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Corporate ppt


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corporate presentation

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Corporate ppt

  2. 2. WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO Herbicides Bio Fertilizers adjuvant Fungicides Insecticides RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PGR HPM india agrochemicals and fertilizers With more than four decades since its inception by a leading visionary Shri Srikisan Dass Aggarwal HPM has ruled and led the agro-chemical industry in India and abroad. With the motto of ‘Yielding Prosperity’, the company has stood steadfast by its mission of bringing prosperity in the lives of all associated with it. Right from our adept team of meticulous farmers to our dynamic board of management directors, the company has ensured to touch and make a colossal impactinthelives ofall. Aiming towards our mission of ensuring self-reliance in productivity, we have worked successfully to incorporate the best innovative practices in our processes. As a leading pesticide company both nationwide and globally, we are the proud fore-runners and contributors to the Green Revolution drive. Our adroit work force constantly strives to innovate and create a wide range of crop protection products and plant nutrients. Using the latest technological advancements we produce the nest fertilizers and farming seeds. The shelflife ofourproductsholdslongerthananyother.
  3. 3. Shri Ashok Aggarwal (CMD) Mrs. Tapasya Goel (Executive Director) “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.” Our mission and work culture are guided by Mahatma Gandhi's principle” DearCustomer, We acknowledge with thanks the support you have extended to us in the past four decades, which helped us in establishing ourselves as one of the leading Agro-Chemical in the country. We made a modest start under the name of HPM and today we have a strong presence comprises of industry leaders and visionaries leading the company’s activities towards milestones in quality and growth. With emphasis on: technological growth, relationship building, and utilizing opportunities, they strive to elevate HPM’s scope of business to new heightsandhorizons. Our sincere thanks are due to our loyal customers and marketing professionals whose guidance enabled us in improving the quality of the pattern of our products. From CMD Desk MESSAGE FROM CMD DESK
  5. 5. InFRASTRUCTURE InFRASTRUCTURE for PRODUCTIONThe unit, equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities is strategically situated to the market requirements. trend setters in agro chemical industry providing AN EXEMPLARY service
  6. 6. VISION TO BE A GLOBAL LEADER To be present in all countries, providing quality agri- solutions to farming community, as a renowned company with size and protability, while not only preserving but enhancing the environment. By 2020 HPM India will be known as a leader in the agro chemicals industry and as a company that has played a large role in revolutionizing the industry, by promoting and providing best solutions to all the farming needs, developing new science and innovations. HPM India will be viewed as an employer of choice and recognized as a company that provides exceptionalservice. COREVALUESTHATINCLINEUSTOWARDSOURMISSION AccountabilityforEverything Wewilltakeresponsibilityforourareaofinuence asifthiswereourenterprise.Wewillcommittoexcellence. RespectforEveryone Weappreciateotherindividualswiththeirownculturalidentities. Weembracedifferences. TeamSpirit Weactivelycontribute toovercomingchallengesasateam. Integrity throughout allverticals Wewillwalkthetalk.Wewillbecommitted toaconsistent,honestandreliablewayofaction. Transparencytoall Wewillprovidethefullinformationrequired.Wewillcommunicate openlyandsincerely.Weappreciatefeedback. OUR VISION OUR MISSION VISION&MISSION
