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  1. 1. HOK Planning Group HOK is committed to building a better world 2
  2. 2. Fully Integrated Design The HOK Planning Group makes great Our master plans and urban design design gestures with complex biological places for people. We help clients shape strategies employ a place-based, integrated systems to establish a sense of place. the infrastructure that connects people to systems approach that is economically each other and to the world around them. viable and socially and environmentally Now more than ever, communities are For us, performance and aesthetics are not responsive. We work closely with clients, focused on achieving sustainability. Using separate conversations. The best design stakeholders and diverse project teams to biomimicry as a design ethos, we’re looking solutions are as functional as they are set goals and build consensus, ensuring a to the “genius of the place” – the native beautiful. successful process from design conception species, ecologies and cultures – for design through implementation. Our landscape inspiration, performance measures and time- architecture work blends imaginative tested resiliency strategies.
  3. 3. “Collaborating with our clients and partners, we are enriched with new ideas for a more sustainable future that incorporates nature’s genius into solutions for the built environment.” CHIP CRAWFORD Practice Leader | HOK Planning Group
  4. 4. CHAPTER 1 Planning
  5. 5. ST. LOUIS GIF T The St. Louis Gift effort employs the FIT [Fully Integrated Thinking] Framework as an analysis and presentation tool to reveal underutilized assets and redevelopment opportunities in the St. Louis region. The project evolved from a desire to create a positive vision for the city and to spawn a dialogue through which civic leaders could form strategic connections and explore development ideas in an integrated context. LOCATION : ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI SIZE: REGION
  6. 6. KHED SEZ As a new special economic zone outside of Pune, Khed is envisioned to be a world- class community for scientific innovation and sustainability. The entire development is founded on the FIT [Fully Integrated Thinking] Framework to create an urban context that functions equally well from ecological, social and economic perspectives, increasing the quality of life for all its inhabitants and creating standards for continuous improvement and monitoring over time. CO M P OSI T E P L A N LOCATION : MAHARASHTRA, INDIA SIZE: 4,500 HECTARES 11,120 ACRES D E V ELO P M EN T P H ASIN G L A N D CA P E + O P EN S PACE S E Z DIS T RIB U T IO N
  7. 7. KHED creatively synthesizes human need, environmental stewardship and economic viability, resulting in a global model of urbanism where residents will live, grow and prosper in harmony with nature.
  8. 8. AN PHU HUNG TOWNSHIP An Phu Hung is a new satellite mixed-use center in the Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area. As a densely urban area with modern infrastructure and amenities, it is poised to become a major and competitive sub-centre in one of the fastest growing regions in Vietnam. LOCATION : HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM SIZE: 664 HECTARES 1640 ACRES
  9. 9. MEGACIT Y NAVI MUMBAI Navi Mumbai is a planned large-scale, transit-oriented “city of cities,” deeply rooted in local culture and ecology, that will accommodate Mumbai’s fast growth and demand for technology-focused industry. LOCATION : NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA SIZE: 740 HECTARES 1829 ACRES
  10. 10. Each city of Navi Mumbai is designed to attract world-class industry through distinct yet well-connected infrastructure, a variety of housing typologies, retail and entertainment.
