Shot By Shot Analysis


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Shot By Shot Analysis

  1. 1. Shot Description Lyrics Length 1 Walking down the street. Est S Intro 4secs 2 CU to EXCU on Axe Intro 3secs 3 Est S walking into building. “ “ 5secs 4 CU Axe playing guitar “ “ 3secs 5 WS on Band “ “ 2secs 6 WS pupils and Axe in classroom “All my life” 5secs 7 WS to CU on teacher with cucumber, and “talk about the way” 4secs picture on board. 8 ExCU on Axe’s back see her scribbling on “passing each day” 4secs book, OVS of scribbles. 9 WS teacher walks up to Axe shuts book, she “one thing I have” 3 secs turns around looks at camera. 10 Med CU Band member on drums. Drum beat. 1 sec 11 CU Axe in dressing room. “to you” 1 sec 12 WS Axe on stage “I like girls” 2secs 13 Est S Pupils running down stairs Music 2secs 14 CU on Axe singing at the bar “I like girls” 2secs 15 WS pupils running out of building Music 3secs 16 CU on pupils singing in front of camera “I like I like I like” 5secs 17 WS teacher running out after pupil’s. Music 4secs 18 WS Axe in a studio, variety of shots of Axe “Hit me or strip me” 7secs changing outfits. 19 Est S Big school building, slowly zooming to “didn’t admit” 3secs see Axe on roof very faintly. 20 ExCU Axe performing, singing to camera. “so I’ll say” 3secs 21 CU on the crowd “to you” 1sec 22 CU on Axe singing to mic “I Like Girls” 2secs 23 CU on crowd Music 2secs 24 WS Axe in Angel costume sat on roof of “I Like Girls” 3secs school building. 25 WS pupils letting balloons go. Music 2secs 26 MedCU drummer and Axe singing and “I like I like I like” 6secs playing. 27& CU on Vicar & CU on Axe “don’t want to say” 3secs 28 29 MedCU Therapist sat on sofa, with a Music 2secs clipboard listening intently. 30 CU Axe talking to camera. “don’t want to say” 4secs 31 CU teacher showing condom on cucumber. “butterflies” 2secs
  2. 2. 32 CU on vicar in confession room. “when I look” 2secs 33 MedCU on Therapist on sofa. “and babe” 2secs 34 CU Teacher with a mug ‘cheers!’ “that’s enough” 2secs 35 CU Therapist with a mug ‘cheers!’ “for” 2secs 36 CU Vicar with a mug ‘cheers!’ “me” 2secs 37 WS All three characters sat on sofa turning “to say” 2secs round to face Axe lying on the back of it. 38 CU Axe performing on stage. “I Like Girls” 4secs 39 Full length body shot of Axe standing on “I Like Girls” 2secs building in angel costume playing guitar singing to camera. 40 WS pupils sat in classroom with the cucumber music 2secs and condom in the way of the camera at an angle directing the class. 41 CU on Axe performing, head banging with “I Like I Like I Like” 5secs the drummer. 42 CU Teacher eating cucumber ravishingly. music 2secs 43 CU on drums music 1secs 44 MedCU Axe playing the guitar in her “they don’t tell you” 2secs bedroom. 45 WS MedCU Axe sat on the roof playing the “no they don’t” 3secs guitar. 46 MedCU Axe playing the guitar in her “what you should 2secs bedroom. now” 47 EXCU of someone playing the guitar the music 2secs fingers and strumming are shown. 48 WS MedCU Axe sat on roof singing to “they don’t teach 2secs camera. you” 49 MedCU Axe on her bed singing to the camera “oohh ohhhh” 2secs 50 WS Med CU Axe sat on roof. “they don’t wanna 4secs see you go that way” 51 Med CU Axe on her bed singing to the “they don’t show 2secs camera. you” 52 OVS of the crowd at a gig singing to Axe on “no they don’t” 2secs stage. 53 WS MedCU Axe on roof singing to the sky “what you can be” 4secs 54 Camera tilted to an angle, full body shot of “they don’t know 10secs Axe and band playing live and singing. me” 55 Med CU Axe in her room singing to camera. “me” 1secs
  3. 3. 56 EXCU on drum kit Drum beat 1secs 57 Med CU Axe dancing about on stage with the “give me a reason” 5secs band. 58 WS school kids dancing together music 1secs 59& Full body shots of the band and MedCU of “I just don’t care” 6secs 60 Axe and the drummer. 61 MedCU Axe sat on bed playing guitar music 4secs 62 Med CU with the camera at an angle zooming “I Like Girls I Like 7secs in repetitvely on Axe and the band members Girls 63 WS MedCU all 4 characters dancing towards music 2secs them camera with Axe in the middle. 64 CU Axe singing to the camera “I Like I Like I Like” 4secs 65 Med CU 3 characters head banging in front of music 3secs the cam and Axe jumping alternatively in the background. 66 Over head shot of crowd music 3secs 67 MedCU Axe dressed as angel sat on the roof “I Like Girls” 2secs 68 Over head shot skimming the crowd music 2secs 69 Med CU zoom out to WS of Axe and the “I Like Like I Like I 7secs band Like Girls” 70 MedCU camera at an angle pointing upwards “I Like Girls” 2secs. over the drum set to Axe The idea of this whole video is to express the singers obvious sexuality. Each scene has a very obvious meaning. She has the first few scenes of being in school learning about sex education but appearing confused with her drawings and out of place. There are also contrasting scenes that show her on stage having a good time and promoting herself and the fact she is screaming her sexuality from the top of her lungs on stage to crowds of people, contrasts this loud brash side of her to her confused state where no one quite explains that this is ‘okay’. There are four scenes where she appears to be in hypothetical and melodramatic situations, she appears in a therapists room, a vicars confession box and in school being told off. There is also this idea of an angel from above telling her everything will be okay. These are
  4. 4. contrasted with Axe sat in her room shut away from the world playing her guitar and the angel telling her everything will be okay and agreeing with her thoughts and feelings. This all then jumps to this brash on stage Axe who ends up in a studio posing and on stage with her guitar. It shows in a way her progression from being confused and scared to loud and out going and not caring who knows she’s a lesbian just as long as everyone knows and its okay.