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Cheetah presentation-english-2011


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A Broad Spectrum Herbicide for the Control of Broad Leaf Weeds and Grasses

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Cheetah presentation-english-2011

  1. 1. Soybean Farming Weed ControlWeed Control CHEETAHCHEETAH Imazethapyr 10 SLImazethapyr 10 SL
  2. 2. Country Area in Mio ha Productivity MT/Ha America 30.22 2.67 Argentina 16.00 2.00 Brazil 21.70 2.63 China 9.13 1.7 India 9.67 0.95 Soybean overview - World One of the major reason for this low productivity is poorOne of the major reason for this low productivity is poor weed controlweed control
  3. 3.  Soybean Area – 96.70 Lakh Ha  Madhya Pradesh is 52.98 lakh hectares  Maharashtra – 30.32 lakh hectares  Rajasthan – 7.09 lakh hectares Importance of Soybean in India Source – SOPA, 2009
  4. 4. Need Gap Solution
  5. 5. Source- University of Minnesota, USA
  6. 6. Will this crop give a good yield ?
  7. 7. Weeds will result in inconvenience in farming operation Weeds will result in more pests and disease outbreaks Finally this will result in low yields Damage by weeds
  8. 8. Hand Weeding Interculture Operations Use of Herbicide Options of Weed Control
  9. 9. Options of Weed Control Hand WeedingHand Weeding  Have to wait for the weeds to emerge and become big  Requires many labours  Needs to be done on a continuous basis
  10. 10. Options of Weed Control Interculture OperationInterculture Operation  Not possible in between the Soybean rows  These are the weeds that causes the major losses in the crop  Interculture is not possible in continuous rains
  11. 11. Options of Weed Control Herbicide UseHerbicide Use  Weed control right from the beginning  Longer duration of control  Cheaper compared to the other options  Broad Spectrum
  12. 12. A Broad Spectrum HerbicideA Broad Spectrum Herbicide for the Control of Broad Leaffor the Control of Broad Leaf Weeds and GrassesWeeds and Grasses BACK
  13. 13. Technical Information  Active Ingredient - Imazethapyr  Formulation - 10 SL  Chemical Group - Imidazolinone Active Ingredient –Active Ingredient – Imported from AmericaImported from America CHEETAHCHEETAH
  14. 14. CHEETAH acts by inhibiting the acetolactate Synthase (ALS), an enzyme which is Important in protein synthesis within the plant. This leads to disruption of the DNA synthesis and cell growth. CHEETAHCHEETAH Mode of actionMode of action
  15. 15. Honour of Imazethapyr 10 SL Dr. Merinas Laus - The scientist who developed Imazethapyr was honored by Mr. Bill Clinton, The Ex-President of USA
  16. 16.  Residual Control - Kills the weeds that have emerged as well as the ones that will emerge after a few days  Controls the BLW’s as well as grasses in a single application Broad Spectrum Control 1 Benefits ofBenefits of CHEETAHCHEETAH
  17. 17. Systemic and Residual Action on the weeds Longer Duration Control 2 Benefits ofBenefits of CHEETAHCHEETAH
  18. 18. Early control of weeds – No competition of weeds and the Soybean Crop Results in better yields 3 Benefits ofBenefits of CHEETAHCHEETAH
  19. 19. 1. Ease of application – Applied after the crop has emerged 2. Longer duration of Control – 45-50 days 3. Green triangle product – Safe to mammals 4. Can be used in crops like Soybean, Groundnut, Peas, Black gram, Green gram, Cluster beans, Red gram 5. Safe for the follow up crops Other benefits ofOther benefits of CHEETAHCHEETAH
  20. 20. Euphorbia hirtaEuphorbia geniculata Major weeds Controlled by CHEETAH Broad Leaf Weeds
  21. 21. Digera arvensisCommelina benghalensis Major weeds Controlled by CHEETAH Broad Leaf Weeds
  22. 22. Corchorus OlitoriusParthenium hysterophorus Major weeds Controlled by CHEETAH Broad Leaf Weeds
  23. 23. Physalis minima Amaranthus viridis Major weeds Controlled by CHEETAH Broad Leaf Weeds
  24. 24. Cynotis axillarisXanthium stumarium Major weeds Controlled by CHEETAH Broad Leaf Weeds
  25. 25. Echinochloa colonum Digitaria marginata Major weeds Controlled by CHEETAH Grassy Weeds
  26. 26. Weeds not Controlled by CHEETAH Acalypha indica Saccharum Spontaneum Cynodon dactylonRottboellia cochinchinensis Cyprus rotundus Dinebra arabica
  27. 27. Dose  1 Acre - 300 ml  1 litre - 3.3 Acres CHEETAH Recommendations
  28. 28. For an AcreFor an Acre  300 ml CHEETAH  300 grams of Cyboost  225 ml of Cyspread Water Volume – 150 litres per acre CHEETAH Stock Solution Preparation
  29. 29. Useful for small land holdings – 2-3 acres of land in a day Useful for small land holdings – 8-10 acres of land in a day Useful for small farmers Useful for medium land holdings CHEETAH- Application Techniques Knap-Sack Pump Double Knap-Sack Sprayer
  30. 30. One acre sprayed in 25-30 minutes Useful for big farmers Tractor Sprayer Tractor Mounted Sprayer One acre sprayed in around 40 minutes Useful for big farmers CHEETAH- Application Techniques
  31. 31.  Spray Time – When BLW’s are at 2-3 leaf stage or grasses at 2-3 inch height  Moisture in the fields is utmost important  Use of Flat fan or Flood jet nozzles  No showers for atleast 1 hour after application CHEETAH- Application Timing
  32. 32. CHEETAH – Four by Four ! Imazethapyr Imazethapyr
  33. 33. Imazethapyr CHEETAH – Four by Four !
  34. 34. Thank You !Thank You !