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Presentation 9

  1. 1. Rainforest By:Citlaly,and Morgan
  2. 2. Soil type and Erosion • Will it mostly have topsoil,bedrock,sand,or clay? • What type of soil would be good for lots of plants ? • What type of erosion? Topsoil Topsoil Water Erosion because they get 250 inches of rain each year also it can rain almost 200 days in a year.
  3. 3. Imagine • What is the purpose of your The purpose of our tarpul is to cross rivers in rainforest. • How are you going to make By compacting the soil around the wood pier foundations. tarpul? your tarpul stable? • • What is your tarpul going to look like?
  4. 4. Wood ladder Dowels Topsoil Cup Wood ladder Dowels Seats Tape Topsoil Cup
  5. 5. Materials 30 toothpicks-ladder 7 5" pieces of tape-river 2 large cups-for topsoil Topsoil-to put pier foundations in 2 dowels-pier foundation 2 pieces of construction Ruler- how much compaction Marker 4 paper Plan
  6. 6. Rainforest • There used to be 14% of • In Borneo they get the earths surface covered 100 to 210 inches by Rainforest. Now there of rain in between only 6% covering the the month earths surface. November and April • 137 plants,animals,and insects species are being destroyed because of deforestation. So that's about 50,000 species killed every year. • There used to be ten • Peru thick million Indians living in the Amazonian Rainforest. Today there's only about 200,000 living there today. rainforest and jungle cover most of the hot,and humid state. Rainforest location
  7. 7. Climate • Rainforests are warm and wet all year round. • Rainforests usually get 250 inches of rain each year. • In the rainforest it rains about 200 days a year. • The rain may cause water erosion because after it hits the ground it may carry the sediments down a stream or from a stream. • The rainforest never gets below 25°C. • It would not be fun to live in a rainforest because it rains almost everyday.
  8. 8. Plants and animals • The Madagascar periwinkle can survive because the soil has very good nutrients. I think the avocado tree is adaptable by giving food to other animals. • Monkeys,and scorpions live in the canopy and forest floor of the rainforest.I think the way the monkey is adaptable is by jumping from tree to tree.I think the way the the scorpion is adaptable is by be able to sting or hurt an animal that is trying to threat the scorpion. • Fungi and snakes live in the forest floor and the canopy. I think they are adaptable by giving nutrients and by slithering quietly to sneak up on its prey.
  9. 9. Facts • Most rainforests are cleared by chainsaws, bulldozers and fires for its woods good use. • The plants in the rainforest can be used as medicines to help heal some cancers and other sicknesses. • Rainforest cultures are disappearing since the rainforest are being destroyed. • The Madagascar Periwinkle can save 8 out of 10 kids with leukemia. • In the next 40 years scientist think that every rainforest will have been crushed. • A lot of medicines are found in the rainforest thats why they tear the rainforest down to get the cures.
  10. 10. Tundra Rain forest Rains all the time Warm Very Wet Indians live in the rainforest Big variety of animals People survive in these biomes Very dry Very cold Not a lot of trees Eskimos live in the tundra