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  1. 1. IMAZETHAPYR 10% SLIMAZETHAPYR 10% SL CheetahCheetah
  2. 2. Soybean overview - World Country Area in Mio ha Productivity MT/Ha America 30.22 2.67 Argentina 16.00 2.00 Brazil 21.70 2.63 China 9.13 1.7 India 9.67 0.95
  3. 3. Importance of Soybean in India Soybean Area – 96.70 Lakh Ha Madhya Pradesh is 52.98 lakh hectares Maharashtra – 30.32 lakh hectares Rajasthan – 7.09 lakh hectares Soybean has an important place in India's oilseed cultivation scenario, due to its high productivity, protability and vital contribution towards maintaining soil fertility. The crop also has a prominent place as the world's most important seed legume, which contributes 25% to the global vegetable oil production, about two thirds of the world's protein concentrate forlivestock feedingandis avaluableingredientinformulatedfeedsforpoultryandsh. Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra Rajasthan
  4. 4. Qualities of Cheetah Cheetah is a systemic herbicide, absorbed by the roots and foliage with translocation in the xylem and phloem accumulation in the meristematic regions. Disrupts protein and DNA synthesis. It controls many grasses, broad leaf weeds and sedges. Residual action on the weeds -gives longer weed control. Safe for subsequent crops
  5. 5. Options of Weed Control Have to wait for the weeds to emerge and become big. Requires many labours. Needs to be done on a continuous basis. Hand Weeding
  6. 6. Options of Weed Control Not possible in between the Soybean rows. These are the weeds that causes the major losses in the crop. Interculture is not possible in continuous . Interculture Operation
  7. 7. Options of Weed Control Weed control right from the beginning. Longer duration of control and Cheaper compared to the other options. Broad Spectrum . Herbicide Use
  8. 8. Target Weeds Broad Leaf Weeds Euphorbia geniculata Corchorus Olitorius Euphorbia hirta Digera arvensis Commelina benghalensis Parthenium hysterophorus
  9. 9. Target Weeds Grassy Weeds Echinochloa colonum Digitaria marginata
  10. 10. Benets of CHEETAH BroadSpectrumControl Kills the weeds that have emerged as well as the ones that will emerge after a few days and controls the BLW’s as well asgrassesinasingle application. LongerDurationControl Systemic and Residual Action on the weeds. Resultsinbetteryields Early control of weeds no competition of weedsandtheSoybeanCrop.
  11. 11. Other benets of CHEETAH Easeofapplication–Appliedafterthecrophasemerged LongerdurationofControl–45-50 days Greentriangleproduct–Safetomammals Can be used in crops like Soybean, Groundnut, Peas, Black gram, Greengram,Clusterbeans,Redgram Safeforthefollowupcrops
  12. 12. Application Techniques Knap-Sack Pump Double Knap-Sack Sprayer Useful for small land holdings – 2-3 acres of land in a day Useful for small land holdings – 8-10 acres of land in a day
  13. 13. Application Techniques Tractor Sprayer Tractor Mounted Sprayer One acre sprayed in 25-30 minutes One acre sprayed in around 40 minutes
  14. 14. Application Timing Spray Time – When BLW’s are at 2-3 leaf stage or grasses at 2-3 inch height. Moisture in the elds is utmost important. Use of Flat fan or Flood jet nozzles. No showers for atleast 1 hour after application
  15. 15. THanKYOU ENRICHING LIVES, YIELDS PROSPERITY HPM Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.