Branham ch5 sabertoothcurriculum


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Branham ch5 sabertoothcurriculum

  1. 1. Heather Branham
  2. 2.   Wise Old Men of the Tribe developed rules which came from the more clever members of the tribe taking advantage of the non-clever members  Clever fisherman devises system of ownership rights for fishing Main Characters
  3. 3.  Teachers’ unions are unprofessional and un-American  Since inventing fishnets, antelope snares, and bear pits there was an ease of living, however, it took less men to provide for the entire tribe  Social relation problem because there was not enough space for all fishnets in the same location  System of ownership of fishing and hunting rights- takes slow fisherman and hunters spots for providing fish, meat and skins to slow person on a daily basis  Clever fish chiefs offer propertyless men to operate nets but only paid workers two fish a day when the average family needs five fish a day  Too many fish were caught so workers were reduced and now the unemployed had no fish for their families  Any fish chief now had to give the whole tribe a pile of fish to get exclusive right to make fishnets for the neighborhood  Government gives one-half fish a day to every unemployed man and one-quarter for every woman and child  Great chiefs compete with one another in free and open business but the government rations and lines become longer and longer, but the rations ran out quickly.  Tax system implemented where one fish had to be given for every 100 fish and same for antelopes and bears.  Afraid of educational repercussions, radicals did not want to get fired, however, due to economic hardship they were fired anyway. Main Events/Conflicts
  4. 4.   1930’s reform in areas of child labor laws, workmen’s compensation, length of workday and work week, health and safety conditions on the job, and old-age pensions  Labor unions with the National Labor Relations Act in 1935 were developed  President Hoover surveyed social changes in the country and wrote about this in the Recent Social Trends  World War II interrupted new domestic developments and soon exploitation of the economy and concern for common welfare was evident  Limited school budgets became restricted and salary reductions occurred during this time Historical Perspective for Main Events/Conflicts
  5. 5.   Allocation of funding for Title I schools  Limited budget for school districts  Formation of teacher unions to advocate for teachers regarding working conditions  Mentality of “the rich get richer as the poor get poorer”  Teachers are frightened to take a stance on intervene on educational system or school due to the repercussions of losing a job  Welfare system rationing and unemployment rates are still at high rates Related Current Events/Conflicts