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Road to superior investment protection for mission critical


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Road to superior investment protection for mission critical

  1. 1. A Road to SuperiorInvestment Protectionfor Mission CriticalSpeaker Name -Date -
  2. 2. CXO LOOKS FOR IT TO DELIVER AGILE ENTERPRISE Always react as Agility “very quickly as needed to important” to success meet changing What would improve of org markets agility the most? CEO 76% 40% CEO CFO 68% 42% #1 Technology infrastructure transformation CIO 74% 37% GOV 63% 23%Source: “The State of Agility,” research by Burson-Marsteller on behalf of HP, March 2011.2
  3. 3. HP’S MISSION CRITICAL STRATEGY Storage Servers Power & Network cooling Management software Freedom of Choice Flexibility & Agility OPTIMIZED INVESTMENT PROTECTION3HP Confidential
  4. 4. THE FIRST MISSION-CRITICAL CONVERGED INFRASTRUCTUREHP Integrity for rock solid reliability and flexibility Simplify and unify IT Always-on resiliency Dynamic optimization Investment protection and stability HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure4
  5. 5. Simplify and unify ITSIMPLIFY THROUGH STANDARDIZATIONCommon modular building blocks Common Matrix Operating management Environment Onboard Administrator, iLO3 Common networking Virtual Connect c3000 c7000 Superdome 2 Common spares Common enclosure enclosure Common ProLiant Integrity Superdome 2 server blades blades Cell- blades architecture5
  6. 6. Simplify and unify ITUNIFIED, BLADED ARCHITECTUREFROM X86 TO SUPERDOME 2Simplify by consolidating applications on a common platform BladeSystem Integrity ProLiant Integrity Systems Matrix NonStop NonStop OpenVMS BladeSystem Blades Enclosures Quad-Core c3000 Superdome 2 Superdome 2 Dual-Core Integrity Blades enclosure Blades c7000Intel and AMD x86 Train once, certify once, deploy once Up to 4,080 nodes6
  7. 7. Simplify and unify ITCOMMON MANAGEMENT ACROSSTHE DATA CENTERReduce IT management costs by 29% with HP Insight Software• Manages all HP server and storage platforms• Delivers fault, configuration, asset management• Provides version control• Integrates with customized tools• Enables role-based security• Plug-in extensibility OpenVMS NonStop7
  8. 8. Always-on resiliencyALWAYS - ON RESILIENCYSecure and reliable from CPU to solution Solution NonStop Mission- Reliability Serviceguard Continuous Critical Availability Services Up to 100% System Solution Insight Reliability Dynamics HP NonStop Availability Server Superdome 2 Reliability Crossbar Fabric Analysis Engine NonStop ServerNet Boost Server Reliability by Component Intel DDR3 Optical Reliability Itanium Memory Cables 4.5x8
  9. 9. Always-on resiliencyHP SERVICEGUARD SOLUTION RELIABILITY Simplify availability Recover rapidly• Integrate Serviceguard with Oracle • Offers fastest recovery in the UNIX and slash manual effort up to 93% market• Create a cluster in a minute with • Protect from site outages and graphical wizards disasters across distance,• Reduce time to manage SAP time zones clusters by 30% • Integrates seamlessly with• Maintain clusters with zero StorageWorks replication downtime technology9
  10. 10. Always-on resiliencyHP SERVICEGUARD FAMILY ON HP-UX“Always on” Resiliency Solutions
  11. 11. Always-on resiliencySERVICEGUARD FOR LINUXat the vanguard of Project Odyssey11 © 2012 HPDC – HP
  12. 12. Dynamic optimizationDYNAMIC OPTIMIZATIONIntegrated virtualization and management to optimally scaleresources in real time Provision infrastructure in Optimize infrastructure minutes confidently with automated with built-in capacity activation of servers, planning and storage, and networking rebalancing tools Availability Virtualization Utility Pricing12
