is determined after Go-Live • Go-Live is not the end, but the beginning ! • Keep Governance in place • Plan release of functionality to increase Adoption • Too much, too soon leads to paralysis • Too little, too late leads to apathy • Listen to the Users • What don’t they like? What do they want to see next? • Plan new functionality and changes around this • Keep support materials up to date • Do you know what people are using? • What is causing the calls to your help desk?
  8. 8. Rolls-Royce proprietary information Where are we now? • Adoption (regular users) is at 58% of our total population with access • Our best case expectation was 65% after 2 years • Opportunities to increase through improved accessibility • Meeting the expectations of the Users 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 8,149 16,625 18,859 20,908 23,502
  9. 9. Rolls-Royce proprietary information