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Oak ridge health classes


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Oak ridge health classes

  1. 1. Oak Ridge High School 10-22-12
  2. 2. Run For Courage, Inc.• Run For Courage exists to raise awareness and funds to combat sex trafficking• We are: – An independent 501(c)3 non-profit corporation – An all-volunteer organization – Our Story
  3. 3. Basic TenetsWe believe:• Sex with a child is always wrong• Every child deserves to be unconditionally loved and cared for• Every child deserves a safe place to grow and mature• Victims of sex trafficking should not be treated as criminals• Every victim courageous enough to battle through recovery from sex trafficking needs and deserves professional support and encouragement
  4. 4. • True or False: There is a consistent victim profile type?
  5. 5. • True or False: There is a consistent victim profile type? False
  6. 6. Human Trafficking = Labor & Sex Recruiting Act Of Harboring Transporting Providing Obtaining ForceBy Means Of Fraud Coercion Exploitation Involuntary Servitude For The PeonagePurpose Of Debt Bondage Slavery
  7. 7. Terminology• Romeo Pimp• Gorilla Pimp• “Daddy” – a term used to describe one’s own pimp, evoking images of fatherhood.• “Bottom” or “Bottom Bitch” – the woman who’s been with the pimp the longest and often takes on a mid-level controlling role to keep other victims in line.• “Dates,” “Johns,” and “Tricks” – terms used to describe buyers of commercial sex.• “Pimp circle” – the process of multiple pimps swarming and surrounding one woman or girl and hissing insults at her, for the purposes of humiliation and intimidation.
  8. 8. The Problem• Sex Trafficking of Children – 100,000 – 300,000 victims—this would fill approximately three football stadiums – Traffickers sell children on the streets and on-line everyday and are very hard to apprehend and prosecute – Traffickers use coercion and violence to repeatedly victimize young girls
  9. 9. The Numbers• Trafficking of minor girls is the fastest growing crime in the U.S.• The average age is 13 years old• Pimps can make up to $652,000 on 4 girls• Convictions net 5-8 years in CA • With “good behavior” it is much less
  10. 10. Greed and Power• The size of the human trafficking industry is $32 billion worldwide• The average age of a pimp is 22 years old• They can be male or female, but the vast majority are male• They see girls as a commodity that they can sell over and over again, unlike drugs that are sold once• They see selling sex as a business• They research how to build their business just like an entrepreneur would do
  11. 11. Pimp’s Modus Operandi• Pimps: – Manipulate their victims beginning with an initial period of false love and feigned affection. This initial period is critical to attaining long-term mind- control.• This period often includes: – Warmth, gifts, compliments, and sexual and physical intimacy – Elaborate promises of a better life, fast money, and future luxuries – Purposeful and pre-meditated targeting of vulnerability – Purposeful targeting of minors due to naiveté, virginity, and youthful appearance• Typical trafficked child – Forced quota from their trafficker/pimp of 10 to 15 buyers per night – Law Enforcement reports girls having been sold to as many as 45 buyers in a night-typically at peak demand times like sports event or convention
  12. 12. So How Does This Happen? Coercion• They infiltrate the schools, malls, internet by making friends first• The Cage Effect- Vasilate between Romeo and Gorilla Pimp• Intake – 3 weeks of breaking the girls down • Torture: physical and mental, starving, rape, threats • At the end of intake they can have girls turning up to 20 tricks a night
  13. 13. Why don’t victims speak up• Fear• Shame• Loyalty• Hopelessness
  14. 14. Pop Quiz• How many Sex Slaves in the US
  15. 15. Pop Quiz• How many Sex Slaves in the US 100,000 – 300,000
  16. 16. Pop Quiz• The average age of a trafficked victim in the US?
  17. 17. Pop Quiz• The average age of a trafficked victim in the US? 13
  18. 18. Pop Quiz• Average Life Expectancy of a sex trafficked victim?
  19. 19. Pop Quiz• Average Life Expectancy of a sex trafficked victim? 7 years
  20. 20. Truth or Myth• Profile of the victim – Anyone’s daughter (Truth)• Myth and Truth – Neglected (Truth and Myth) – Little self esteem (Truth) – Looking for love and attention (Truth and Myth) – Part of the foster care system (Truth and Myth)
  21. 21. Pop Quiz• Can you guess how many websites are used to sell teens for sex in the US?
  22. 22. Pop Quiz• Can you guess how many websites are used to sell teens for sex in the US? 14 different websites selling teens
  23. 23. Stories• Vicki’s Story• Stacy Lundgren Story• Andi’s Story
  24. 24. What Can You Do?• National Hotline – 1-888-3737-888• Be Aware• Self Defense• Value Others• Recognize what’s happening around you
  25. 25. Indicators of Domestic Sex Trafficking• Presence of an overly controlling and abusive ‘boyfriend’• Inability to look in the eyes or face of people, especially her ‘boyfriend’• Injuries/signs of physical abuse• Signs of malnourishment• Restricted or controlled communication• Demeanor - Fear, anxiety, depression, submissive, tense, nervous• Few or no personal possessions• Inconsistencies in their story• Talking about an excessive amount of sexual partners
  26. 26. Safety• Internet• Dating• Friends – Have someone you can go to or talk to• Self Defense• Discernment• Accountability
  27. 27. What is a Real Man’s Role• Valuing girls• Understanding appropriate relationships• Worthiness of girls• Respect for boundaries• How do I treat a girl?
  28. 28. Questions and Answers• Now let’s hear from you