  11. 11. UMM R AMOOL REDEVELOPMENT The vision for this concept master plan is to create a mixed- use high density community from what is currently a light industrial zone in an existing area of Dubai. This plan creates an environment that responds to the existing urban fabric effectively, adapts to market conditions over the long-term and provides flexibility. The development responds to a growing demand for affordable housing and effective implementation of a public transit system. LOCATION : DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES SIZE: 380 HECTARES 939 ACRES
  13. 13. L AVASA : DASVE VILL AGE Dasve is the first of eight villages to be constructed as part of the Lavasa Master Plan. Dasve transforms a former ‘slash and burn’ agricultural district into a compact, site-friendly development that intends to improve the natural environment and water quality for the community through reforestation, riparian edge repair and enhanced erosion control measures for monsoon season water flows. LOCATION : MOSE VALLEY, PUNE, INDIA SIZE: 684 HECTARES 1,690 ACRES AWA RDS: CHARTER AWARD - CONGRESS FOR THE NEW URBANISM AWARD OF HONOR, ANALYSIS AND PLANNING CATEGORY - AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS PRESIDENT’S AWARD - ST. LOUIS CHAPTER AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS
  14. 14. PORTSMOUTH DOWNTOWN MASTER PL AN AND WATERFRONT STR ATEGY An integrated team and multi- faceted public engagement approach were critical to creating this downtown master plan. The effort focuses renewed investment and revitalization around the implementation of the city’s existing comprehensive plan, increasing population, triggering economic development, enhancing livability and protecting Portsmouth’s unique character. LOCATION : PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA SIZE: 180 HECTARES 445 ACRES
  15. 15. UNIVERSIT Y OF AL ABAMA SCIENCE PRECINCT MASTER PL AN This precinct plan focuses on creating a new quadrangle designed to improve pedestrian and vehicular circulation. The scale and relationships of the buildings and open spaces were drawn from campus precedents, building upon the historic character of the university and promoting a distinct sense of place. The central quadrangle acts as the heart of the precinct from which more varied and intimate spaces emerge. LOCATION : TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA SIZE: 55742 SQUARE METERS 600,000 SQUARE FEET AWA RDS: 2009 NATIONAL SCUP MERIT AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN PLANNING A DISTRICT OR CAMPUS COMPONENT
  16. 16. GREEN LINE As an ambitious multi-modal, transit-oriented redevelopment plan, Green Line promises a new vision for downtown Atlanta. The proposal caps the existing railroad gulch, unlocking prime real estate around Georgia State University and readying the landmark “5 Points” MARTA station, to become a high-speed metro and commuter rail hub. LOCATION : ATLANTA, GEORGIA SIZE: 35 HECTARES 87 ACRES AWA RDS: 2008 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, GEORGIA CHAPTER
  17. 17. CHAPTER 2 Urban Design
  18. 18. CHONGQING NORTH NEW ZONE The design of this high-density mixed-use development situated at the gateway of the Jiangbei and New Jiangbei central business districts is based on sustainable design principles, with an emphasis on retaining the existing dynamic topography. Building orientation along existing contours minimizes site waste, maximizes views to the river and natural daylighting, and reserves the valley and farms as public open space. LOCATION : JIANGBEI DISTRICT, CHONGQING, CHINA SIZE : 1900 HECTARES 4695 ACRES
  19. 19. MEIXI L AKE - R4 A neighborhood of the Meixi Lake development, the R4 mixed-use residential district is planned to be a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented residential community. The district will accommodate approximately 47,000 inhabitants in a myriad of housing types with well-planned transit stops and commercial zones within convenient walking distances along a secondary pedestrian network. LOCATION : WEST CHANGSHA, CHINA SIZE: WAT ER SYS T EMS 46 HECTARES (SITE) 113 ACRES SI T E COV ER AG E
  20. 20. PL AN L A N D US E T Y PICA
  21. 21. Detention gardens and landscaped bermed zones are a common element of the courtyard language and play a vital role in the storm water and run-off management system.
  22. 22. SHANGHAI CRESCENT A phased development approach maximizes use of the reclaimed land for this mixed-use community along a coastal zone in West Changsha, China. Recognizing the importance of the role to the area, the delta is used as the central organizing element of several distinct districts, each of which has a unique relationship and interplay with the water system. LOCATION : WEST CHANGSHA, CHINA SIZE: 607 HECTARES 1,500 ACRES
  23. 23. ST. PETERSBURG TECHNOPARK This new office community, distinguished by its elegant building forms and central store- lined plaza, creates an inviting gathering space and premier destination for both Russian and international companies operating in St. Petersburg. The project is an investment catalyst for the entire region. LOCATION : ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA SIZE: 60 HECTARES 148 ACRES
  24. 24. CMA TOWER PL A Z A As proposed, the CMA tower will be the second-tallest tower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and among the world’s 20 tallest buildings. The master plan for the plaza focuses the building on the shared space, which acts as the green heart of this central and preeminent section of the entire King Abdullah Financial District. LOCATION : RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA SIZE: 3.9 HECTARES 9.8 ACRES
  25. 25. KIENER PL A Z A The design for the revitalization of this plaza is significant both in its function as a pivotal connection in the linear mall stretching from the arch grounds west into downtown St. Louis, and in its symbolism as a new icon, created from a self- powering shade and performance structure. The new structure pays homage to the city’s history while heralding a new vision for the future. LOCATION : ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI SIZE: 8 HECTARES 19.8 ACRES
  26. 26. The pedestrian bridge will become the literal hub for a bi-state network of regional trails known as the River Ring.
