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Song Permission


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
  • This is the song permission letter from Axe girl, the artist of the song 'Haunted house' which my partner and I are using in our music video.
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Song Permission

  1. 1. Song Permission • HR♥ Hermione Rose Hotson Online Now! 08/09/2009 22:32 To: Axe Girl Hi, I know like i've sent you a few messages in the past and i will most definately come to one of your shows because you are my favourite artist. I just wanted to ask you is it all to possible to use one of your songs, i don't mind which one, they are all brilliant, it is for my upcoming media exam where i need to create a music video, promotional gear and a magazine advertisement, and I would love to use one of your songs but I need your permission. If you don't want me to it is absolutely fine thankyou for reading the email, but i do hope you agree purely because i want to do you proud and i hope with ym ideas you will like it. If you do agree and also have some ideas you would like me to use please tell me and i'll do it, but yeah as i said thanks for reading the email :). hopefully meet you and see you soon! Hermione Rose xx • Axe Gi… 09/09/2009 13:44 To: H R ♥ Sure why not! what did you have in mind? I've got a couple of new tracks nearly finished that mite work. is it for a levels? • HR♥ Hermione Rose Hotson Online Now! 09/09/2009 20:20 To: Axe Girl ah thankyou! well it was a couple i have in mind. if i couldn't sing would be lovely, but then also Haunted House by you and your brother is absolutely awesome and i kind of already have a storyboard for that one. :)
  2. 2. but if you wanted to send me the new tracks i would love to hear them. and yes it is for my a level, i got an A in media for my As's so i really want to do ace at this one. xx my msn if you need it to send the tracks is : • Axe Gi… 10/09/2009 10:05 To: H R ♥ Haunted House could be awesome what's your concept/idea?How much involvement would you want us to have and where are you based? • HR♥ Hermione Rose Hotson Online Now! 10/09/2009 20:18 To: Axe Girl ah well the story is theres a dead couple lying in a graveyard and their zombies and they get attacked by a mad scientist who wants them for experiments and he sticks them on strechers in his lab, they then get up and escape and this projector is goign to be in the background with the scientists running after the couple on the screen its going to be slo mo and whilst the lyrics 'it's not just you there's a skeleton inside of me' is repeating a mickey mouse style lyric are at the bottom of the screen bouncing up and down on the words. they then arrive at a haunted house for the choir bit of the song, THEN a scene where they are in the woods and they flash backwards and forwards at the cam then fall back onto the graves where they started from! does that make sense? im going for a very ott comedic horror. i just think it suits the song with the lyrics. it makes sense in my head. i am based in Kings Lynn which is an hour and 30 mins from london, and i would absolutely love to work with you if you can do filming? My deadline is december and i need 3 places of set really a grave yard, a studio where i can use a projector and a wood. i'm very organised i just want to assure you haha. any advice on the film idea? xx • Axe Gi… 14/09/2009 20:25
  3. 3. To: H R ♥ Sound great cant wait to see it! We probs wont be able to do filming etc as were quite busy recording in London at the mo, but I really do look forward to seeing the end result! xx