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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Me<br />hello<br />10:49pmAxe<br />hey! did i ever tell you how much we love the video?<br />10:53pmMe<br />ah thsnkyou<br />i did get your messages :)<br />they were really nice<br />theres still a couple of shots needed to be added and some bits tweaked. but yeha were really glad your happy with it :)<br />10:56pmAxe<br />i showed it to max too. he was well chuffed<br />10:56pmMe<br />ha can i ask what was your favourtie part? and yh i got his lovely message :)<br />Axe<br />i like the hospital bit -with the pizza slice, that's pretty cool- with the funny mask :) the flip in the graveyard was ace too-and gsfinitely the blonde wig<br />10:59pmMe<br />ha ah i thought leopard print coat and blonde wig axe is gunna love it. ah thanks loads. what wud you change if you cud? im sorry it sounds like im jsut quizzing you but i would just love to know. <br />Axe<br />i dont know. it all fits together really well!<br />11:01pmMe<br />ah im well chuffed. thanks for letting us use the song to be honest :).<br /> Me<br />its definately something i never thought i would have achieved four years ago!<br />and can i admit that i didnt think that id be talking to you on IM seeing as after musicool i was a huge fan<br />Me<br />now i sound like a desperate fan<br />but yes im really glad you enjoyed it as long as your happy with it i am :)<br />