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Unleashing Communication: Story-Based Strategies and Tools | HRDQ-U Webinar

What’s the quickest way to get at the heart of people’s real needs? When we succeed in crashing through the barriers of people’s rational facades and giving them a safe but invigorating space to discover and articulate their real perceptions based on their experiences, powerful things happen. Work with a new tool for eliciting people’s stories that accelerates learning, insights, and action through meaningful dialogue.

By sharing stories we are better able to express and appreciate our differences. The social network of stories becomes the fabric for meaning to emerge. Think of stories as complex self-organizing systems.
Our differentiated sets of experiences are integrated and tied together by the rich, fluid nature of stories. In this medium of stories, we create the foundation for building a true community of learners. Join Terrence Gargiulo in this interactive webinar as he sheds light on the power of true connection through communication.

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