Business Critical Servers - Chris Van Maaren


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Business Critical Servers - Chris Van Maaren

  1. 1. HP DUTCHWORLD 2008 OUTSMART THE FUTURE! HP Business Critical Servers Chris van Maaren Product Marketing Integrity Servers
  2. 2. Agenda • BCS Portfolio • Virtualisatie • HP-UX ontwikkelingen
  3. 3. Special Interest group Sessions HP Dutchworld 20 november Workshops • Unix SIG 10:00 tot 16:30 uur • NonStop SIG 10:00 tot 15:30 uur
  4. 4. HP storage and servers Adaptive Infrastructure 24x7 lights-out, virtualized, automated, space and energy efficient HP Integrity/ HP ProLiant HP BladeSystem HP StorageWorks Integrity NonStop • World's best selling • Most trusted Mission • Adaptive infrastructure • #1 in WW Storage servers Critical Infrastructure for enterprises and Systems (disk & tape) • 1-8 socket rack (Windows, HP-UX, NSK, growing businesses • Change-ready storage optimized servers OpenVMS, Linux) • Optimize server, storage through virtualization • Leading x86 • Industry’s leading scale- and interconnects and automation infrastructure tools: up and virtual • Energy efficient power • Cost-effective storage migration, virtualization, environments and cooling through data reduction consolidation and power • HP’s Mainframe infrastructure and energy efficiency management alternative • Broadest portfolio to store, protect, archive and manage data HP Infrastructure Software and Data Center Infrastructure Physical and virtual management and control
  5. 5. The mission-critical backbone of the next generation data center HP Integrity systems family Intelligently virtualized Continuously available Dynamically scalable Integrity systems family Integrity blades Integrity servers Integrity NonStop servers Your most Trust HP Integrity servers for your most When user service levels are demanding demanding workloads paramount, trust Integrity workloads in a NonStop for your most blade form factor. • Superdome demanding business applications • Mid-range • BL860c • Entry-class • NS16000 • BL870c • NS14000 • NS5000 • NS1000
  6. 6. BladeSystem solves universal pain points Energy-thrifty Change-ready • HP Thermal Logic • HP Virtual Connect Architecture • HP Active Cool Fans • HP Insight Control • PARSEC cooling architecture • HP Virtual Machine Manager • HP Dynamic Power Saver • HP Virtual Server Environment • HP Power Regulator Time-smart Cost-savvy • HP Onboard Administrator • Consolidated from the start • HP Automation Engine • Modular system components • HP Virtual Connect Architecture • Streamlined infrastructure design HP BladeSystem HP BladeSystem c7000 c3000
  7. 7. Business critical workloads can now take advantage of a bladed infrastructure Increasing Business Criticality Increasing Scalability Consolidation/ Virtualization Platforms BL870c Decision Support & Business Intelligence BL860c Applications Increasing workload size or Consolidation/ virtualization capacity
  8. 8. TCO comparison (3 years) Total Cost (3 years) $1,000,000 $900,000 $800,000 $700,000 $600,000 Cooling Power Data Center $500,000 Support Software $400,000 Hardware $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $0 BL870c rx6600 3-year BladeSystem savings: 26%; ~$228K! 8
  9. 9. Taking blades to 24/7 mission-critical computing Integrity NonStop Modular Computing Integrity NonStop BladeSystem • Cost savvy • Continuous 24/7 availability • Always available • Time smart • Real-time, all the time • Highly efficient • Energy efficient • Standards based • Flexible • Change ready • Simplified management • Affordable + =
  10. 10. Introducing: Integrity NonStop BladeSystem First-ever 24/7 mission critical able computing system built with Avail w No bladed modularity and standards Double the performance Half the footprint 100% NonStop
  11. 11. 100% NonStop • Always available – 24/7 continuous availability – Fault-tolerant NonStop OS – Fully-integrated fault-tolerant software stack • Massively scalable – Linear scalability – Up to 4,080 logical processors per system – Up to 8,160 cores per system – High-speed ServerNet clustering • Complete investment protection – 100% software compatible – Seamless clustering with prior systems – Supports existing I/O infrastructure
  12. 12. HP’s Virtual Server Environment Key Problems to Solve: 1.Need to lower infrastructure costs – Hardware (variable workload demand; servers typically under utilized) – Under utilized HA/DR systems – Software license costs – Support costs – Facilities (floor space, power cooling) 2.Reduce management costs – Increase automation – Reduce errors; increase efficiency 3.Reduce the time to deploy a new application – Improve I.T.’s responsiveness to business demand