  27. 27. CHOUTEAU BRIDGE Chouteau Bridge is a vital component of Chouteau Greenway—the proposed linear park that will link St. Louis’ renowned Forest Park at the western edge of the city with the Gateway Arch on the riverfront in downtown. The landmark pedestrian bridge is designed to span Interstate I-55, providing convenient and safe access between the southern edge of the central business district and the arch grounds. LOCATION : ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI SIZE : 8 KILOMETERS (ENTIRE GREENWAY) 5 MILES
  28. 28. MEJILLONES URBAN FR AMEWORK The Punta Angamos port is poised to become one of the largest in South America and the primary threshold for trade with the Asian market. The proposed urban development strategies and priorities enable the city to accommodate the growing demand of housing and services, protect the history and cultural heritage, promote the region’s tourism potential and deploy sustainable strategies that are in sync with the extreme environment and desert resources. LOCATION : MEJILLONES, CHILE SIZE: 80 HECTARES 198 ACRES AWA RDS: 2009 ST. LOUIS CHAPTER, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS MERIT AWARD
  29. 29. DUBLIN AIRPORT CIT Y The plan for this mixed-use compact development will allow business travelers to get from airport arrivals to a desk in six minutes via a new automated people mover. Commissioned by the Dublin Airport Authority, the design caters both to travelers and the local community. It creates a thriving business community of 30,000 people through its generous provision of office and hotel space supported by shops and restaurants, as well as a multitude of job opportunities for a growing region. LOCATION : DUBLIN, IRELAND SIZE: 140 HECTARES 346 ACRES
  30. 30. TAIHU BOULEVARD PL AN This beautifully landscaped urban public space will host all modes of transportation as the centerpiece of a master plan for the new East Taihu waterfront community. With easy access to open space along various waterfront edges, a pedestrian friendly street network and a mix of housing types, the plan will convert a long-neglected lakefront into a world-class center of growth in the Suzhou metropolitan area. LOCATION : WUJIANG, SHANGHAI SIZE: 607 HECTARES 1,500 ACRES AWA RDS: 2008 ILLINOIS CHAPTER, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS MERIT AWARD
  31. 31. BAY MEADOWS MIXED - USE DEVELOPMENT PHASE II As the commercial center of the San Mateo Rail Corridor TOD plan, this new five-city block area provides a pedestrian friendly environment with an active ground plane that connects train station access, public plazas, courtyards and streetscapes. All buildings are designed to achieve a LEED-rating of Silver or higher. LOCATION : SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA SIZE: 5 HECTARES 12.6 ACRES
  32. 32. SUZHOU TIMES SQUARE HOK provided architecture, urban design and canal-side streetscape design for this major new cultural, retail and entertainment district. As the cultural heart of the Suzhou Industrial Park, the corridor integrates with the International Expo Center, the Industrial Park Administrative Center and the Science and Arts Center. The master plan will serve the needs of the broader Suzhou region as commercial and residential development increases around Jinji Lake. LOCATION : SUZHOU, CHINA SIZE: 40 HECTARES 99 ACRES
  33. 33. CHAPTER R 3 CHAPTE 1 Landscape Architecture
  34. 34. PARQUE DE VALDEBEBAS The proposed large civic park on the outskirts of Madrid draws its inspiration from the natural terrain and variety of landscapes throughout central Spain. The plan links a new community, an arboretum and the historic Madrid city center with planned passive and active recreation spaces; dedicated activity zones such as a skateboard park, mountain biking and climbing; an interpretive center; and productive landscapes for community gardens and sustainable energy generators. PA R K P L A N LOCATION : MADRID, SPAIN SIZE: 80 HECTARES 198 ACRES TO P O G R A P H Y
  36. 36. GOVERNMENT HILL Home to government pavilions during the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis’ historic Forest Park, the restored Government Hill site is now a dramatic setting for major community gatherings and casual park-goers alike. The new design, completed in conjunction with Stephen Stimson Associates, re- establishes the water feature and improves accessibility. The landscape forms and plant palette accentuate the panoramic view from the World’s Fair Pavilion to Post-Dispatch Lake. LOCATION : ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI SIZE: 11.7 HECTARES 29 ACRES AWA RDS: 2009 ST. LOUIS CHAPTER AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS MERIT AWARD
  37. 37. A series of outdoor rooms, each unique in form and character, cascade the hill beckoning a new discovery at every turn.
