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Tweeting for cochranites

  1. 1. #CochraneUKroadshowCochrane UKSocial Media Roadshow
  2. 2. It‟s not as scary as you think!Sarah Chapman @ukcochranecentrTweeting Cochrane
  3. 3. 3UK Cochrane Centre“There is great power in the conversation.Know the risks and behave accordingly,but do not be so risk averse that you donot participate.”Faris Timimi M.D., Medical Director for the Mayo Clinic Center forSocial MediaWhy use social media?
  4. 4. • Don‟t Lie, Don‟t Pry• Don‟t Cheat, Can‟t Delete• Don‟t Steal, Don‟t Reveal(A 12-Word Social Media Policy, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media,2012)• Add valueUK Cochrane Centre 4Simple rules for using social media
  5. 5. Twitter is like a room full of people you wantto network with – a very big one!UK Cochrane Centre 5• Self-promotion: target thosewho may be interested in yourwork & can use/promote it• Others want to do this too –you can help each other!• It‟s an opportunity to put on apublic display/represent yourorganisation• Great for information-gathering• Remember – anyone in theroom could be listening• It‟s social, it‟s conversational• You might enjoy it!
  6. 6. • You have 140 characters per tweet• At its most basic this will be the thing youwant to say….• …and most often a link too (if you‟retweeting about a review, for example, youneed to give people the link to it)Twitter: the bottom lineUK Cochrane Centre 6
  7. 7. • Updated falls prevention review: goodevidence that exercise helps #exercise @AgeUK# - hashtags@ - Twitter handlehttp:// - shortened linkA tweet is built up of…UK Cochrane Centre 7
  8. 8. Using Hootsuite, a free social media managementtool, shortens the linksShortened link = 18 characters link = 74 characters are other advantages to using Hootsuite tooA word about linksUK Cochrane Centre 8
  9. 9. • Associate your tweet with a topicor event #malaria #ukcc21• Make your tweet searchable by that tag• Can act as a sub-clause to yourtweet, for added comment, emphasis or humour:Roche still refusing to disclose #tamiflu data. #disappointedHashtags (anything with # in front)UK Cochrane Centre 9
  10. 10. Performance anxiety• I don‟t know what to say (we‟re coming to that)• I might say the wrong thing (stick to the rules,admit mistakes quickly)• Everyone else is moreintelligent/witty/amusing/insightful than me(almost everyone else will be thinking this too)• I haven‟t got the time (you can keep it to a smallamount of time and still reach a wide audience)UK Cochrane Centre 10
  11. 11. What can I tweet about?• Reviews/protocols new/updated, or linked to a news item,event, conversation, or just because you want to alert people to it!Include links to the summary or full review• Citations of reviews in the media, journals etc(remember to give the link!)• Cochrane events & training (especially yours!)• Events you‟re attending• Position statements e.g. “It‟s important not just toproduce good reviews but to influence health”UK Cochrane Centre 11
  12. 12. TWEETING YOUR REVIEW#CochraneUKroadshow12UK Cochrane Centre
  13. 13. This is ok:Chinese herbal medicine for diabetic peripheralneuropathy this is better:Chinese herbal medicine for diabetic peripheralneuropathy #diabetesI‟ve added #diabetes so people searching for that would find it. I‟ve alsoshortened the link by using HootsuiteTweeting your reviewUK Cochrane Centre 13
  14. 14. This is better still:No evidence to support the use of Chinese herbalmedicines for diabetic peripheral neuropathy:#Cochrane review #diabetesThis adds value by saying something about the review‟s findings. It tellspeople it‟s a Cochrane review and a search for #Cochrane will find it.Tweeting your reviewUK Cochrane Centre 14
  15. 15. 15UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingI found the account for @DiabetesUK -I could add them to my tweetI could look at who they follow and arefollowed by to find similar accountsUsing a hashtag e.g. #diabetes may gainme some new followers
  16. 16. Tweeting your review• Updated falls prevention review: good evidencethat exercise helps #falls#exercise @AgeUK• If you haven‟t got space to add hashtags at the end you can put #before the relevant word in the main text of the post• If you include a Twitter name for an individual or organization theywill get an email alerting them to it – a good way to be seen!Build a following#’s & Twitter handles inyour tweets can attractnew followersUK Cochrane Centre 16
