Jobs In The Fedl Govt


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USAJobs Guide to Find and Apply for Government Jobs

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Jobs In The Fedl Govt

  1. 1. USAJOBS® Jobseeker Success Federal Employment Opportunities US Office of Personnel Management Human Resources Products and Services
  2. 2. Agenda • Why a Federal Career • Job Search Tools • Tips • Where the Jobs Are • The Application Process • Benefits of Federal Employment • Questions & Answers 2
  3. 3. Why Consider a Federal Public Service Career • Cure diseases • Protect our parks, forests and national monuments • Develop public policy in the national or global arena • Enforce Federal laws • Keep food safe • Deliver essential Federal services Interesting and Rewarding Opportunities in Hundreds of Occupations Across the Globe 3
  4. 4. “The 20 Best Job Search Web Sites” • March 11, 2009 PCMAG.COM rated USAJOBS® among the best in the world and stated : • “USAJOBS is the official job site for the U.S. government. With the government looking to significantly increase spending during the next few years, looking at federal jobs might not be a bad move if you're in a tough place.”
  5. 5. Available Tools • USAJOBS Web Site • • Job search • Resume builder • Search agent sign-up • Tutorials and guides • • 5
  6. 6. 5 Steps to a Federal Job • Prepare your Resume • Create an Account on USAJOBS® • Build your resume • Create Search Agents to get new jobs emailed to you • Apply today! 6
  7. 7. MY USAJOBS®
  8. 8. Resume Tips • Federal resumes require some items not normally included in a private sector resume Citizenship Veteran Preference Federal Employment Status • Use action words to describe work experience • Managed, assisted, responded, planned, coordinated, met with, implemented, spoke to, tested, developed … • Provide a sense of scope and complexity • Include special skills such as computer proficiency or language ability • It is okay to go over a page or two 8
  9. 9. Resume Tips • Federal resume requires items not normally in a private sector resume: Citizenship Veteran Preference Federal Employment Status • Selective Service information Selective Service information 9
  10. 10. Resume Tips • Use action words to describe your work experience: • Managed, Assisted, Planned, Coordinated, Met, Implemented, Led, Tested, Developed, Built, Delivered, Facilitated 10
  11. 11. Resume Tips • Provide a sense of scope and complexity: • Include special skills like computer proficiency or language abilities 11
  12. 12. Resume Tips • Describe all work experience – paid and volunteer • Make sure you complete all application requirements! 12
  13. 13. Job Search Tips • Grade will be determined based on your level of experience and Education • The Career Interests Center helps identify Federal jobs that match your skills and interests • This probably doesn’t apply to you unless you have been a permanent Federal employee. Leave the default set to “No”. 13
  14. 14. Tips for Making the Search Work For You Use Keywords if you are trying to match an exact skill or knowledge. Example: SQL or “Early Category search is Childhood Education”. great if you want to search across a field. To search by grade Example: Accounting, select GS-5 through Budget and Finance. GS-7 for Undergrad Degree; GS-9 for Graduate Degree. Use the Career Interests Center if you need some help identifying a Federal This probably doesn’t job match for your apply to you unless skills and interests. you have been a permanent Federal employee or Veteran. Leave the default set at “No”. 14
  15. 15. Job Search Tips • Use Keywords if you’re trying to match an exact skill or knowledge Lawyer, SQL, “Early Childhood Education” • Use Category Search to search across a career field? e.g., Accounting, Budget and Finance 15
  16. 16. Save the Perfect Search As An Agent Select “Save this search and email me jobs”. Receive jobs by email the same week! 16
  17. 17. Create Search Agents Get eMailed Jobs! Save Your Search 17
  18. 18. Job Seeker Portfolio
  19. 19. Application History
  20. 20. Applicant Status
  21. 21. Top 14 Jobs the Federal Government is Filling • Admin & Program Staff 6,749 • Budget Analyst 2,169 • Office Clerk/Asst 6,005 • Engineer/General 2,178 • IT Specialist 5,238 • Secretary 2,106 • Mgmt/Prog Analyst 3,816 • Training Instructor 2,245 • Human Resources Spec 2,823 • Contract Specialist 2,167 • Nurse 2,620 • Human Resource Asst 1,936 • Business & Indus Spec 2,415 • Financial Admin 1,815 Source: USAJOBS April 2009 21
  22. 22. Top Five Fields: Projections for the Next Two Years 1. Security, Protection, Compliance and Enforcement (62,863 new hires) – This category includes inspectors, investigators (including criminal), compliance officers, police officers, security/prison guards and airport screeners. 2. Medical and Public Health (35,350 new hires) – This group includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians and nursing assistants. 3. Accounting, Budget and Business (21,248 new hires) – The Internal Revenue Service is driving growth in this category, as the agency continues to hire revenue agents and tax examiners as part of its efforts to step up enforcement. 4. Engineering and Sciences (17,477 new hires) – This category includes professionals in engineering disciplines and biological sciences (microbiologists, botanists, foresters), physical sciences (physicists, chemists, astronomers) and veterinary medical science. 5. Program Management/Analysis and Administration (14,305 new hires) – This is a broad category which ranges from program managers and analysts who monitor program operations and effectiveness to administrative staff. Source: Where the Jobs Are January 2008 22
  23. 23. And What About the Benefits? • Great Package • Great Rewards • Flexible Work Schedules • Competitive Salaries • Telework • Generous Time Off • Student Loan Repayment • 401K Type Savings Accounts • Recruitment and Retention Bonuses • Cash Award Programs • Tuition Assistance • Relocation Allowances • Life-long Training and Development • Sound Retirement Plan • Multiple Health Plans • Rapid Promotion Potential • Life Insurance • Autonomy and Meaningful Work Assignments • Long Term Care • Exposure to the World’s Finest • Flexible Spending Accounts Resources and Expertise • Health and Wellness Programs • Transportability Between Agencies 23
  24. 24. The Application Process • Begins with the basic resume or application form • Describe all work experience – paid and volunteer • When asked for a narrative response use descriptive text to tell the reader the scope and complexity of the work you performed; and the level of supervision received • Be confident yet credible • Be prepared for an online or paper process • May use a questionnaire or essay-based approach • Read and follow all instructions carefully 24
  25. 25. Are you Ready to Explore the Possibilities • Cure diseases • Protect our parks, forests, and national monuments • Develop public policy in the national or global arena • Enforce Federal laws • Keep food safe • Deliver essential Federal services Make a Difference Today in Your Community, the Nation, or the World 25