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Album advert research


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Published in: Education
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Album advert research

  1. 1. Album Advert Research<br />Hermione and Roseanne<br />
  2. 2. This is an A4 page advert taken from a music magazine. <br />It has an interesting page display of the artist at the top with a picture and border surrounding him. Giving the page a theme. <br />Underneath the title is the new albums name in the middle and in a bigger font size than even the artists name. <br />In a different colour but in a slightly smaller font size is the ‘New Album date’. <br />On this page it gives all the necessary information.<br />Website for the artist.<br />Album date.<br />Price.<br />Where you can purchase the album.<br />The tour dates. <br />
  3. 3. This album is completely different to the previous A4 Advert. <br />It is very hard hitting and aggressive. <br />The colours are bold, and in a theme of black white and grey. <br />The font advertising is all capital letters making it bold and out-standing. <br />The artists name is portrayed as a logo on his own clothes, making it unique and portraying the artist to be proud of who he is, also where he comes from as next to him is also a logo of the Flag of America, and which genre of music he should be in. <br />The only other information you can gather from this is who his record company is. <br />
  4. 4. This A4 advert is more of a celebration and tribute to Michael Jackson, It holds the elements of his original release of the Album, e.g. the picture and signature font. <br />This advertises the fact it is 25 years since the release of this music, its also has in big bold font, collaboration artists that are being advertised to try to sell the record. <br />Production wise it also advertises that there is a rare unreleased cut, a bonus DVD and more. There is also a deluxe 48 page edition available. Which is marketed underneath that text. <br />All of this is written in gold to mark the significance of how important this CD is, for Michael Jacksons career <br />For the theme Thriller they marketed to re-release this album for Halloween. At the top of the page this is significant as it has the biggest font to sell the CD as a present. It also states ‘millions will be buying’ so this suggests that if you don’t buy the CD you are the only one out of millions. <br />
  5. 5. This page is interesting as it has four different albums advertised, but split due to product marketing of who is selling the CD. <br />Down one side is two albums both very different in their appearances. Above is very little information, a bold title, a big picture of no one just the theme of the music is instigated, and the album title below. <br />This is simplistic but doesn’t necessarily enable us to understand where to buy the music, where from how much which is necessary information etc.<br />Below is an amazon advert. There is a small picture of the band which at least introduces you to who they are, the theme is a dark grey with white typed font. It expresses in capitals the Albums title, what tracks there are how much and where to purchase it. Its small and lacks the bands touch of the advert but it sells the album appropriately. <br />What’s interesting is down the other side HMV are advertising two albums. <br />Big bold titles ‘listen up’ makes the reader pay attention, and due to the word ‘listen’ you understand it is a bout music. 2 albums on an angle to each other are being sold, the pictures are of the album front covers, underneath is the price with information on the release, album name, artist name, and description of the music. This is a neat and tidy way of getting the music across straight away, by adding a description it enables the reader to feel appealed to buy the album due to taste.<br />
  6. 6. This is the first advert where it is a rectangular shape of half of an A4. <br />It shows the single cover, and next to it information of collaborative artists aimed to sell to their fans as well, all the font is in capital letters, with a theme of black red and white. It also expresses that the single is taken from the new album as well, which has been given a release date. <br />
  7. 7. All these adverts have been helpful towards creating our advertisement. There are different varieties of advertisements which allow different opportunities for information to be printed. On the A4 adverts it gave a bigger impact and allowed more information, but as my other research shows a smaller advert allows the information to be condensed and only make it necessary to see the appropriate information to sell the album. <br />For our Album Cover we have decided we are going to use an A4 advertisement to allow us to create a bigger impact, with a little amount of writing and enable us to experiment with the size of the project. <br />
  8. 8. Album cases DIGIpack<br />
  9. 9. These are examples of a CD with the same colour theme as our album packaging, the front of the album has all four band members in a grayscale with the name of their band and the album name in black and red also fitting with our theme. <br />The inside of the album is simplistic. It has the bands symbolic logo, but no decoration on the other side.<br />The back cover has the four members but their outlines are only seen and they appear as shadows symbolising that their music is more important than their appearance. The titles of the songs are scribbled child-like, underneath their shadows, it represents the band being genuine and them doing everything themselves. <br />
  10. 10. This album cover is very colourful, it has clashing colours making it eye-popping and a disorientating background as if the aim is to be hypnotised by the middle artist, I personally don’t like this album cover as I find it messy with to many themes screaming out at the audience. <br />Inside the album it has a picture of the artist to the left, and to the right a decorative picture, with a sofa and flowers all over the floor, it resembles that of flowers being thrown at someone, in an argument or admiration.<br />The back cover has the hypnotising square with orange and black themes, and the font is bubble like, like it is keeping funky, unique and young yet not quite achieving the intended effect.<br />
  11. 11. This album cover has the same idea as ours with an extreme close up of the face , The cover is in a grayscale with a very brightened and saturated contrast, the theme is white black and red with black being more dominating.<br />The inside has a provocative picture of the artist but due to it being a double disk CD there is nothing on the other side. <br />The back of the cover shows a very strategically placed picture with the artist in the middle and the writing surrounding her. The font is scruffy and rebellious. <br />