  38. 38. MID -AMERICA TR ANSPL ANT SERVICES DONOR PL A Z A & SCULPTURE Conceptually, the design for this plaza reflects the intersection between the lives that are lost and those who continue because of the individual choice to become an organ donor. A symbolic sculpture is the centerpiece, positioned as though floating on an island and flanked by terraced seating, setting the tone for contemplation and reflection in this sacred space. LOCATION : ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI SIZE: 2787 SQUARE METERS 30,000 SQUARE FEET AWA RDS: 2009 ST. LOUIS CHAPTER, AMERICAN SOCIETY OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS PRESIDENTS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE
  39. 39. DALL AS COMMUNIT Y COLLEGE SCIENCE/ ALLIED HEALTH AND VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY CENTER With an eye toward creating a sustainabile environment inside and out, the plan for this new complex in a growing community campus included construction of an outdoor education center, student gathering plazas, and sustainable landscape and irrigation systems. A barn and habitat restoration for areas where existing buildings are to be demolished is also planned. LOCATION : DALLAS, TEXAS SIZE: 10,219 SQUARE METERS 110,000 SQUARE FEET
  40. 40. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF L AT TER-DAY SAINTS As part of a long standing partnership, HOK has supported this organization with master planning, site studies, facility evaluations, construction of exterior spaces and on-going assistance with facilities planning for its global headquarters campus in downtown Salt Lake City. LOCATION : SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH SIZE : VARIES PER PROJECT
  41. 41. CAW THR A PARK MASTER PL AN The redevelopment of this park in downtown Toronto focused on reorganizing existing components and integrating new elements to serve a wide variety of users. Previously under-utilized and disjointed, the project team worked closely with city planners and stakeholders to transform the park into what it is today: Home to the city’s official AIDS memorial, integrated play space for a thriving community and childcare center, a popular dog park and casual meeting place for the surrounding neighborhood. LOCATION : TORONTO, CANADA SIZE : 4,580 SQUARE METERS 49,300 SQUARE FEET
  42. 42. GAR AK MARKET REDEVELOPMENT Garak Market represents one of the most visible and recognizable centers of commerce in Seoul. As residential density near the market has increased, so too has the need for a significant recreational open space. The landscape proposed as a part of this design competition shows several distinct zones that offer a variety of activities and experiences ranging from active and lively spaces to quiet, contemplative passive areas unified through inspiring and sustainable planting schemes. LOCATION : SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA SIZE: 50 HECTARES 125 ACRES
  43. 43. CHAPTER 4 Project Highlight KAUST
  44. 44. KING ABDULL AH UNIVERSIT Y OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY This 6.5 million square foot research university and new town was built from scratch on a 9,000-acre site near Thuwal on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, 50 miles north of Jeddah. In addition to designing the more than 4 million square foot campus, the commercial center, and the entire public realm, HOK served as executive planner and architect for the entire development. 4 L E E D - N C P L AT I N U M LOCATION : THUWAL, SAUDI ARABIA SIZE: 1,416 HECTARES 3,500 ACRES AWA RDS: 2008 CONGRESS FOR THE NEW URBANISM CHARTER AWARD
  45. 45. KING ABDULL AH UNIVERSIT Y OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Underpinning the planning and landscape architectural framework for the entire development are highly contextual recommendations for elements such as building and plant materials, roadways, storm water treatment and shading devices.
  46. 46. KING ABDULL AH UNIVERSIT Y OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY The strong, clear master plan enabled the project to move quickly from a conceptual idea into detailed design and construction. Site development began just six months after the HOK Planning Group completed the plan and less than a year after the team created the initial sketches.