  7. 7. The increased globalization has widened the reach of Indian agro industry in the international arena. HPM has a well- dened unit of R& D to gain competitive edge over its diverse international frontiers. We make extensive use of IT innovations to harness the market abroad. Our sizeable international operations have made us signicant international players in agro chemical industry. Our international trading involves countless research driven products. As one of the foremost pesticide manufacturer our presence is widely marked in 28 countries across 3 continents and is ever widening. We offer more than 100 formulations and combinations globally. Formulations like EC, SL, SC, WG, SP, WP, FS, WS, CS, SG, GR, ULV, EW, ME etc. are rendered with several UN approved packaging for consumer and bulk use. Our geographical frontiers are continuously expanding and we are looking forward to the extension in globalborders. INTERNATIONAL MARKET GLOBALPRESENCE Exporting to three continents in 22 countries SUCCESS MEASURES 100 units sold every minute TOUCHING COUNTLESS LIVES 600 staff on board catering to 7 lakh villages GLOBAL PRESENCE Exporting to three continents in 22 countries PROFICIENT TEAM Creating a team of 300 specialized people in technical processes with regular education of farmers through seminars and workshops. SUCCESS MEASURES 100 units sold every minute TOUCHING COUNTLESS LIVES 600 staff on board catering to 7 lakh villages Well acclaimed- Four decades since inception. Leading visionary-Premier company in India in agro chemical segment with state of the art and colossal infrastructure. Inimitable Structures- Unparalleled infrastructure with three specialized technical manufacturing units in 20715 sq. meter. Quality assurance- Effective and guaranteed quality norms adhered to through frequent inspections Supply chain- Distribution via 45,000 retail outlets with 20 local warehouses to support supply in 20 provoinces Product Galore- Widest array of products in the industry offering dynamic solutions to every crop need Nationwide Presence-Pan-India presence; branches in 26 locations across the nation Dynamism interplay-Extensive distributor networking. 5000 and still more to come
  12. 12. SANTOSH KRISHI DIVAS CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Haryana West Bengal Distributors Chattisgarh Uttar Pradesh Chapra Saran Bihar Marichi- Patna Purba Narayanpur Uttar Mukundapur Bishnupur Shahpur Guna Chandwasa Harda Indira Nagar SawerAhirkhedaGujarat Maharashtra Belagaum Sindhanur-1 Chintamani Vellore Erode Mysore Tanjore Trinelveli Trichy Davangere Bellary Gangavathi Gulbarga Telangana Punjab Jamma & kashmir Himachal Pradesh Rajasthan Karnataka
  13. 13. CSR Activity 2017 HPM India conducted CSR Activity across the nation and benefitted 25000+ children with Notebooks, Water bottles and playing cards Central Zone Madhya Pradesh Haryana BELGAUM BELLARY Chintamani Territory, Karnataka DAVANGERE Erode GANGAVATHI GULBARGA MYSORE SHAHPUR SINDHANUR-1 Tanjore Trichy Trinelveli Vellore Telagana Gujarat Maharashtra Chapra Saran Bihar Chattisgarh Marichi- Patna West Bangal Sukhi Prathamik Vidhalaya Benachapra New Prathamik Vidhalaya Chandipur Child Welfare School Dakshin Mukandapurpry School Mullkati Primary School Satberia Primary School HP & Punjab Rajasthan Jammu & Kashmir Uttar Pradesh North Zone South Zone East Zone West Zone GUNA-G.PRIMERY & MIDDLE SCHOOL - DEVARIMAT GUNA-G.PRIMERY & MIDDLE SCHOOL - NATHAI HARDA-G.PRIMERY & MIDDLE SCHOOL-SANRADHA JABALPUR-G.MIDDLE SCHOOL -INDRANAGAR KHARGONE-G.PRIMERY SCHOOL-AHIRKHEDA RATLAM-G.MIDDLE SCHOOL - CHANDWASA UJJAIN-G.PRIMERY SCHOOL -SAWER Bahai (Kurukshetra) Hissar Jhiri (Sirsa) Raison (Kaithal) Singhana (Jind) Uncha Samana (Karnal) Girgadhada Mahesana Rajkot Dongargaon-Kawad