SaaS vs BPO: Operational Considerations of the SaaS Service Delivery Model


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In the second session of this webinar series, we further explore how SaaS and BPO are not mutually exclusive, now from an operational perspective. A panel of practitioners and providers discuss how services stay the same or may change in different areas, potential differences in your ongoing delivery team, global design considerations, and modifications to the governance model.

- Jill Goldstein, Global Offering Lead, Talent and HR BPO, Accenture
- Jamie McGovern, Partner - Human Capital Management, Global Business Services, IBM US
- Susan Laskey-Myers, SVP HR Solutions & Service Delivery, Thomson Reuters

Moderator: Brenda Sural, Director HR Service Delivery, Kraft Foods

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SaaS vs BPO: Operational Considerations of the SaaS Service Delivery Model

  1. 1. Operational Considerations of the SaaS Service Delivery Model
  2. 2. Service Delivery Model: BPO on SaaS Responsibilities in a BPO on SaaS model are spread across the Customer, BPO Provider, and SaaS Provider Internal HCM on Business Process Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) on Software as a Service (SaaS) as a Service (BPaaS) 3rd Party Software as a Service (SaaS) Employee Portal Employee Portal Employee PortalCustomerManaged Employee Contact Employee Contact Employee Contact Transactions Transactions Transactions The SaaS Provider, BPO Provider, and Customer collaborate to deliver Configuration managed services Configuration Configuration BPO Provider Managed Application Application Application Integration Integration IntegrationSaaS Provider Managed Database Database Database Operating System Operating System Operating System Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure 3 @HROA
  3. 3. Typical Tiered HR Delivery ModelTier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 SaaS Employee / Manager Customer Service Subject Matter Expert Self-Service Representative (CSR) (HR Role) - Customer / BPO Provider Call Manager Application Centers of HR Policies Excellence KnowledgeBase Case Management App SaaS Provider Policy & Managed Governance Service Center HR Reporting Reporting (Ad hoc and Standard (Contacts, Self -Service) Case Analysis) HR Data Sources Knowledge Information SaaS Forms & Base Policies Directory HCM Requests 4
  4. 4. Roles & Responsibilities: BPO on SaaSSaaS Provider: • Functionality Requests • Functional “Updates”Client HR COE Function (including “Power Users”): • Organizational Structure Maintenance • Security Provisioning • Business Process Issues Monitoring and Resolution • Vendor Coordination • Delegation • HR Metric and Key Performance Indicator Review • Release Management • “Update” Functionality Review, Approval, and Implementation • Change Management 5 @HROA
  5. 5. Roles & Responsibilities: BPO on SaaSBPO Service Provider: • Initial Design and Implementation • Contact Center • Service Operations / Back Office • Master Data Changes, New Job Codes, Minor Configuration Changes • Policy Publishing and Document Maintenance • File Transmission / Integration Execution and Monitoring • Reporting and Analytics Requests • Simple Design / Build • Service Level Agreement Reporting 6
  6. 6. Roles & Responsibilities: BPO on SaaSCross HR / IT Function (Client and / or BPO) • “Update” and Regression Testing • New Interface Development and Payroll Integration • New Complex Reporting / Dashboard Development • New Complex Configuration • Assistance with M&A Activities 7
  7. 7. Panel Discussion
  8. 8. Today’s Panel Brenda Sural Jamie McGovern Kraft Foods IBM Moderator Jill Goldstein Susan Laskey-Myers Accenture Thomson Reuters 9
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. Other Webinars in this Series• Feb 13: Overview and Strategy – Audio Recording & Slides available• March 12: How to prepare for implementation – Register today! 11
  11. 11. About HROA• Founded in 2003 - Global association• Open to anyone in the HR Outsourcing and Transformation industry anywhere in the world: practitioner, buyer, provider, technology firm, advisor, consultant, or academic.• to be the single recognized community for improving the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of outsourcing as part of an overall HR service delivery strategy.• @HROA