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HR Open Source Case Study Recruiting Deck (2017)


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This deck breaks down why and how HR and recruiting practitioners should share their work and contribute case studies to the HR Open Source initiative.

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HR Open Source Case Study Recruiting Deck (2017)

  1. 1. HR Open Source | Prospectus Page HR OPEN SOURCE Case Study Recruiting Deck - 2017 // #HROS
  2. 2. Page What was the most challenging HR problem you’ve solved?
  3. 3. Page What if you didn’t have to figure that out alone?
  4. 4. Page What if you had thousands of peers around the world to help you? At no cost?
  5. 5. Page Welcome to the HR Open Source Collective Intellect.
  6. 6. Page
  7. 7. THE HROS OPPORTUNITY The common denominator to every organization is people, yet investments in people function development is minimal. Faced with rapidly accelerating innovation expectations in the field, most practitioners lack resources, budgets, or networks needed to keep pace. The legacy of HR and “war for talent” mindset slows progress and leads to knowledge hoarding, silos, lack of progress. This has left a widening gap between leaders and laggards which impacts the organizations we are building and eventually the bottom line. HROS brings together global practitioners to “work out loud”, collaborate, and share practices to better the field.
  8. 8. OUR MISSION Transform the field of HR to become more strategic and innovative by democratizing access to ideas, education, and inspiration.
  9. 9. Page OUR VALUES Openness Sharing is Caring Action Have an Impact Humility Community > Individual Inspire Collaborative Learning
  10. 10. 25+ 2000+ 1100+ 50+ Case Studies Delivered Practitioners in the HROS Facebook Group Registered Supporters and Volunteers Countries Represented HROS IN NUMBERS Knowledge Social Registrations Global Reach
  11. 11. Page Show Your Work // Contributing A Case Study
  12. 12. GOAL OF HROS CASE STUDIES The goal of HROS is to move the field of HR forward by supporting practitioners to become more innovative and impactful in their roles. Each case study features a company willing to open their playbook on a specific HR or recruiting initiative, sharing their work to advance the conversation and the profession. They can be informative, educational, or inspirational. Sometimes they’re all three, but either way, they’re designed to stop talking about theory and showcase the organizations getting innovative HR and recruiting right in practice.
  13. 13. ANATOMY OF A CASE STUDY Each case study is peer-reviewed and consists of the following components: Brief Introduction who you are and what you do. Why You Did It what led you to this initiative. What You Did an overview of your initiative. How You Did It detailing how your executed your initiative. Key Results specific outcomes and metrics of your initiative. What You Got Wrong sharing failures, learnings, and things peers should be mindful of if executing. Key Takeaways key highlights and takeaways for the HR community. Technologies Used a summary of all technologies used in your initiative.
  14. 14. 25+ Downloadable Case Studies
  15. 15. Page Why Contribute A Case Study? ● Show Your Work: Your case study will inspire 2,000+ global peers in 50+ countries across the HROS community. ● Visibility: HROS case studies have been viewed/downloaded tens of thousand of times. Our social engagement ensures amplification. ● Shape the Conversation: HROS case study contributors are innovators in their field, shaping conversations and practices about the future of talent. ● Press/Exposure: We have established relationships with press and conference organizers that are always looking for meaningful work and stories to share.
  16. 16. PRESS 2016 saw HROS earn press coverage by Forbes, TechCo, SHRM, ERE, LinkedIn Talent Blog, Recruiting Social, Quantum Workplace, Computer Weekly, and others.
  17. 17. GRAEME JOHNSON Virgin Media Head of Resourcing & Employer Brand I love the concept of HR Open Source. Learning and sharing honest accounts of how to succeed in our profession is incredibly valuable. There is a lot of preaching from thought leaders out in the market, and not enough real-life accounts of how to succeed in practice. HROS plugs this vital gap, and is an excellent forum for knowledge sharing and external benchmarking.
  18. 18. CELINDA APPLEBY Nike Global Digital & Social Media Manager As talent acquisition continues to transform, practitioners in the trenches creating change need resources to inspire and inform their work, and they usually come with a price tag. The beauty of HROS is that practitioners around the world, many with similar challenges, are openly sharing how they overcome them. HROS not only gives me the platform to learn from my peers, but provides a venue to share my team’s work and recognize the amazing work they’ve pioneered globally.
  19. 19. How To Contribute A Case Study 1. Visit to complete a brief survey (5 minute) to share your story. 2. We’ll review and assign an editor to follow with you to further discuss your idea. 3. You build a first draft of the case study based on our template (who, what, why, how, results, learnings, takeaways, resources). 4. The HROS editor works with you to refine and tighten your story. 5. We determine publish date together. 6. We post and promote the hell out of it.
  20. 20. Page Thank You @/groups/HROpenSource @HROpenSource / #HROS