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CHRO Webinar


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“CHROs and the HR function must use their unique knowledge, and experience to help business leaders tackle… issues across the entire enterprise.”

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CHRO Webinar

  2. 2. Deborah J. Muller • Founder of HR Acuity • 25 Years of Experience in the HR Industry • Worked with Fortune 500 Companies: Honeywell, Citibank, Marsh & McLennan • Conducted hundreds of internal employee investigations.
  3. 3. An HR Pro walks into an elevator…
  4. 4. I panicked
  5. 5. The Aftermath
  6. 6. • Had this elevator ever done this before? • Had this section of the building ever had issues before? • Had any other guests or employees made reports of anything like this happening? The Questions
  7. 7. So what does this have to do with you?
  8. 8. “CHROs and the HR function must use their unique knowledge, and experience to help business leaders tackle… issues across the entire enterprise.”
  9. 9. • Trusted advisor • Deriving talent strategy • Driving a performance- based culture • Administering workforce policies and procedures The CHRO: Current Profile
  10. 10. Taking the next step
  11. 11. Soft vs Hard Skills
  12. 12. Litigation Pending Most numerous types of litigation pending in the last 12 months 19% 19% 25% 36% 48% Regulatory/investigation s IP/Patent Personal Injury Contracts Labor and Employment Source: Norton Rose Fulbright LitigationTrendsSurvey 2014
  13. 13. Legal Disputes Source: Norton Rose Fulbright LitigationTrendsSurvey 2014 What types of legal disputes concern companies the most?
  14. 14. Employment Practices Lawsuit 36% Loss Events Which one loss event would cause the most financial damage to your company? Source:Chubb 2010 PrivateCompany Risk Survey
  15. 15. • Increased legislation • Enhanced whistleblower protections • High unemployment & economic uncertainty • Demanding work environments • Sense of entitlement • Easier to make claims Risk Factors…Outside ofYour Control
  16. 16. Correlation between Unemployment & EEOC Charges Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics and EEOC
  17. 17. Unemployment Uncertainty Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
  18. 18. $372MM 521% 55% total EEOC recoveries in 2013 Recoveries in discrimination-related claims continued to reach record highs in 2013. The EEOC obtained the highest monetary recoveries ever increasing by $6.7 million to $372.1 million Record Recoveries, Losses, and Litigation Each dollar of compliance spending saves firms an average of $5.21 in raised avoidance of legal liabilities, harm to company’s reputation, and lost productivityROI more focus on risk management In 2011, 55% of board member felt risk management was the one area that they would like to focus more then any other subject matter area. Sources: EEOC, Corporate Executive Board General Counsel Roundtable, DBO Board Survey
  19. 19. • Establish policies and measure HR compliance. • Develop a ready and capable team. • Be the executive ears and eyes • Build and maintain an ethical and accountable culture. • Manage people-related risk • Drive governance and board support The role of the new CHRO
  20. 20. Employee-Related Risk Management
  21. 21. • Review and assess your current state • Create a consistent vernacular • Put employee-related risk on your agenda • Hold your people accountable • Become the leader of employee-related risk for your organization Getting comfortable with managing risk
  22. 22. Get Granular
  23. 23. @hracuity m
  24. 24. • -norton-rose-fulbrights-10th-annual-litigation- trends-115113.pdf • • UnitedStates/Local%20Assets/Documents/us_con sulting_hctrend2012_peoplerisk_021512.pdf • “Seizing the Opportunity, Part One: Benchmarking Compliance Programs.” 2003 Corporate Executive Board, General Counsel Roundtable. • BDO Board Survey (2011)