  13. 13. Dynamic optimizationDESIGN AND AUTO-PROVISIONINFRASTRUCTURE IN MINUTESMatrix operating environment • Easily design best-practice infrastructure templates • Reliably provision infrastructure via a self-service portal • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems & processes 5 minutes 5 minutes 38 minutes 60 minutes 108* *108 minutes for one administrator to automatically provision infrastructure for this e-shopping application. With traditional infrastructure this took 33 days. Physical Blades support only for Integrity, with Virtual Machine support in a subsequent release13
  14. 14. Dynamic optimizationINDUSTRY’S FIRST,COMPLETE PORTFOLIO OF CONVERGED SYSTEMSDeployed in hours vs. months HP VirtualSystem HP CloudSystem HP AppSystems Ideal for hosting one Multi-app, multi-tenant, and Dedicated to a single or multiple apps in VMs hybrid service delivery application or suite 43% 8 of 10 #1 for of all VMs run on HP most popular websites14
  15. 15. Dynamic optimizationINTRODUCING THE HP APPLIANCE SOLUTIONPORTFOLIOAnalytics and Business Insight Server and Client Virtualization HP Virtual Systems• HP Veritca Real Time Analytics System• HP SAP HANA• HP SAP BWA • HP VirtualSystem for VMWare• HP Business Decision • HP VirtualSystem for Citrix Appliance(Microsoft) HP VirtualSystem for Hyper-V Applications • • HP VirtualSystem for HP-UX HP AppSystems ManagementData Management • HP EDW(Microsoft) Networking • HP BDW(Microsoft) Hybrid Cloud Environment HP EDC(Microsoft) • Storage HP CloudSystem • HP Cloudsystem Matrix for x86 Servers • HP Cloudsystem Matrix for HP- UXCollaboration • HP E5000 Messaging System15
  16. 16. Investment protection and stabilityHP-UX: NEARLY THREE DECADES OF CONTINUOUSINNOVATION 1986 1991 1994 1997 2000 2003 2010 First Snakes’ Multiprocessor True 64-bit NUMA, paving 128-way First to set SLAs commercially workstations technology computing on way for Integrity servers on per successful RISC PA-RISC in HP- Superdome applications processor Serviceguard UX basis with APEX most widely deployed UNIX High Availability Cluster Solution16
  17. 17. Investment protection and stabilityUNIX USERS VOTE HP-UX 1 #1 ON REAL WORLD 1IMEASURES Observed Performance (real world) Operating System Quality 120 100 120 103.45 98.72 99.21 100 83.33 100 78.21 80 80 60 60 40 40 20 20 0 0 HP IBM Oracle HP IBM Oracle Observed Availability (real world) Real World Manageability 120 106.9 150 92.31 117.24 100 84.13 80 100 85.9 88.1 60 40 50 20 0 0 HP IBM Oracle HP IBM Oracle Source: Gabriel Consulting Group annual UNIX vendor preference 2011 201017
  18. 18. Investment protection and stabilityANOTHER DECADE OF SUPPORT LIFE Designed to last Long-term service & support • Engineered for minimal • 10+ years support and binary downtime across the compatibility solution lifecycle • Broad services portfolio from • Robust and stable with support to IT outsourcing ongoing enhancements; 6 month updates to HP-UX and NonStop 2000 Functionality & Performance Enhancements 2022 Only HP commits decades of future support (until 2022)18 Platform stability + HP commitment = asset longevity
  19. 19. Investment protection and stabilityLEADERSHIP ROADMAPSProtect investments with stable and predictable technology paths Quad-Core Dual-Core Integrity, HP-UX, NonStop • Commitment to binary compatibility and NonStop stability in hardware and software platforms • Modularity in design and components for infinite scalability • Zero downtime virtualization 2010 Intel Itanium processors • Socket-compatible design for all future releases • No recompile needed across generations • Built on a 7 generation foundation of mission-critical processor technology 201019
  20. 20. Investment protection and stabilityHP-UX ROADMAPSustained investments – consistent updates, reliable roadmap 1 v3 1i 1 v4 1i 1 v5 1i Mission Critical Converged Zero Downtime Next Wave of Infrastructure Virtualization Enterprise Computing • Flexibility with mission-critical virtualization • Manageability • Datacenter class availability & security • Security • Common management for hybrid • Availability environments • Twice yearly updates and continued innovation SLA Utilization20