  17. 17. You can highlight different aspects of a review:Safety of Chinese herbal medicine for diabeticperipheral neuropathy unknown. Lack of trial dataon harms #diabetesNew #Cochrane review on Chinese herbalmedicine for diabetic peripheral neuropathy findsonly poor quality trials #diabetesTweeting your reviewUK Cochrane Centre 17
  18. 18. Tweeting your reviewSome reviews really lend themselves to multiple tweets:Home safety interventions effective in reducing#falls: updated #Cochrane review surgery on 1st eye reduced #falls inolder women Cochrane Centre 18
  19. 19. 19UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingSearching for a hashtag e.g. #exerciseor #cataracts can show who istweeting about these & may bring upsome accounts worth following
  20. 20. You can target different audiences by the language you useTaking antioxidant vitamins won‟t cut your risk ofgetting #cataracts evidence that antioxidant vitaminsupplementation slows visual acuity loss orreduces #cataract risk or progression your reviewUK Cochrane Centre 20
  21. 21. It’s fine to tweet about uncertainties…• Evidence on provision of educationalmaterials to prevent #falls inconclusive #CochraneUK Cochrane Centre 21
  22. 22. …and to shout about the review’s reach• Washington Post on #Cochrane fallsprevention review: Obama calls it “themost important review of our time” link#fallsUK Cochrane Centre 22
  23. 23. Spot and target a potential audience• It‟s Falls Prevention week: there‟s probably adesignated hashtag – add it to your tweet, &search for the # to see what‟s being talked about• There‟s a conference (as above)• It‟s January & icy, time to tweet about fallsprevention: anti-slip shoes can reduce #falls inicy conditions #ice #winterUK Cochrane Centre 23
  24. 24. • I‟ve spotted that there‟s a conference onOptometry Tomorrow (17-18 March)• I‟ve found out if there‟s a designated hashtag:yes, it‟s #OT13• I‟ve had a look at the programme• I‟m ready to tweet some relevant reviews e.g.#Cochrane review finds silicone plugs can provide symptomatic relief insevere dry eye #OT13• I‟ll also search for #OT13 to see what people aretweeting aboutUpcoming conferenceUK Cochrane Centre 24
  25. 25. 25UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingevents are opportunities to reach newaudiences and to find new accounts tofollow too
  26. 26. Our upcoming conference!UK Cochrane Centre 26
  27. 27. 27UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingwhen someone retweets or replies toyour tweet, check if you’re followingthem. If not, perhaps you should!
  28. 28. These will usually be health-related, but not always!Awareness/Special DaysUK Cochrane Centre 28
  29. 29. 29UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingI tend to follow more organizationsthan individuals, but some individualsare powerful influencers with largefollowings – engage with them if youcan!
  30. 30. I tweetedHealth professionals: has a #Cochrane reviewchanged your practice? We‟d love to hear!Take a risk!UK Cochrane Centre 30
  31. 31. The lifestyle editor from NHS Choices responded:These conversations followed…UK Cochrane Centre 31
  32. 32. …and an optometristUK Cochrane Centre 32
  33. 33. 33UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingThis was retweeted by@MyEyeHealth – they could beworth following! Do theyhave followers I should follow?
  34. 34. • Caroline Fiennes also commented on the tweet & Istarted following her. Then this:…and I made a new connectionUK Cochrane Centre 34
  35. 35. EXAMPLE: Jumping into conversations#CochraneUKroadshow35UK Cochrane CentreUK Cochrane Centre 35
  36. 36. Jump into a conversation• This isn‟t rude – it‟s a great opportunity!The following slides show some realexamples. I spotted these twoconversations and jumped into them,adding value and grabbing the chance topromote Cochrane reviews (see the notesbelow the example)…UK Cochrane Centre 36
  37. 37. 37UK Cochrane Centre1. Cochrane Centre 37
  38. 38. 38UK Cochrane CentreTwitter1. Cochrane Centre 38
  39. 39. 39UK Cochrane CentreBuild a followingEngagement is more important thannumbers. Increasing your following isgood but you can show value & reachby the conversations you’re having.
