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A Manifesto for HNV farming – Pat Thompson (RSPB) 


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Agro-ecology All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) event - 25th November 2013

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A Manifesto for HNV farming – Pat Thompson (RSPB) 

  1. 1. A manifesto for High Nature Value farming Pat Thompson RSPB Uplands Policy Officer
  2. 2. What is High Nature Value Farming? • Farmed land – High proportion of semi-natural vegetation – Mosaic of low intensity agriculture – Features such as field margins, hedgerows, walls, woodland margins, wetlands • In UK, mostly (but not exclusively) associated with lowintensity beef and sheep farming in uplands • Also some low input mixed/arable and coastal habitats
  3. 3. A shared goal – the manifesto • Farming central to keeping these places special • Work with communities of interest – a voice for HNV farming • Targeted support to secure long-term viability of these precious systems • Innovate – modern ways that work with tradition • Secure multiple benefits of HNV • Time to act!
  4. 4. Thank you!