  21. 21. Investment protection and stabilityA GREAT VARIETY OF SOLUTIONS ARE SUPPORTED JBoss Application Server HAProxy Ohioedge CRM OpenJMS Launchpad Open Workbench JASMINe Service-Oriented Device Tomcat MySQL Sellwin OpenAdaptor FusionForge Teamwork Architecture Glassfish PostgreSQL OmniPortal Proteus GForge KPlato Spagic JOnAS SQLite XRMS CRM JbossMQ Savane JasperReports XService Suite Geronimo Berkeley Database vTiger CRM elemenope BIRT BIRT liferayWebsphere AS Community Firebird BlueWhaleCRM Mule GNU Ghostscript Pentaho Drupal Edition Java System Application Derby CK ERP ActiveCluster PDF Creator JGraphX uPortal Server opentaps Open Source Enhydra EnterpriseDB ActiveMQ xText JFreeChart Jboss Portal ERP+CRM JOnAS PKU Prototype Cafeterra Centric CRM JbossESB Xpdf JFreeReport eXo Plaform JasperReports VoltDB SplendidCRM Joram ICEpdf SpagoBI Ovidentia Pentaho Apache Hadoop ADempiere Talend Open Studio Mercurial Apache AXIS PostNuke : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Talend Open Studio Hive Web Based CRM Jitterbit Git Mule Metadot DeepGreen Apache Cassandra opentaps CRM CloverETL SVK ServiceMix Jahia BizGres Voldemort xTurple PostBooks Edition Kettle CVS GUI Jitterbit Red hat Portal server SpagoBI Riak Openbravo Apatar Subversion Nuxeo 5 Nuxeo CPS Enomalism Redis ERP5 Enhydra Octopus CVS JbossESB Lutece EUCALYPTUS Dynomite Compiere Nagios CVS NT jBPM OnmiPortal SmartFrog MemcacheDB Gnu Enterprise Zenoss dotProject Celtix Grid Sphere portal Groundwork Monitor Open Abiquo Sugar Open Source CK ERP OpenProj JBOSS Enterprise Middleware Jetspeed 2 Source Flume OpenCRX OpenERP Hyperic IntalioBPMS Gateln Apache Module opentaps Open Source Anteil CRM OpenNMS Redmine PeTALS Value mod_proxy_balancer ERP+CRM Lunux virtual server xTurple PostBooks Edition ADempiere Zabbix ZenTrack Bonita Customer Touch CRM Red hat cluster Suite ERP5 OpenMFG JNetControl Phprojekt NovaBPM enhydra Director21
  22. 22. Investment protection and stabilityFREEDOM OF CHOICE - MISSION CRITICAL DBMSNow 2018 Future ` NonStop ` SQL Hana MC x86 NonStop INTEGRITY22
  23. 23. Investment protection and stabilityFREEDOM OF CHOICE - MISSION CRITICAL DBMS23
  24. 24. Investment protection and stabilityFREEDOM OF CHOICE - MISSION CRITICAL DBMS24
  25. 25. A STRATEGY TO INVEST TODAY AND SAVE NonStop • NonStop OS H06.24 and J06.13 NS2200 BladeSystem (Quad-Core) • Extending mission-critical reach • Flexible workload solutions • Mission-critical integration 32s Superdome 2 OpenVMS • v8.4 Update • v8.x Serviceguard for Linux DragonHawk DL980 HydraLynx • SQL Optimizer • Error analysis & recovery, online patching • Dynamic utility computing 25 2011 2012 Future25
  26. 26. THE HP INTEGRITY AND HP-UX TCO ADVANTAGE IBM AIX IBM/Linux/x86 Sun Solaris Common Modular Architecture Unified Management Matrix OE Out of the Box Mission-Critical Mission Critical TCO Planned and Unplanned Downtime = Advantage = Neutral = Disadvantage26
  27. 27. HP INTEGRITY BL890C I2 DELIVERS UP TO 40% LOWERTCO THAN MID-RANGE RACKMOUNT SERVERSSolution A: 2 x HP Integrity rx8640 (17U) 1.6GHz Itanium 9150N (16 sockets/32 cores) and HP-UX 11i v3 HA-OESolution B: 2 x HP Integrity BL890c i2 1.73GHz (8 sockets/32 cores) and HP-UX 11i v3 HA-OE TCO Comparison – 3 year cumulative Payback in as little as 6 months 8-socket system at 2x the performance in half the footprint HP rx8640 BL890c i227
  28. 28. HP REDEFINES THE NEW ECONOMICS OFMISSION CRITICAL COMPUTINGBe smart about choosing the right solution.. TCO Comparison 3 Year CumulativeTotal Solution Costs Save 30%With a common integrated and modular Otherarchitecture Unix HP Planned and Unplanned Downtime Costs Other Save ~20% By up to 70%1 with higher levels of availability LINUX HP and stabilityTotal CostBy up 60%2 with balanced and integrated Other Save ~60% Unixarchitecture for mission-critical environments HP
  29. 29. END