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Tynax online platform twtm 30sep11


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Presentation at Technomart Taipei 30Sep2011

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Tynax online platform twtm 30sep11

  1. 1. Online Platform For Patent Sales & Tech Transfer
  2. 2. Topics for todayUsing online platform to promote Patent SalesCross Border Tech Transfer Models & Issues
  3. 3. What TYNAX does TYNAX operates a global exchange for patents and technologies TYNAX helps buyers find IP assets to purchase or license. TYNAX helps sellers find IP licensing or acquisition prospects.
  4. 4. The IP and tech commercialization market today is fragmented and local in natureGeographical and industrybarriers have meant thatthe IP commercializationmarket has been veryinefficient.There has been no good wayto connect buyers andsellers.With the TYNAXinfrastructure, buyers andsellers around the world cannow connect and transactbusiness..
  5. 5. TYNAX is a truly global marketplace for technology and IP, connecting buyers, sellers and brokers around the worldParticipants in thenetwork:•IP brokers worldwide•Fortune 500corporations•R&D organizations•Universities•Independent developers
  6. 6. …and reach a global market of buyers and sellers Helsinki, Finland Stockholm, Sweden Oslo, Norway Boston, MA London, UK Munich, Germany New York, NY Berlin, Germany Paris, France Washington, DC Prague, Czechoslovakia Toronto— Moscow, Russia Chicago & Great Lakes Shanghai, ChinaSeattle—Portland & Vancouver Beijing, China Hong KongSilicon Valley—San Jose, San Francisco Taipei, Taiwan Phoenix, AZ Tokyo, Japan Seoul, Korea San Diego—LA Austin—Houston, Dallas Singapore Delhi, India Sydney, Australia Bombay, India Bangalore, India
  7. 7. TYNAX reaches customers through multi- channel distribution Reach Global Audience Alerts Emailed to Individuals Tracking this Topic Displayed on Tynax WebsitePost Listing Tynax Exchange Displayed on Tynax Partner Websites Embedded in RSS Newsfeeds Circulated to Tynax Partners Worldwide
  8. 8. ..driving leads and transactions
  9. 9. MISCONCEPTION ONLINE PLATFORM for displaying listing Not a platform for conducting transaction Direct interface between buyers and sellers with Tynax partners managing the processes:- NDA- Information exchange and all communications.- Price negotiation & LOI- Due Diligence progress and monitoring lawyers communications.
  10. 10. UNIQUE FEATURES OF TYNAX Advanced Search Capability- Search by patent classes SELL SIDE:Clients with large patent portfolio for sale- Use our database to manage their patents- Free up their staff having to catelog their patent database.
  11. 11. UNIQUE FEATURES OF TYNAX BUYSIDE requirements- Arms length intermediary- Willful infringement is a big issue.- Confidentiality/ Stay Anonymous- Bring in other brokers. Account managers for large companies with specific needs- We understand their requirements- Shorten search cycle and sourced patents more efficiently.
  12. 12. Tynax Experience in Patent Sales- Transact hundreds of patents annually.- Active in hot technology areas - Wireless - Mobile - LED - Green tech: Energy savings, Energy conversion.
  13. 13. TECH TRANSFER CLIENTS PROFILE PROFILE OF CANDIDATES MAKING TECH ACQUISITION: 1.Company with Related Technology/Business.- Tech Transfer less challenging- Quick business ramp up.- Bolster IP position in Market 2.Start-ups- Technology is compatible with their technology development- Potential to save major 1-2 years development cycle.
  14. 14. TECH TRANSFER CLIENT PROFILE3. Competitor- Acquires technology and IP to strengthen market/ patent position.- Independent broker role crucial.4. PE funds.- Will fund start-ups/ management team- Exit thru IPO or trade sale- Combo.
  15. 15. CROSS BORDER TECH TRANSFER China- Many buyers unwilling to sign NDA- Lots of MNC which are public listed company require NDA- Tech Transfer presents difficulties with work structure, besides language. SEA- IP acquisition confined to Tech Acquisition- Undervalues the underlying patents protecting the technology
  16. 16. CROSS BORDER TECH TRANSFER TAIWAN- Companies has monetized their investment thru patent portfolio sales- ITRI is a great example- Both sell and buy side activity S KOREA - Active on buy & sell side - Experienced in Tech acquisition - Emulated Japan in tech acquisitions JAPAN - Matured market like U.S., less litigation.
  17. 17. Patent Sale/Tech Transfer Process• Indication of • Sign NDA Interest • Exclude other• Letter of Intent buyers• Info exchange • Initial DD• Price Nego • 1-4wks from• Sign PPA initiation• Due Diligence • 2-4 wks from• Tech Transfer initiation commences • 4-8 weeks.• Deal consumated • 6-9 months from init.
  18. 18. Thank