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Jade 1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Jade 1

  1. 1. Designing a solar ovenBy: Jade Teeuwen
  2. 2. Imagine for design #1• Idea # 1• Our materials are sand,cotton balls,and foam• We needed 1,1, and 1 for our units• The advantages were the temperature was very goodbecause the sand was very hot from the suns light hittingthe aluminum and it reflecting into the box.• A disadvantage from our plan was that some of the cottonballs were taking up a lot of room so thats why we aregoing to remove them.
  3. 3. Imagine for design # 1• Idea #2• Our materials are sand and felt• Total score is 4 points• We need units 2, and 1• The advantage of this idea is that we can cover the whole box inaluminum foil and put sand and rocks on the bottom and the suns lightwill attract to the aluminum foil which will make the box hot and thetemperature will be high• The disadvantage of this idea is idea is if It doesnt attract to thealuminum because the sand is taking up to much room but the suns lightcan still attract to the sand.
  4. 4. Plan• Top view
  5. 5. Plan for design #1• Side view
  6. 6. Plan for design #1Materials UnitsWe will use thematerial bySand 1We will put thesand on thebottom.Cotton balls 1We will put thecotton balls ontop of the sand.Foam 1The foam will goall around thesides of the box.
  7. 7. Impact score for design #1Design #1NaturalprocessReuse RecycleTotalscoreCottonballs1 pointYes or no+1Yes or noNo +1Yes or noNo +1= 4pointsSand 1pointYes or noNo -1Yes or noNo -1Yes or noNo -1= -2pointsFoam1 pointYes or noyes +1Yes or noNo +1Yes or noyes -12 points• Total score is 4 points
  8. 8. Solar oven in the sunTime Temperature0 minutes 25.0°c5 minutes 46.9°c10 minutes 47.0°c15 minutes 55.3°c20 minutes 46.8° c25 minutes 55.6°c
  9. 9. Solar oven in the shadeTime Temperature1 44.8 °c2 41.2°c3 36.9°c4 34.4°c5 33.0°c6 31.7°c
  10. 10. Create for design #1• Our heat score is our solar ovens maximumtemperature subtracted from the controlled oven56.0 - 55.0 = 1.0.• Our time score is the total minutes it took to cooldown which was 4 minutes.• Our total impact score was 4 points.• Our new total impact score for the solar oven is 1
  11. 11. Improve for design #1• Our total score for design #1 was 1 the parts thatworked well were the sand and the aluminum thesand got really hot from the suns light reflecting offthe aluminum lid and into the box which was good forthe temperature. The parts that didnt work so wellwere the foam and the cotton balls the cotton ballswere taking up a little to much room and they didntget so hot.
  12. 12. Designing a solar oven #2• Top view
  13. 13. Plan for design #2
  14. 14. Plan for design #2Material UnitsHow will youuse thematerial?Aluminum 2 unitsPut on all ofthe sidesSand 1 unitPut on top ofthe aluminumon the bottomof the box
  15. 15. Impact score for design #2Design#2ReduceNaturalorprocessedReuse Recycle TotalAluminum 2units1 pointNatural-1 pointYes -1pointYes -1point-2pointsSand 1unit4 pointsProcessed +1pointNo +1pointNo +1point7 points
  16. 16. Solar oven testing in the sunTime Temperature0 minutes 16.05 minutes 27.210 minutes 29.115 minutes 30.220 minutes 31.025 minutes 31.830 minutes 32.1
  17. 17. Solar oven testing in the shadeTime Temperature1 minute 30.92 minutes 29.83 minutes 28.44 minutes 27.35 minutes 26.26 minutes 25.27 minutes 24.38 minutes 23.59 minutes 22.910 minutes 22.3
  18. 18. Create for design #2• Our heat score is our solar ovens maximumtemperature subtracted from the controlled oven32-41= -11• Our time score is the number of minutes it took tocool down which was 5 minutes• Our total impact score was 5• Our new total score for the solar oven is -11
  19. 19. Reflection• Our design did not work well because our solar oven did nothave enough heat because our conductors (sand andaluminum foil) was letting all of the heat out. It did not gethigh scores which affected our other scores. We need to putbetter insulators in our box like foam and felt.• If we could improve our design I would put a lot of shreddedfoam in the box and a little bit of sand. Shredded Foam is agood insulator because shredded foam does not allow heat topass through the object which means that it will keep all ofthe heat inside the box which will bring up our score.