  40. 40. EXAMPLE: Live tweeting at the PIFConference#CochraneUKroadshow40UK Cochrane CentreUK Cochrane Centre 40
  41. 41. 41UK Cochrane CentreTwitterUK Cochrane Centre 41
  42. 42. TWEETING A CONFERENCE#CochraneUKroadshow42UK Cochrane Centre
  43. 43. Why tweet a conference?Share your enthusiasm!Get new followers from your field of interest(they‟ll value your input!)Discuss issues with peers onlineTransform online connections into real ones(tweetups)Promote your organization‟s valuesthrough what you highlightUK Cochrane Centre 43
  44. 44. Types of conference tweets• Mood tweets“Excited to be at #ukcc21, tucking into fabpastries before the first plenary!”• Tweetups“Great discussion on #bias, suggest meet at 12 in the ballroom totalk some more #ukcc21”• Talks - these are key tweets!Should include speaker‟s name, main information and hashtag• LinksTo media coverage, videos, presentations and other useful resourcesUK Cochrane Centre 44
  45. 45. HOW TO MANAGE YOURSOCIAL MEDIA#CochraneUKroadshow45UK Cochrane Centre
  46. 46. 46UK Cochrane CentreWe use Hootsuite to manage all our social media accounts. It means you canwrite one message and select which accounts you would like to post it to.And don‟t worry it doesn‟t cost a thing for a basic account!
  47. 47. 47UK Cochrane Centre1. 2. 3. 4.
  48. 48. UK Cochrane Centre 48What do these icons mean??Reply: you can respond to aspecific tweet and youresponse will be attached as a„conversation‟ to the originalpost.Retweet: you can re-post a particulartweet for your own followers to see. If youdo this the tweet will start with „RT‟ whichshows your followers that you haveretweeted it from somebody else.Direct message:you can privatelymessage someoneabout a specifictweetReply all: youcan tweet allthe peoplementioned in aparticulartweet.Favourite: If you favourite a tweetit means it will be saved in your„favourites folder on your twitteraccount. To view your favouritesyou need to log directly intotwitter.comSend toemail: willforward thespecific tweetto your emailIgnore the last to they arefor Pro account users.
  49. 49. UK Cochrane Centre 49How to post on HootsuiteWhen you click on the „compose a message...‟ box, to opens out so you canwrite your post.(Don‟t forget that you can only write in a 140 characters for twitter otherwise it will truncate your post.But if you are not posting to Twitter then you can write as much as you like!)Hootsuite is great if you want to add a link to a post. You copy the link into thebox and press „shrink‟. It will make your link a lot shorter, meaning you havemore characters spare for what you want to say.You can also add attachments, locations and schedule your tweet to be postedon a specific day at a specific time!
  50. 50. UK Cochrane Centre 50How to post on Hootsuite (cont.)Once you have written your post, click on the „Click to select your profile box...‟A drop down list will appear of all your social media accounts, and you canchoose one or more to send the post to.Then all you need to do is press „Send Now‟ and your post will be automaticallysent to the accounts you have chosen.
  51. 51. Timing tweets• Scheduled tweets– Social media management software allows this– We send daily tweets using #CochraneEvidencehashtag to highlight and link to new/updated reviews– Multiple tweets with same link but different wording –to target different groups, or to highlight differentaspects– Remember global audience, different time zones– Awareness days/events & conferencesUK Cochrane Centre51
  52. 52. Timing tweets• Responsive tweets– Answering direct questions or comments– Engaging in public debate on a topic to state aposition, direct to information or just to be in theconversation– Joining in a conversation to flag up relevant Cochraneevidence– Tweeting a conferenceUK Cochrane Centre52
  53. 53. DO’S AND DON’TS#CochraneUKroadshow53UK Cochrane Centre
  54. 54. Dos and don’tsDO• Listen, engage, join in conversations• Link often, direct people to useful sites – especially yourown!• Keep it active• Credit others• Keep the tone pleasant and professionalDON‟T• Use abbreviated text-talk; cutting corners in your tweetssuggests you might cut them elsewhere!• Allow your tweets to be truncated at the end – peoplemay miss thingsUK Cochrane Centre 54