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Healthy Marketing Presentation with DSM at Vitafoods


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Healthy Marketing Team founder and Marketing Expert Peter Wennstrom drew a crowd that caused a traffic jam in the aisles surrounding the DSM booth at Vitafoods Europe on 12 May, 2011.

The FourFactors® model is a guide to decoding the consumer’s almost-instant 
point-of-purchase decision when selecting healthy foods / beverages / supplements. They consider the motivation for purchasing and, as we’ve seen more and more in the market, the role that permissibility plays in making up the mind of the consumer.

DSM has been very forward thinking in their approach to delivering value and innovation to their clients. Armed with consumer insights and the FourFactors®, DSM is moving from a focus on ingredients to consumer benefits.

Peter Wennstrom presented the FourFactors® model as a way to communicate health benefits without health claims.

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Healthy Marketing Presentation with DSM at Vitafoods

  1. 1. Introduction to the FourFactors®Wennströms Four Factors of SuccessPresentation for DSM at Vitafoods EuropeGeneva, Switzerland12 May 2011©2011 Healthy Marketing Team
  2. 2. Is this right?
  3. 3. This can’t be right?
  4. 4. This is not right.
  5. 5. Getting it right!
  6. 6. What is scary about this…The six second, six centimeterrule…The decision whether to pick yourproduct or move the hand 6cm toa competitor may be the result ofjust a six-second evaluation!Every shopper stands in front ofthe shelf making a complex mentalcalculation with everything sheknows about the product……the secret is to know what makesup her calculation.
  7. 7. Motivation vs Permission Consumers are motivated by needs and benefits Ingredients can provide a reason to believe And increasingly… a reason to reject
  8. 8. Your consumer has many reasons to reject
  9. 9. The value chain starts IN THE MIND OFTHE CONSUMER at point of purchaseWho needs Understandthe product? the benefit? Accept the Trust the ingredient? brand?
  10. 10. The purpose of the FourFactors® is tosharpen your brand innovation A Book With self study and case studies A Training From Knowledge to Know-How to Practise •  Inhouse training •  On your demand
  11. 11. The FourFactors ® tools will help you askthe right questions. Brand Analysis Understanding failures and successes Brand Development Product, concept and communication
  12. 12. Remember the Popeye Example…
  13. 13. Remember the Popeye Exercise?Need the Product Understand the BenefitWho: Mothers Physical: Feel stronger (Popeye!)When: Dinner time – cooked as a side to your Intellectual: Delivering iron into your family dietmeal. Emotional: Give your children the vitamins theyWhy: To keep growing children strong and healthy need to grow.Accept the Ingredient Trust the BrandAwareness: Iron associated with strength. Brand Identity & History: Popeye is strong andInterest: Mothers interested in ‘green’ reliable. Transformed into a super hero byvegetables, iron and nutrition for family. Spinach spinach.often viewed as a ‘super’ vegetable. Children are Brand Promise: Strength and ironnot interested in iron or eating spinach! Brand Image: Strong and healthyTrendspotting: Cooking at home. Family nutrition
  14. 14. A Case Study from Sanatarium
  15. 15. Factor 1. Need the product Who? When? Why? The first factor focuses on the lifestyle needs of the consumer and perception and relevance of the product as food in his/her life. Up& Go, Liquid breakfast, handheld, to be consumed on the go.
  16. 16. Target Consumer
  17. 17. Factor 2. Accept the ingredient Awareness? Interest? Trend? The second factor is based on consumer knowledge and awareness of the chosen ingredient. High fibre Milk for protein 98.5% fat free
  18. 18. Target Consumer Ingredients & Benefit platform
  19. 19. Factor 3. Understand the benefit How do they understand the benefit? Is it relevant to their lifestyle? It’s breakfast! The health benefits of the ingredients are easy to understand. The total benefit of the product is a healthy breakfast in a hurry. Physical Intellectual Emotional
  20. 20. 3 levels ofbenefit
  21. 21. Target Consumer Ingredients & Benefit platform
  22. 22. Factor 4. Trust the brand The fourth factor is the key factor Is the brand a credible provider of the benefit? Identity & History Promise image Up&Go, a brand from Sanitarium, the Australian market leader in healthy breakfast products.
  23. 23. Brand Position
  24. 24. Target Consumer Brand PositionIngredients & Benefit platform
  25. 25. A few well known examples ofgetting it right for each Factor.
  26. 26. Factor 1: Who needs the product?1.  Insert picture of popeye DSM got to know their consumer. A targeted analysis of Health Focus data showed joint-sufferers to be a demographically diverse group. Their research also revealed that joint pain sufferers wanted to be able to enjoy life and move with their grandchildren and families. Once they understood their target consumer and drivers they were able to target their communications accordingly.
  27. 27. Factor 2: Accept the IngredientHaagen-Dazs capitalised on consumer trends like ‘less is more’, ‘free-from’ and ‘backto basics’ to launch a product that was very easy for the consumer to understand andaccept. The simplified the ingredient list… to only five.
  28. 28. Factor 3: Understand the BenefitActivia targeted constipation and digestive irregularity. They have a product whereyou are able to FEEL the benefit and were able to communicate that throughdemonstration. They did this through imagery in the form of a slimed waist and yellowarrow. They also conducted a “two week challenge” to test the ‘felt’ benefit.
  29. 29. Factor 4: Trust the BrandAll Four Factors need to be aligned to increase your chances of success. Theconsumer trusts the Coca-Cola brand to deliver them pleasure…
  30. 30. But does the consumer trust the brand to deliver them health…?No! The Coca-Cola Light Plus product was withdrawn from the market after ayear.
  31. 31. We need to… Understand the consumer… NEED - who are they? -  what are their drivers and motivations? -  when and why do they need our products? Know what they know… INGREDIENT - which ingredients are they aware of /interested at? -  what are the trends that matter to them? Understand what they are looking for… BENEFIT -  what are the benefits they seek in various levels/ dimensions Know what does it take for them to listen to us… BRAND - do they trust our brand to deliver the benefits via the ingredients? -  what is the story we can tell them?
  32. 32. Thank youPeter WennstromPresident and Expert consultant©2011 Healthy Marketing TeamFor more information, please contact