Andes mountains


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Allie-Andes Mountain

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Andes mountains

  1. 1. The Andes Mountains By: Allie
  2. 2. Where the Andesmountains are located.The Andesmountains arelocated at thewestern coast ofSouth America.
  3. 3. Describing Andes mountainsThe Andesmountains aremade out of avariety ofsedimentary,igneous andmetamorphic rocktypes.
  4. 4. What formed the Andes mountainsThey were formedby volcanism anduplift created bythe Nazca platecrashing with theSouth Americanplate.
  5. 5. How long did it take to form?Actually different partsof the Andesmountains formed atdifferent times.The central Andes arethought to be 10million years old. Sothese mountains areclose to 25 millionyears old.
  6. 6. How I could createmy geologic area.I could get one piece of paper. One half willrepresent the Nazca plate and the other halfwill represent the South American plate.I will put my hands on both sides and thenbring my hands to the middle while stillholding both sides of the paper. This willshow how the Nazca plate and the SouthAmerican plate crashed together to make theAndes Mountains!
  7. 7. Thats all!