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HRRHCongres day 3: The Forge


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Geert De Wael (The Forge) with "Expect to reflect"

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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HRRHCongres day 3: The Forge

  1. 1. “Expect to reflect” Geert De Wael the A Ghent University Spin-off
  2. 2. mmbmhmb-yes- mmbhmmb
  3. 3. mmbmhmbwa-no- mmbhmmb
  4. 4. BOE!
  5. 5. YEAH!
  6. 6. Did you gain new ideas during this conference?
  7. 7. Do you want to use those ideas in your work after this conference?
  8. 8. Will you apply these new ideas?
  9. 9. Bozar
  10. 10. Bekaert Aalter
  11. 11. Werkbaar werk
  12. 12. 6
  13. 13. 3 techniques
  14. 14. Technique 1 What is your current job and what are the main tasks? What core competence do you need in your future work? What can you do now to contribute to that vision? Imagine your best possible job in 5 years
  15. 15. Technique 2 Give four arguments to convince YOURSELF why CHANGE offers real benefits
  16. 16. Technique 3 How did you contribute to the observed results? What might have gone differently and what would it have been the effect? What will you do differently in a similar situation in the future? Describe a bad experience
  17. 17. Change = possible but not easy
  18. 18. , we make innovation happen! the twitter: @WeAreTheForge A Ghent University Spin-off