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Presentation 12


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Presentation 12

  1. 1. Water problems
  2. 2. Problem
  3. 3. Problem2.2 million people mostly kidsour age die from polluted waterevery year from diseases.1.1 billion people do not haveaccess to safe drinking water.Half of the worlds hospital bedsare filled with people that sulfurfrom water related illnesses.In 1998,308,000 people die inwar in Africa,but more than thantwo million(six times asmany)die from diarrhealdisease.
  4. 4. Facts
  5. 5. FactsEarth contains 366,000,000,000,000,000,000gallons of water.Water makes your body healthy.Water makes plants grow.People need water to live.1.1 people have no access to safe drinkingwater.
  6. 6. Research
  7. 7. ResearchCountries where less than 25% of population has access to safedrinking water-Afghanistan and Ethiopia.Countries where 26-50% of population has access to safe drinkingwater-Rwanda,Chad,Angola,Guinea,Eritrea,Kenya,Haiti.Counties where 51-75%. Of population has access to safe drinkingwater -Vietnam,Togo,Tanzania,Romania,Gabon,gambia.Counties where76-90% of populations has access to safe drinkingwater-Argentina,Bolivia ,India,Honduras,Syria,SouthAmerica,Thailand.Counties where more than 90% of population has access to safedrinking water-U.S.,U.K.,Chile,Bulgaria,CookIsland,Norway,Egypt,Switzerland.
  9. 9. EXPERIMENTTap water boils at a lower degree than salt water.Tap water test 1 boils at 99.0cTap water test 2 boils at 97.6cTap water test 3 boils at 99.0cSalt water boil at a higher degree than tap water.Salt water test 1 boils at 99.3cSalt water test 2 boil at 99.0cSalt water test 3 boils at 99.0cTap water boil at a faster time than salt water.
  10. 10. Conclusion
  11. 11. ConclusionWe learned that tap water boils at alower degree than saltwater becausetap water has minerals in the water.We filter the tap water so that is howwe can drink it.
  12. 12. Bibliography
  13. 13. BibliographyBlue planet networkWiki howEPAOa to waterpurificationSea metrics
  14. 14. Thanks for watching!