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Brazencareerist Social Recruiting

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Brazencareerist Social Recruiting

  1. 1. Social Recruiting On Twitter Assess, Engage, Build CommunityMargo Rose, Social Media Strategist:
  2. 2. Twitter Is The New Social Social Monitoring Tools: Listening Market Analysis: Targeting Social Engagement Tools: Interact-Recruit-Interview-Close Scan: Assess Your ROI ACT@HRMargo
  3. 3. Tweets, Trends,Accounts AndDashboardsMetric Analysis Pre-Post HireTips tools and dashboardsTraffic: Do numbers lie?Who Are My Followers?Who Should I Follow? @HRMargo
  4. 4. TWITTER USAGE GOES THROUGH API 80-90% Actual Twitter Traffic? Tweets Per Hour Tweets Per Day PER INDUSTRY Peak Time To TargetTWITTER APPS PER JOB FAMILY Candidate Outreach Engagement