  47. 47. HOK’s Global Network HOK has always been guided by a singular mission: HOK is committed to developing resources and expertise to help lead to enrich people’s lives through innovative, thoughtful the world toward sustainable communities and building environments. design. With a collaborative network of 23 offices For more than five decades HOK has taken seriously its responsibility worldwide, the firm has an active presence in most for advancing the profession and practice of planning, landscape continents and knowledge-based design in many architecture, architecture and interior design to shape the human market sectors. experience and conserve the Earth’s resources. MOSCOW CALGARY VANCOUVER LONDON HAMBURG WARSAW OTTAWA BRUSSELS DRESDEN TORONTO PARIS DENVER NEW YORK CHICAGO LYON MILAN SAN FRANCISCO WASHINGTON, DC ROME ST. LOUIS MADRID LOS ANGELES DALLAS ATLANTA HOUSTON TAMPA MIAMI DUBAI MUM EL DORADO BOGOTA LIMA SAO PAULO BUENOS AIRES SANTIAGO CITY HOK OFFICES CITY NETWORK OFFICES
  49. 49. “HOK’s professionalism transcends boundaries and time zones. HOK’s Planning team members always exert that extra effort and include some personal touches in their work.” CHUMPON SURINTRABOON Amari Coastal Bay Development Corporation We Create. We Inspire. “I look forward to working with HOK again in the future so that we can exchange more ideas and experiences.” PAULA ROSPUTMAHEEP SINGH THAPAR Consultant | Hyderabad Urban Development Authority
  50. 50. “HOK Planning Group knows how to communicate effectively to a diverse collection of stakeholders by listening, gently educating and encouraging people to think in terms of the community’s best interest.” PAUL L. HUDS DAVID DECAMP Highland Associates, LLC We Connect. We Care. “The HOK Planning Group’s approach to sustainable urban design and planning has time and again enhanced our many efforts in recent years towards promoting the betterment of the Hong Kong Harbour.” GORDON ONGLEY Swire Properties Limited
  51. 51. C O N TACT US UNITED STATES Los Angeles CANADA Shanghai Atlanta 9530 Jefferson Boulevard Toronto Suite 3705 A, Ciro’s Plaza, 388 Nan 191 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 4100 Culver City, CA 90232 USA 720 King Street West, Suite 505 Jing West Road Atlanta, GA 30303 USA Voice +1 310 838 9555 Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T3 Canada Shanghai, 200003 Voice +1 404 439 9000 Fax +1 310 838 9586 Voice +1 416 203 9993 Voice +8621 6334 6181 Fax +1 404 439 9001 Fax +1 416 203 9992 Fax +8621 6334 6182 New York Chicago 620 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor EUROPE Singapore 60 East Van Buren Street, 14th Floor New York, NY 10011 USA London 100 Beach Road, #16-08 Shaw Tower Chicago, IL 60605 USA Voice +1 212 741 1200 Qube, 90 Whitfield Street Singapore, 189702 Voice +1 312 782 1000 Fax +1 212 633 1163 London W1T 4EZ United Kingdom Voice +65 6291 1911 Fax +1 312 782 6727 Voice +44 0 20 7636 2006 Fax +65 6396 0600 San Francisco Fax +44 0 20 7636 1987 Dallas One Bush Street, Suite 200 MIDDLE EAST 2711 North Haskell Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA ASIA PACIFIC Dubai Suite 2250, LB 26 Voice +1 415 243 0555 Beijing P.O. Box 26437, 1501 API World Dallas, TX 75204 USA Fax +1 415 882 7763 Unit 1705, 17/F China Resources Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road Voice +1 214 720 6000 Building No. 8 Jianguo Menbei Avenue Dubai, UAE Fax +1 214 720 6005 St. Louis Beijing 100005 PR China Voice + 971 4 332 9116 211 North Broadway, Suite 700 Voice +8610 8519 2898 Fax + 971 4 332 9117 Denver St. Louis, MO 63102 USA Fax +8610 8519 2899 2190 East 17th Avenue Voice +1 314 421 2000 INDIA Denver, CO 80206 USA Fax +1 314 421 6073 Hong Kong HOK Design and Planning Services Voice +1 303 832 1712 24/F Kinwick Centre 32 Hollywood (India) Private Limited Fax +1 303 832 1713 Washington, DC Road 403 Sentinel, Hiranandani Gardens, Canal House, 3223 Grace Street, N.W. Central, Hong Kong Powai, Mumbai 400 076 Houston Washington, DC 20007 USA Voice + 852 2534 0000 +91 22 2570 2570 2800 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 3700 Voice +1 202 339 8700 Fax + 852 2534 0099 Houston, TX 77056 USA Fax +1 202 339 8800 Voice +1 713 407 7700 Fax +1 713 407 7809