Tq-Phulumbri Dist-Aurangabad Kanholi, Tq-Daryapur, Dist-Amravati Shambargaon, Tq-Loha, Dist-Nanded Sungaon, Dist-Buldhana Chak Madrsa Distt. Muktsar Dattowal Swarghat Distt. Solan (HP) Goh Distt. Ludhiana Kalijpur Distt Gurdaspur Khundar uttar Distt Ferozpur Mohablipur Distt Kapurthala Sangatpura Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib Dabli Ratthan (HanumanGarh) Isharwala (Jaipur) Kesar Desar Jattan (Bikaner) Thakri (Ganganagar) Dabli Ratthan (HanumanGarh) Isharwala (Jaipur) Kesar Desar Jattan (Bikaner) Thakri (Ganganagar) Charra Gagangiri Aligarh Kaithwari Village Meerut Mundia Khanpur Gadarpur Salempur Sarsawa Saharanpur
  15. 15. Haryana 842 Trees Planted Khushkhera 110 Trees Jaipur 276 Trees Karnataka 540 Trees Tamil Nadu 500 Trees Jharkhund 200 Trees West Bengal 500 Trees Odisha 400 Trees AP/ Telangana 400 Trees Chattisgarh 400 Trees Bihar 500 Trees Uttar Pardesh 2325 Trees GNGR 280 Trees Gujarat 500 Trees Maharastra 1000 Trees Punjab 910 Trees Samba Factory 100 Trees
  16. 16. HPM India planted 10,000trees across the nation . Central Zone Chhattisgarh ( Raipur ) Chhattisgarh Haryana Punjab Delhi Uttar Pradesh North Zone South Zone East Zone West Zone Green India Plantation Activity 2017 Aligarh Allahabaad Baraily Faizabaad Gorakhpur Jhansi Kanpur Meerut Lukhnow Pilobhit Saharanpur Azamgarh Sitapur Moradabaad Andhra pradesh Telangana Odisha Patna Ranchi West Bengal Amravati Deesa Jamnagar Akola Junagadh khushkhera Plant Rajasthan North Rajasthan South Rajsthan Nepal Kalaiya
  18. 18. INFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ( SAP HANA ) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY At HPM, we have applied a leading edge Information technology infrastructure, featured with futuristic scalability. Our IT infrastructure comprises of fast servers, computers, advance networking equipment, software and state of the art SAP-ERP. Our tech savvy staff further complements the efficiency and accuracy of our IT Infrastructure. We have implemented complete 6 phases of SAP ERP and moved on to SAP HANA shortly HPM is geared up to implement SAP HANA in coming time. The implementation process of SAP HANA is already started. To understand SAP HANA better - SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is an application that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. The in-memory computing engine allows HANA to process data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk. SAP HANA implementation shall provide benefits such as Better Database Services, Analytical Processing, Can be used for App Development, Better Administration and added security. With incorporation of SAP HANA in our core IT Infrastructure, we have moved a step further to our commitment for better Productivity and use of best IT Infrastructure at HPM. DISCOVERY AND PLANNING ItcompletestheentiresalesprocesstotheendofPostSale,allthecurrentissues&potentialsolutionshavebeenidentified &havebeenimplemented. DESIGN Wehavesetupnewenterprise-widesystemlook.IntheSAPHANADesignphase,theprojectteamandimplementation teamhaveworkedoutthevariousconfigurationsforthenewsystem,defining roles,anddocumenting standardprocedures. DEVELOPMENT Thisincludesactivitiessuchascompletinganynecessarycustomizations,developingusertrainings, andimportingdata. TESTING Wehaveconstantlyfinetunedtheentiredevelopmentteam&whiletesting regulartraining havebeenprovidedtotheentireteamsothatprojectteammemberswillbecomfortabledoingtheirjobsinthenewsystem. DEPLOYMENT Priortogoinglive,thefinaldatahavebeenloadedandvalidated.Theprojectteamhastrainedotheremployeeswhowillthenstartworkinginthenewsystem,andcompletelystopusingtheoldone. ONGOING SUPPORT Overtime,asthewaytheusersworkwithin thesystemevolves,adjustmentsandchangestothesystemconfigurationmaybeneeded&forthat24x7supportteamhasbeenassignedtowardssupportofallverticals.
