Concept Statement


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Concept Statement

  1. 1. Concept Statement Title:- Zombie Love Characters :- Boy and Girl Zombie. Anonymous. A mad scientist and two anonymous surgeons Locations:- Graveyard, Hospital Room, The woods. Situation:- A zombie couple are happily peaceful at their home (graveyard) when they are attacked by a mad scientist and two surgeons, they are kidnapped taken away to a laboratory where they are to be experimented on. The couple escape and find peace back at their home. Story Outlined Thesis:- The first characters introduced are the Zombie couple, they are enjoying their peaceful bliss in their when they are attacked by a mad scientist with fishing nets. He captures them and take them back to his laboratory where they are strapped down to be experimented on. Then with some slow motion effects and a projector the couple appear to escape and manage to find their way to the graveyard ‘their home’ where they were at the beginning. Antithesis:- The action occurs when the mad scientists kidnaps them. He wants to experiment on their already mutilated bodies, the reason’s why are un-known. There are simultaneous shots of the boy and girl with lines being drawn on the boy’s head as if he is preparing for surgery and for the girl she is shown a knife in front of her face but is later stabbed in the stomach. The Extreme Close Up’s on their faces show the fear and pain of what is about to happen with a Wide Shot developing the scene with the characters moving to the music backwards and forwards off the bed. Synthesis:- The mad scientists and surgeons then appear to fade away with the beds and the projection screen comes on in the background with images of the surgeons and scientist running after the couple with the couple then running in front in slow motion. The camera then pans round for the couple to appear back at the graveyard ‘their home’ where they relax and sing to the camera, pointing out the church is the haunted house. They then collapse back onto their graves and enjoy bliss. Treatment The story starts with a zombie couple lying hand in hand on a grave each in a graveyard with a church in the background. They are happily blissful but sing some of the lyrics in the song which show the audience that he could be a vampire! They then walk backwards and have a romantic dance in the moonlight backwards which then leads them to their capture, kidnap and abduction, out of nowhere appear to fishing nets and the zombies collapse with fear. They awake on a stretcher beign wheeled through dim lighted hall ways with the camera only being focused on their faces, where as the verse starts again, they appear to be drawn on to start being experimented on, and they have deadly looking weapons shown to their faces for the audience to see their reactions. We then see a mad scientist wrapping his fingers triumphantly as if he has completed an evil mission he set out to do for a while. As that has happened and we have established three characters, the surgeons have a domestic in front of the zombies as they discuss whether the couple is really dead or not. This then results in rhythmic torture for the couple as the anonymous girl is stabbed repeatedly and anonymous boy is electrocuted . They are saved though by a strange twist of fate, and the mad scientists wheel off the beds and leave the couple running for their lives in slow-motion with the scientists on a projection screen in the background behind them. It also enables to get the audience involved with a Mickey Mouse style sing a long appearing at the bottom of the screen. The camera then turns round to a complete change of scenery where the couple emphasise their relief to be back home, and
  2. 2. collapse with exhaustion at the adventure they have just had back on to the original graveyards with a church in the background, to show the ‘haunted house’. It ends up with a peaceful camera swoop into the skies and the last lyrics to pop up at the bottom of the screen.