Virtualisatie In Het NGDC - Marc Janssen


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Virtualisatie In Het NGDC - Marc Janssen

  1. 1. HP DUTCHWORLD 2008 OUTSMART THE FUTURE! Virtualisatie in het Next Generation Datacenter Marc Janssen
  2. 2. Adaptive infrastructure Driving the next generation of IT High- Low- Current state Future state cost cost IT pooled Automated 24x7 lights-out islands IT computing assets IT Systems Power & Management Security Virtualization Automation & Services Cooling • Scalability • Energy- • Unified • Proactive • Pooling and • Dynamic IT based on efficient Infrastructure best sharing of IT re-deployment standards computing Management practices resources to to meet • IT services and built-in optimize changing and solutions protection utilization business demand 2
  3. 3. IT infrastructure Does it get in your way towards better business outcomes? Sprawl is expensive Implementation Virtual servers are 73% of growing much Too Too time consolidations took faster than physical $ costly? consuming? a year or more* servers Infrastructure Data Center Complaints Too energy Too electricity hungry? unpredictable? Few servers have Energy use more traditional High than doubled since Availability 2000 clustering * IT executive and managers survey: Forrester Research, Inc: How Large Enterprises Approach IT Infrastructure Consolidation – December 2007
  4. 4. HP Insight Dynamics – VSE Continuously analyze and optimize your infrastructure • Bring the flexibility of virtualization to physical servers • Real-time capacity planning for servers and power • Control physical and virtual Building on the value of HP Systems Insight Manager, resources in the same way Insight Control and Virtual Server Environment Addressing key data center issues: cost, speed, quality and energy 4
  5. 5. New HP Insight Dynamics - VSE: In action  Logical server: A server profile that is easily created and freely moved across physical and virtual machines Logical servers can be realized as physical blades – and may be easily moved. Logical servers can be realized as VMs. Logical servers can be instantiated Offline logical servers from templates. can be stored.
  6. 6. What exactly is a Logical Server? • A configuration file LogicalServerName: my ls LogicalServerName: mylittlels Type: Virtual Connect Blade Description: explanation • Describes the unique Description: explanation Number CPUs: 1 Number CPUs: 2 CPU Frequency: 2.0 attributes of a server CPU Frequency: 3.2 Memory: 1024 Memory: 2048 WWN: 01:23:45:… WWN: 01:23:45:… • Contains resource MAC: xx:xx:xx:… MAC: xx:xx:xx:… SN: VCX1234567890 SN: VCX1234567890 requirements (i.e. UUID: 12345-… UUID: 12345-… Network: Production entitlements) Network: Production Network: Management Network: Backup Disk Size: 40 Network: Management • Points to storage on the Disk: /vm/mylittlels.vmdk Disk Size: 40 RAID: 5 SAN Redundant Paths: Yes Controller WWN: ab:cd:ef:… • Does not contain boot Lun ID: 1 image or data VCVM Logical Server Blade Logical Server
  7. 7. New HP Insight Dynamics - VSE: In action  5-star rating Logical Server makes it easy to identify best-fit placement No Stars: poor fit Five Stars: excellent fit
  8. 8. New HP Insight Dynamics - VSE: In action  Capacity planning for larger consolidations in hours with Smart Solver technology
  9. 9. Bring flexibility of virtualization to physical servers Logical server HP Logical Server technology • A server profile that is Image easily created and freely Configuration moved across physical and requirements virtual machines Unique IDs Logical servers can be: • Active physical blade servers • Active virtual machines • Offline templates Server Server Virtual Fabric 9
  10. 10. HP Capacity Advisor Easy-to-use 5-star-ratings Servers are provisioned and redeployed based on best fit algorithms Physical machine hosts Virtual machine hosts
  11. 11. Energy-aware planning manage power proactively, before it gets out of hand… 1 2 3 4 Capture Smart Solver Consolidate Resources historical recommends scenarios using logical optimized, energy data on power based on power servers savings realized usage analyze optimize Time elapsed: hours or days rather than weeks or months 11 11 December 2008
  12. 12. Scenario comparison report 11 December 12 2008
  13. 13. Utilization Limits • Quality of Service can be specified for resource utilization • Limits are used pervasively through the tool − Solver uses limits to know when a system is full − Limits are used in 5- star calculations − Going over the limits are reported when doing manual planning • Limits can be soft 13 11 December 2008
  14. 14. Forecasting utilization is easy • Enter a growth rate for a workload we will synthesize a trace for it • Trending analysis will help find the growth rate when there is no business plan
  15. 15. Control physical and virtual resources in the same way Network Groups • Visualize and manage and Domains logical servers whether they are built on physical or virtual machines Blade Enclosures • Works across multiple OSs and virtual machine technologies Integrity and • Integrated by design, ProLiant Servers easily move from high- level environment views to specific management tasks Virtual Servers Builds on HP Systems Insight Manager
  16. 16. Load Balance Logical Servers See report for where Performance problems detected. Run Capacity Advisor’s solver to find to optimally place Identify set of servers to load balance optimal logical server placement logical server logical server across If moving VMs… •Migrate the VM to another hypervisor VM VM online VM VM –or- VM VM •Migrate the VM to another physical server (via V2P) If moving blades within a domain group… Enter Vman & begin migrations •Migrate the blade to another blade in the VC Domain Group Else migrate blade to another physical server (DL/BL) or VM … •Migrate the blade to another blade outside the VC Domain Group or another server (via P2P) Server or –or- VM •Migrate the blade into a VM (via P2V) 16 11 December 2008
  17. 17. When to implement HP Insight Dynamics – VSE Desire flexibility of virtual 1 machines for physical LS LS LS LS LS LS blade servers LS LS LS LS LS LS Desire to manage physical and • HP virtual in the same way AND BladeSystem 2 wants common management HP Integrity App App App • across their HP server OS OS OS • HP ProLiant environment Hypervisor Desire ongoing capacity 3 planning to optimize power usage, re-balance workloads and maximize performance