  19. 19. social media 5000 active members 500+ followers 132,661+ LIKES 2000+ connections 300+ customized video ADs in different languages too 192,000+ FOllowers
  20. 20. FUTURE PRODUCTS AREA PRODUCTION CAPACITY 5000 MTA of active ingredient Inimitable Structures- Unparalleled infrastructure with three specialized technical manufacturing units in 20715 sq. meter. Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, PGR, BIO Fertilizers, Adjuvant THE PLANT IN THE WORLD OF PROMISES, WE BELIEVE IN GROWTH, CONSISTENCY, COMMITMENT HPM has established its technical plant at Khuskhera, Rajasthan. The unit, equipped with state of art manufacturing facilities is strategically situated to the market requirements. With a production capacity of 5000 MTA of active ingredient, it is a unique of international technological collaborationwithzerodischarge. infrastructure
  21. 21. PRIDE IN QUALITY high-techer A Pioneer Manufacturer And Exporter of pesticide technicals & formulations Committed to research & Development Dedicated research & Development Execution with quality assurance & cost control Unsparing facilities investment is the source of our pride in our products HPM has the latest facilities to Grow product quality and supply capacity, this enables us to effectively serve the demands of our customers. HIGH-TECHER
  22. 22. FUTURE OUR New Products coming soon list NEW TECHNICAL PLANT COMING SOON OUR FUTURE PLANT IN MAKING Name of The Products Alphacypermethrin Tc Bifenthrin Tc Cypermethrin Tc Difenconazole Tc Hexaconazole Tc Lambdacyhalothrin Tc Mancozeb Tc Tricyclazole Tc MANCOZEB PLANT
  23. 23. FUNGIcides Fungi are one of the major cause of crop loss worldwide. HPM offers a number of Fungicide products to for plant protection from various fungi. Name of The Product TradeName Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% SC PREDICT CAPTAN 70% HEXACONAZOLE 5%WP PANTHER GOLD CARBENDAZIM 46.27% SC BATISTA CARBENDAZIM 12 % MANCOZEB 63% WP STUFF CYMOXILIN 8% MANCOZEB 64% WP SUPERHIT Captan 50% WP PANTHER Carbendazim 50% WP HITASTIN Copper Oxychloride 50% WP HICOPPER Captan 75% WS TAGO DIFENCONAZOLE 25% EC SAVER HEXCONAZOLE 5% SC HITAZOL Hexaconazole 5% EC HEXAHIT ISOPROTHILONE 40% EC SAMBA MANCOZEB 75% WP HINDUSTAN M-45 MYCLOBUTANIL 10% WP NIDAR Mancozeb 35% SC SAFETY PROPINEB 70% WP KARISHMA Propiconazole 13.9% +Difenoconazole 13.9% EC ROBOCOP Propiconazole 25% EC PHOENIX SULPHUR 80% WDG HIVET Sulphur 40% SC SUPERSONIC SC TEBUCONAZOLE 2% DS RECENT TEBUCONZOLE 25.9% EC BOND TRICYCALZOLE 75% WP BINDASS Validamycin 3%L SUKHIYA VIP ZINEB 75%WP SAFETY Ziram 27% CS HINDUSTAN ZIRAM
  24. 24. INSECTICIDE Name of The Product Name of The Product TradeName TradeName Acephate 75% SP Acetox Acephate 95 % SG Escada Acetamiprid 20% SP Baadshah Alphamethrin 10% EC CLICK Alpha-cypermethrin 10% SC CLICK SUPER Acetamiprid 4% + Fipronil 4% TYPHON Bifenthrin 10% EC Histar Buprofezin 25% SC Apollo BPMC 50% EC WARDAN Carbofuran 3% CG Don 3G Cartap hydrochloride 4% GR Dollar 4G Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP Dollar 50 SP Chloropyrifos 1.5% DP Hindol Chloropyriphos 16% + Alphacypermethrin 1% EC Toofan Chloropyriphos 20% EC Vardan Chloropyriphos 50% EC Terminator Chloropyriphos 50% Cyprmethrin 5%EC Terminator-505 Cypermethrin 25% EC CYPERHIT-25 Cypermethrin 10% EC CYPERHIT-10 Cartap hydrochloride 75% SG TITYUS Deltamethrin 0.72% +Buprofezin 5.65%EC APOLLO SUPER Deltamethrin 1 % Triazophos 