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  1. 1. EmamectinBenzoate 5% SG • EmamectinBenzoatewas discovered in 1984 • Features ∆ is semisynthetic ∆ Nonsystemic ∆ Newgeneration ∆ Naturallyderivedavermectininsecticides. ∆ Emamectinis used at very low dose.
  2. 2. ∆ Emamectintargetslepidopteran as well as leaf miner in vegetables & fruits, Gram, Soybean,Tur& Cotton. ∆ Emamectinis more active againstthose insectswhich are resistant to other chemical groups (Organo phosphates, Carbamates). ∆ Emamectinworks much faster after ingestion by the insect.
  3. 3. BENEFITS Ō Emamectinhas novel mode of action hence no case of resistance. Ō Emamectinis not harmful to beneficial insects hence fit in IPM module. Ō Due totranslaminaractivity Emamectinhas the quality of rain fastness. Ō Highly effective and environment protecting biocide. Ō Lepidoptera specialist but selective to Beneficials Ō Due to its little amount of usage and being easy to degrade, does not pollute the environment and has no residue.
  4. 4. Different Players Name of company Brand Name Rallies India Prabhaav Syngenta Proclaim 5SG Crystal Phosphate Limited Missile NagarjunaAgrichem NagarjunaTrust VinayakAgro Product Marketers Cleaver
  5. 5. Xpert © New class of insecticide “Avermectins” © Avermectinsare a series of closely related macro cyclic lactonederivatives produced as fermentation metabolites of Streptomycesavermitlis © XPERT is both stomach and contact insecticide © XPERT in Water Soluble Granule [SG] become one of the most promising new generations of formulated pesticides and utilization of soluble granular pesticides © It works much faster after ingestion by the insect.
  6. 6. Ingestion Activity DROPLET Reservoir within foliage Long residual INGESTION activity LEPIDOPTERA CONTROL Rapid photodegradation on surface SHORT CONTACT ACTIVITY TRANSLAMINAR Complete Kill observed 1st to 3rd Instars – 72 Hrs 4th to 6th Instars – 6 to 7 days
  7. 7. v Faster movement of Xpert Slower movement of Xpert Emamectinpenetrates leaf through translaminaraction.
  8. 8. INGESTION CHLORIDE FLOW MUSCLE PARALYSIS FEEDING STOPS DEATH Mode of Action Emamectinprotects plants from feeding damage in 2 hours of application Damage stopsin just 2 Hrs after ingestion Death occursin 72 Hrs for smaller instars. Takes more time upto 6 – 7 days for larger instars
  9. 9. Application ☼ Dosage: 200-250g/haor 80-100g/acre ☼ Apply XPERT at the first sign of damageand repeatat an intervalof 10-12days. ☼ If necessary counter / scout the field at random weekly in 10 plants andrecommend spray of XPERT if the count exceeds 4 larvae of any caterpillar species or 7- 8 DBM .
  10. 10. q XPERT found to be superior to other known chemicals like : o Endosulfan30 EC @ 1000 ml / ha o Quinalphos 25 EC @ 1000 ml / ha o Carbaryl 50 WP @ 2000 gm / ha o Chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 1000 ml / ha
  11. 11. Crop Name of the Pest Cotton / Bt-Cotton Boll worms Okra Fruit & shoot borer Cabbage DBM Chilli Fruit borer Brinjal Fruit & shoot borer Red gram Pod borer Chick Pea Pod borer Crop Nameofthepest Pumpkin Pumpkin beetle, Defoliating caterpillar Onion Defoliatingcaterpillar Vegetables Leaf eating caterpillars Maize Earworm,Cutworm Tomato Fruit & cut worms, Defoliating caterpillar Crops and Pests
  12. 12. Cotton
  13. 13. Life cycle of Bollworm
  14. 14. Cabbage Stages of Diamond back moth
  15. 15. Chillies Thripsin Chilly Chilly Fruit Borer
  16. 16. Brinjal Fruit Borer Brinjal Shoot borer
  17. 17. Okra Larva of E.insulana feeding on Okra fruit Eggs of E.vitellalaid on okra fruit Adult E.vitella
  18. 18. Red Gram & Chick Pea Red Gram Pod Borer Chick Pea Pod Borer
  19. 19. Tomato Fruit Borer Cut worm Moth
  20. 20. Maize Ear Worm (Adult) Ear Worm damage
  21. 21. Pumpkin Pumpkin Beetle
  22. 22. Thank You