Simpsons In Brazil Lp2


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There is a sound icon - I used Duran Duran's 'Rio' but this isn't uploaded here!

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Simpsons In Brazil Lp2

  1. 1. Simpsons in Brazil
  2. 2. How accurate is this image of part of Brazil? Monkeys at the door?
  3. 3. Why did they choose this insignia for the tail of the plane? Why do you think Lisa’s book is called ‘How to be a Brazilionaire’?
  4. 4. Homer is delighted at the thought of ‘opposite land’. Why does he think Brazil is opposite land? Why is Bart wasting his time when he learns Spanish on the plane?
  5. 5. Where is this? Is it a real place?
  6. 6. Conga train? Why do they use this idea? What is it saying about Brazil? Is it an accurate portrayal?
  7. 7. Are they really this keen on football in Brazil?
  8. 8. Why would Homer have this book? Is there anything in Brazil to loot? Why does this lady appear on children’s TV? What is it implying about Brazil?
  9. 9. Would it be safe to walk in the favelas like this? Is this a ‘typical’ view from a hotel room? Why do you think this view was chosen? What does Lisa say about the favelas? Is this picture accurate?
  10. 11. Why are the rats multicoloured? What is this trying to imply? What was the orphanage called? Why? Do you think this is accurate?
  11. 12. What sort of food do they eat in Brazil? Where is this place?
  12. 13. Appropriate? What other dances originated in Brazil? Why might this dance teacher be a stereotype?
  13. 14. The lady distracts Homer while the children pickpocket. Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of how tourists are treated in Brazil? Marge gets a shock with this jewellery. What is this scene trying to say?
  14. 15. Homer is kidnapped. Is this a problem for tourists in Brazil? Are there areas of the world where this might be a problem?
  15. 16. The Amazon rainforest What does the kidnapper say is happening to the forest?
  16. 17. Is this scene complete fiction? Which aspects may be based on truth?
  17. 18. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  18. 19. What other images would you choose to give a fair view of Brazil?