  13. 13. Optimize server utilization in real time HP Virtual Server Environment for HP Integrity HP Virtual Server Environment • Double resource utilization Intelligent control – Reduce costs and pay only Integrated for what you use by design • Flex resources in real time – Increase speed of IT change Virtual servers • Keep your services up and running – Improve quality of service
  14. 14. HP Virtual Server Environment HP Virtual Server Environment for HP Integrity Intelligent control HP Systems Insight Manager HP Capacity HP Virtualization HP Global Advisor Manager Workload Manager HP-UX Workload Manager Integrated by design Virtual servers Partitioning Availability Utility pricing • nPars • HP Serviceguard • HP Instant Capacity • vPars • HP Serviceguard • HP Temporary • HP Integrity Storage Mgmt Suite Instant Capacity Virtual Machines • HP Metrocluster • HP Global • HP Secure Resource • HP Continentalclusters Instant Capacity Partitions • SGeRAC/SGeSAP • HP Pay Per Use
  15. 15. HP Virtual Server Environment for HP Integrity servers – multi OS support overview HP Virtual Server Environment Intelligent control Legend U – HP-UX 11i HP Systems Insight Manager (U,W,L,O) L – Linux W – Windows O – OpenVMS HP Integrity Essentials HP Integrity Essentials HP Integrity Essentials Global Capacity Advisor Virtualization Manager Workload Manager (U,W*,L*, O) (U, W, L) (U, W, L) HP-UX Workload Manager (U) *Only for Integrity VMs Integrated by design Virtual servers Partitioning Availability Utility pricing • nPars (U,W,L,O) • HP Serviceguard (U,L) • HP Instant Capacity • vPars (U) • HP Serviceguard Storage (U,W*,L*,O) • HP Integrity Virtual Machines Management Suite (U) • HP Temporary Instant (U, W, L , • HP Metrocluster (U) O planned) Capacity (U,W*, L*,O) • HP Continentalclusters (U) • HP Secure Resource • HP Global iCAP (U) • HP OpenVMS clusters (O) Partitions (U) • HP Pay Per Use (U,W,O)
  16. 16. HP – integrated capabilities for mission-critical virtualization Integrated HP Virtual Server Environment HP-UX 11i v3 Intelligent Control Automatic optimization: HP Systems Insight Manager Locality Optimized Resource Alignment (LORA) + Tune-n-Tools HP Global HP HP Workload Mgr Performance: Capacity Virtualization Advisor Manager HP-UX Accelerated Virtual I/O and Integrity Virtual Workload Mgr Machine 4.0 Integrated by Design Protection: MetroRAC and Enhanced security for identity, Virtual Servers data and systems Partitioning Availability Utility Pricing Management: SW Assistant, Dynamic Root Disk, Itanium Power Management, and ktracer ced h an e En h a n c d = En Leadership
  17. 17. HP-UX birthday party Van 10.00 tot 11.15 • De historie van Unix In zaal 22 • 25 jaar HP-UX • HP-UX taart en koffie • QUIZ met mooie prijzen!
  18. 18. HP-UX: 25 years of great history and strategic to HP’s future • 1983 1st version released on an HP 9000 Series 500 system ______ – Ronald Reagan was president of the United States • 1986 November – 1st commercial system released with the ______ HP PA-RISC processor, the HP 9000 Model 840 – The Berlin wall still separated East from West Germany • 2001 June – HP-UX 11i released on HP Intel Itanium processor-based HP Integrity ______ servers • 2007 February – HP releases HP-UX 11i v3 with major enhancements in ______ virtualization, availability, security, performance and management. • 2008 September – HP releases HP-UX 11i v3 Update 3, solving today’s hottest ______ virtualization issues, with improvements in performance, protection, automatic optimization and management for mission-critical environments
  19. 19. HP-UX Vibrancy update Van 11.30 tot 12.30 • HP-UX 11i v3 update 3 In zaal 22 • Verbeteringen HP-UX 11i v3 Update 3 enhancements Automated optimization Performance unleashed Locality Optimized Resource Alignment Accelerated Virtual I/O Tune-n-Tools and Integrity Virtual Machines 4.0 HP OnlineJFS 5.0 Greater protection Simplified management 2 Factor Authentication Software Assistant Secure Resource Partition v2 Dynamic Root Disk Global Instant Capacity (GiCAP) disaster Itanium Power Management recovery solution ktracer GiCAP integrated with HP Global Workload Manager
  20. 20. HP-UX 11i in 2008 Milestones related to your HP-UX 11i environments: • HP Integrity systems based on Intel Itanium Montvale processors, shipping now, are the last new Integrity servers supported by HP-UX 11i v2. Subsequent servers will run HP-UX 11i v3 and future versions. • The last planned HP-UX 11i v2 update release shipped in December 2007. All new OS functionality will ship only on HP-UX 11i v3. • New HP-UX 11i v3 OEs available since April 2008. • Original HP-UX 11i OEs unavailable for v3 after October 31, 2008. • December 31, 2008 – the last sale date for new systems in the HP 9000 family of systems. Upgrades will be available through December 2009. • December 31, 2009 – the last sale date for HP-UX 11i v1 & v2 • Support for HP-UX 11i v1 & 2, and for HP 9000 systems, will continue at least until December 2013.