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Technical informatin


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Technical informatin

  2. 2. 2-4-D Amine Salt 58% SL HEERA-77 2-4-D Ethyl Ester 38% EC HEERA-44 2,4-D Sodium Salt 80% WP HEERA SUPER Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% SG DHRUV Atrazine 50% EC ATRAHIT Butachlor 50% EC HUNTER Butachlor 5% GR HUNTER GR Butachlor 50% EW HUNTER SUPER CHLORIMURON-ETHYL 25% WP BIOCHLOR Clodinafop-propargyl 15% WP CLODINO SUPER Glyphosate 41% SL GARUD Imazethapyr 10% SL CHEETAH Isoproturon 75% WP ISOHIT Metribuzin 70% WP STUMP Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WP FREEDOM Oxadiargyl 80% WP TIGER Oxyuorfen 23.5% EC WAADA Paraquat Dichloride 24%SL ALL CLEAR Pendimethalin 30% EC GADAR Pretilachlor 50% EC HIFIT Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% WP AL-VIDA Sulfosulfuron 75% WG TARGET Pendimethalin 38.7% CS GADAR MAX Sulfosulfuron 75% + Metsulfuron methyl 5% WG TARGET PLUS NameofTheProduct TradeName Herbicides are chemicals that put an end to weeds and stop them from growing again. Weeds are unwanted and sometimes problematic plants that grow with crops and hinder their growth. Weeds cause trouble for crops by absorbing their share of water, soil nutrients, light and space and by interfering with irrigation and harvesting activities and by accommodating insects, pests and other sources of diseases. HPM has a range of herbicides highly capable of eradicating weeds and preventing their re-growth, without much human labour.
  3. 3. Fungi are one of the major cause of crop loss worldwide. HPM offers a number of Fungicide products to for plant protection from various fungi. NameofTheProduct TradeName Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% SC PREDICT CAPTAN 70% HEXACONAZOLE 5%WP PANTHER GOLD CARBENDAZIM 46.27% SC BATISTA CARBENDAZIM 12 % MANCOZEB 63% WP STUFF CYMOXILIN 8% MANCOZEB 64% WP SUPERHIT Captan 50% WP PANTHER Carbendazim 50% WP HITASTIN Copper Oxychloride 50% WP HICOPPER Captan 75% WS TAGO DIFENCONAZOLE 25% EC SAVER HEXCONAZOLE 5% SC HITAZOL Hexaconazole 5% EC HEXAHIT ISOPROTHILONE 40% EC SAMBA MANCOZEB 75% WP HINDUSTAN M-45 MYCLOBUTANIL 10% WP NIDAR Mancozeb 35% SC SAFETY PROPINEB 70% WP KARISHMA Propiconazole 13.9% +Difenoconazole 13.9% EC ROBOCOP Propiconazole 25% EC PHOENIX SULPHUR 80% WDG HIVET Sulphur 40% SC SUPERSONIC SC TEBUCONAZOLE 2% DS RECENT TEBUCONZOLE 25.9% EC BOND TRICYCALZOLE 75% WP BINDASS Validamycin 3%L SUKHIYA VIP ZINEB 75%WP SAFETY Ziram 27% CS HINDUSTAN ZIRAM
  4. 4. Insects are responsible for a huge damage to growing crops through feeding insects into the plant, which eats leaves or burrows in stems, fruit, or roots and indirectly damage the crop by transmitting bacterial, viral or fungal infection into a crop. HPM offers an array of insecticides used in india, and advices on dosage and best usage practices. NameofTheProduct TradeName Acephate 75% SP Acetox Acephate 95 % SG Escada Acetamiprid 20% SP Baadshah Alphamethrin 10% EC CLICK Alpha-cypermethrin 10% SC CLICK SUPER Acetamiprid 4% + Fipronil 4% TYPHON Bifenthrin 10% EC Histar Buprofezin 25% SC Apollo BPMC 50% EC WARDAN Carbofuran 3% CG Don 3G Cartap hydrochloride 4% GR Dollar 4G Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP Dollar 50 SP Chloropyrifos 1.5% DP Hindol Chloropyriphos 16% + Alphacypermethrin 1% EC Toofan Chloropyriphos 20% EC Vardan Chloropyriphos 50% EC Terminator Chloropyriphos 50% Cyprmethrin 5%EC Terminator-505 Cypermethrin 25% EC CYPERHIT-25 Cypermethrin 10% EC CYPERHIT-10 Cartap hydrochloride 75% SG TITYUS Deltamethrin 0.72% +Buprofezin 5.65%EC APOLLO SUPER Deltamethrin 1 % Triazophos 35EC Dhadkan Diafenthiuron 50%WP Eagle Diafenthiuron 50% WP Rise Dichlorovos 76% EC Decent Dimethoate 30% EC Rogohit Ethion 40% + Cypermethrin 5% EC Hero No. 1 Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG X-pert Ethion 50% EC ETHOHIT Fenpyroximate 5% EC Seagate NameofTheProduct TradeName Fipronil 0.3% GR Aashirwad GR Fipronil 5% SC Aashirwad SC Fenvalerate 20% EC FENHIT Imidachloropid 17.8%SL Hi- Imida Imidachloropid 30.5%SC Super Imida Imidacloprid 70% WG Ghajini Imidacloprid 48% FS HI-IMIDA FS Indoxacarb 14.5% SC SIKANDER Lambda Cyhalothrin 2.5% EC Knock Down Super Lambdacyhalothrin 4.9% CS Vadh CS Lambda cyhalothrin 5% EC Knock Downsuper Monocrotophos 36%SL Monohit Phorate 10%CG Hitatox Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC Permit-99 Profenophos 50% EC Capture Propargite 57% EC Mitekill Quinalphos 25% EC HITALUX Thiamethoxam 25% WG 7 Star Thiamethoxam 30% FS TAMMA Thiamethoxam 75% SG Devsena
  5. 5. PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) are one of many important inputs for the success of green revolution. PGR (Plant Growth Regulators) provide crops with sufcient quantity of essential, major and micro nutrients, combined with benecial enzymes (Gibbrellins, Cytokinins, Oxyzines etc.). Use of PGR adds immensely to the possibility of healthy crops in irrespective of the conditions. NameofTheProduct TradeName Bio-Organic Super Sonata Ethephon 39% SL Higrow Gibberellic Acid 0.001% L 24 Karat Organic Bionutrient Power-X Granules Plant Bio-Stimulant Cheers Water Conditioner Glory Zinc Sulphate 33% Heera ZincPlus BIO-ORGANIC Arpit
  6. 6. Bio Fertilizers HPM- GOLD Adjuvant AASRA Aasra is a unique new generation worldwide spray booster and activator which make the agrochemicals such as Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Fertilizer and Micronutrient perform better. HPM GOLD is unique product containing microbes as Vesicular- Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) and has broad spectrum action in granular form. BIO FERTILIZERS/ADJUVANT