National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup™ 2012


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Details about the National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup™ 2012 in Hampton Roads, Virginia

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National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup™ 2012

  1. 1. J Join the National Kickoff ofthe Great American Cleanup™ April 27-28, 2012 27 28,
  2. 2. The National Kickoff of the Great American Cleanup™Established by Keep America Beautiful, Inc.Marks the t t f the Great AM k th start of th G t American Cl i Cleanup S Season, th theNation’s largest community improvement programMobilizes millions of volunteersOver 15 000 communities nationwideO 15,000 ii i id
  3. 3. Hampton Roads Nationally Recognized p y gOne of 10 national locationsSelected by Keep America Beautiful y pOnly site in VirginiaChosen because of◦ Partnership between and Keep Virginia Beautiful◦ Successful previous cleanups◦ Ability to bring volunteers together◦ Regional cooperation among 16 cities and counties of Hampton Roads◦ Collaboration with the military◦ S Strong corporate support of f community cleanup and green up projects
  4. 4. Organizing Partners g g Keep America Beautiful Hampton Roads PlanningEngages individuals to take greater District Commissionresponsibility for improving their Provides assistance on local andcommunity environments. regional issues pertaining to economics, physical and environmental p planning, emergency management and g g y g transportation.Comprehensive regional publicawareness campaign of HRPDC which Represents more than 1.6 millionencourages environmental stewardship people who live in the 16 cities andamong all residents in Hampton Roads Roads. counties that comprise Hampton Roads Roads. Keep Virginia BeautifulEngages and unites Virginians toimprove our natural and scenicenvironment.
  5. 5. All of Hampton Roads is Participating p p g
  6. 6. April 27-28 Kickoff Events pEveryone in Hampton Roads isencouraged to join a transformationalcommunity improvement project◦ 25-50 volunteers per project◦ Half day of workCelebrate a Green Hampton RoadsParty, Friday, April 27th◦ Hosted by and Keep Virginia Beautiful◦ Project leaders, corporate/military captains, honorary board members, sponsors and corporate partners invited d d◦ Location: Norfolk
  7. 7. Transformational Projects jRe-landscape public school groundsPublic park cleanup and beautificationRemove a dilapidated foot bridge inNorfolk in preparation for refurbishmentRemove litt and debris fR litter d d b i from th G the Great tDismal SwampHelp divert household hazardous waste ata collection eventHiking trail and wetland cleanupAnd many more projects
  8. 8. Cleanup Goals pHold a transformational project ineach Hampton Roads municipality p p yRecruit at least 1,000 volunteersRaise at least $100,000 for futuretransformation projectsHeighten awareness throughmedia coverageEngage more people in localstewardship
  9. 9. We Need You!AND YOUR◦ Co-workers and employees◦ Family, friends and neighborsPLUS WE NEED◦ Military commands, ships, squadrons, families and retirees◦ Everyone to join the 2012 Great American Cleanup™You have an opportunity tomake a difference in thequality of life in HamptonRoads
  10. 10. Why Participate? y pLitter, graffiti, unkempt streets and parks◦ Symptoms of uncaring behavior◦ “Wake-up call” for citizens concerned about Hampton Roads quality of lifeYour group can make a visible and Keep Virginia Beautiful need your help!
  11. 11. How Many Volunteers Needed? yMinimum per project: 25 volunteersWhat if you cannot recruit 25?◦ will join small groups or supplement with additional volunteersAverage per p j g p project: 50 volunteers
  12. 12. How to Get InvolvedVisit fordetails and to sign upAfter registration, you willreceive a list of projects andlocationsBy March 30◦ Provide site preferences◦ Volunteer counts◦ Contact information
  13. 13. National Partners
  14. 14. Become a Partner in h National Ki k ff of the Great American Clean-up i the N i l Kick-off f h G A i ClOur corporate sponsors have the ability to leverage thisexciting program by:◦ Dynamic relationship marketing/brand-building◦ Significant local, regional and state media recognition◦ Increasing awareness & public recognition of KVB askHRgreen org KVB, and our sponsors◦ Engaging employees in meaningful environmental and community improvement projects that align with your company’s community outreach goals◦ Improving the economic climate and the quality-of-life in communities in Hampton Roads and throughout Virginia
  15. 15. Become a Partner Corporate Partner Opportunities, continued ◦ Positioning KVB and our sponsors as state and regional “change change agents” ◦ Supporting the longer term effort to fund critical community p j projects in Hampton Roads that address g p greening of gateways, g g y , parks, beaches, shorelines and open spaces; teaching environmental stewardship through volunteer action in litter prevention and waste reductionThere are three different levels of involvement available ranging f il bl i from $10 000 t $1 000 $10,000 to $1,000
  16. 16. We Thank You!Every volunteer and sponsor makes a differenceYour actions influence othersY ti i fl thTogether we can get it doneBecause of you, Hampton Roads will be a better place to live