35EC Dhadkan Diafenthiuron 50%WP Eagle Diafenthiuron 50% WP Rise Dichlorovos 76% EC Decent Dimethoate 30% EC Rogohit Ethion 40% + Cypermethrin 5% EC Hero No. 1 Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG X-pert Ethion 50% EC ETHOHIT Fenpyroximate 5% EC Seagate Fipronil 0.3% GR Aashirwad GR Fipronil 5% SC Aashirwad SC Fenvalerate 20% EC FENHIT Imidachloropid 17.8%SL Hi- Imida Imidachloropid 30.5%SC Super Imida Imidacloprid 70% WG Ghajini Imidacloprid 48% FS HI-IMIDA FS Indoxacarb 14.5% SC SIKANDER Lambda Cyhalothrin 2.5% EC Knock Down Super Lambdacyhalothrin 4.9% CS Vadh CS Lambda cyhalothrin 5% EC Knock Downsuper Monocrotophos 36%SL Monohit Phorate 10%CG Hitatox Profenofos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC Permit-99 Profenophos 50% EC Capture Propargite 57% EC Mitekill Quinalphos 25% EC HITALUX Thiamethoxam 25% WG 7 Star Thiamethoxam 30% FS TAMMA Thiamethoxam 75% SG Devsena
  25. 25. HERBICIDES NameofTheProduct TradeName 2-4-D Amine Salt 58% SL HEERA-77 2-4-D Ethyl Ester 38% EC HEERA-44 2,4-D Sodium Salt 80% WP HEERA SUPER Ammonium Salt of Glyphosate 71% SG DHRUV Atrazine 50% EC ATRAHIT Butachlor 50% EC HUNTER Butachlor 5% GR HUNTER GR Butachlor 50% EW HUNTER SUPER CHLORIMURON-ETHYL 25% WP BIOCHLOR Clodinafop-propargyl 15% WP CLODINO SUPER Glyphosate 41% SL GARUD Imazethapyr 10% SL CHEETAH Isoproturon 75% WP ISOHIT Metribuzin 70% WP STUMP Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WP FREEDOM Oxadiargyl 80% WP TIGER Oxyuorfen 23.5% EC WAADA Paraquat Dichloride 24%SL ALL CLEAR Pendimethalin 30% EC GADAR Pretilachlor 50% EC HIFIT Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% WP AL-VIDA Sulfosulfuron 75% WG TARGET Pendimethalin 38.7% CS GADAR MAX Sulfosulfuron 75% + Metsulfuron methyl 5% WG TARGET PLUS
  26. 26. PGR NameofTheProduct TradeName Bio-Organic Super Sonata Ethephon 39% SL HIGROW Gibberellic Acid 0.001% L 24 KARAT Organic Bionutrient Power-X Granules Plant Bio-Stimulant Cheers Water Conditioner Glory Zinc Sulphate 33% Heera Zinc Plus BIO-ORGANIC ARPIT
  28. 28. Field Activities HPM FIELD VISIT JAMMU AND KASHMIR Field Activity HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Ludhiana Field Activity HPM INDIA Haryana Field Activity HPM INDIA U.P Field activities HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. BIHAR Field activities HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Haryana Field Activity HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Gt Belt Haryana staff Field Activity HPM INDIA Punjab Field Activity HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Gujrat Field Activity HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. East Zone 1-bihar Field activities HPM INDIA East Zone 1-bihar Field activities HPM INDIA WEST BENGAL Field activities HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Field Visit HPM INDIA. TAMIL NADU Field Visit HPM INDIA Karnataka(Mysore) HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. WEST ZONE TEAM(Gujrat and Maharashtra) Field Visit HPM INDIA Assam Field Visit HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. ORISSA Field activitiesHPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. JHARKAND Field activities HPM INDIA
  29. 29. NameofTheProduct TradeName TradeName HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. An ISO 9001, 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 Certified Company Cutomer care No.: 011-27681800, Email: