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Leverage the Best of IT – The benefits of the Life Sciences CoE Model

Gain from the best practices, technologies and minds

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Leverage the Best of IT – The benefits of the Life Sciences CoE Model

  1. 1. Fact sheet Gain from the best practices, technologies, and minds HP Life Sciences Center of Excellence Whether it’s end to end or mind to mind, HP knows how to deliver excellence by bringing together the best to benefit clients. Understanding the challenges You cannot solve client issues unless you’re industry savvy. And that takes smarts—lots of them from many sources. The HP Life Sciences Center of Excellence draws together the best practices, technologies, and brightest minds from industry, academia, and business partners. Together, they discover, strategize, and provide industry solutions, measurably reducing costs and improving productivity for healthcare and life science companies. We share different perspectives and insights, addressing industry issues to: • Reduce time and money spent on research and development • Respond to changing regulatory requirements • Enable rapid onboarding of the clinical and sales workforce • Provide secure environments for data analysis, sharing, and collaboration • Optimize current business processes Sharing industry knowledge The center of excellence is a hub for knowledge sharing. It contains a portfolio of internal and external services provided across the life sciences industry and collateral, such as references, case studies, and white papers. This information identifies gaps, opportunities, and trends to drive innovation through reuse or enhancements of HP services, intellectual property, and capability building for integrated industry solutions. The center has accountability for the end-to- end lifecycle—from defining requirements to architectural considerations, long-term operational support requirements, sales and marketing materials. Here, we generate new growth opportunities and quick wins, improve client renewal rate, close big logo clients, and increase margin of the life sciences segment. The work at the center elevates recognition of HP as a leader and trusted partner throughout the industry. Making commitments and investments HP invests its own resources for the bulk of the center of excellence work. This includes bringing ideas and managing innovation projects, partnership relationships, and other resources. Clients benefit from our ability to modify existing solutions or quickly develop new innovative ones. In addition, they gain fast access to expertise and complementary solutions through proof of concept from the company’s established network of technology and service partners. By vastly improving IT-related services, the center benefits clients by: • Measurably reducing the time to market for potential new therapies • Providing performance baselines for a range of development and business activities • Lowering the cost of leveraged or dedicated IT services • Creating a single IT service and application source—independent of suppliers, vendors, or IP—where life science firms can better meet their business needs • Supporting faster, simpler enhancements to meet required specifications • Providing a tested, field-proven IT service environment for the industry Insights • Clients seek trusted advisors with industry- specific insight. • The HP Life Sciences Center of Excellence facilitates sharing of knowledge. • Within the center, HP brings discernible value to healthcare and life sciences clients.
  2. 2. Rate this documentShare with colleagues Sign up for updates Fact sheet | HP Life Sciences Center of Excellence Turning insight to solutions The HP Life Sciences Center of Excellence works with clients to understand their industry needs and challenges. We use our expertise and experiences with other clients, bringing those related insights to create industry- specific solutions. At the center, academia, industry and technology experts work side by side with HP Labs and innovation groups. Together, they apply the latest technologies, enabling them to support the New Style of Business. This provides a core foundation for businesses to innovate around existing processes, developing new efficiencies and optimizing current uses. This collaborative work fosters strong client relationships by understanding their pain points and offering fresh perspectives into problems. Ultimately, clients seek service providers with solutions that improvise the way they do business and enable fast prototyping and speed to market. Defining, delivering value Within the center of excellence, HP brings discernible value to clients. It’s defined and delivered in real business terms, which includes managing strategy, IT architecture, and services. Strategy management At the strategic level, the center establishes far stronger links between an IT service and solution provider and leadership of a life sciences organization. Service portfolio management The center manages a portfolio to ensure life sciences firms get optimized, cost- efficient business results. It makes certain development, transition, and operational activities yield measurable business results. It also examines current and proposed services, evaluating viability and the withdrawal of lower-value solutions. New solutions can be prioritized and industrialized. Service factory model By leveraging global best practices and a proven lifecycle-based framework model, the service factory model facilitates the design, construction, testing, deployment, and operation of a service. This enables the center of excellence and life sciences organizations to examine underlying business processes, costs and other constraints, architecture, and delivery requirements. Architectural management To ensure compatibility with existing and future infrastructure, life sciences firms should closely manage service-related architectures. Current and proposed services must integrate seamlessly with organizational environments and key solution providers. Service management and readiness The center addresses service readiness across a spectrum of variables—from strategic business maturity to technology design, transition capabilities, and the operational environment. This service management model leverages people, processes, and tools across business units, organizations, and the wider life sciences sector. Collaborating worldwide The HP Life Sciences Center of Excellence provides a collaborative, results-oriented framework. It’s capable of supporting the IT requirements of a complex healthcare enterprise—from mapping strategy to capitalizing on trends to combining industry- centric capabilities with cross-industry and common content. The center leverages the resources needed to drive automation, reduce site and process variances, and address specific organizational challenges and opportunities. Those capabilities are reflected in the experts, processes, tools, and metrics assembled for the task at hand. As part of this work, HP is a member of the Pistoia Alliance. This group of life sciences industry experts uses precompetitive collaboration to address issues of aggregating, accessing, and sharing data—essential to innovation but provides little competitive advantage. As a world leader, HP expertise includes: • Almost 50 years of experience serving the health and life sciences industry • More than 10,000 professionals dedicated to supporting health and life sciences clients worldwide • 250-plus clinical professionals • Eight of the top 10 global Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies as HP clients Learn more at © Copyright 2015 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. 4AA5-8038ENW, April 2015