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Antioxidants Conference presentation 2011


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Antioxidants Conference presentation 2011

  1. 1. The Four Key Success Factors forSuccessfully Marketing NaturalAntioxidantsPeter WennstromPresident HealthyMarketingTeam
  2. 2. Who are we? Experts in helping brands respond to changing attitudes in nutrition, health and wellness. We work around the globe (25 countries in 2010) Specialise in brand positioning and product innovation / renovation in food, ingredients and supplements. We are global implementation partners to HealthFocusPeter Wennström The Four FactorsTM Brand Analysis System Food & Health Marketing Handbook
  3. 3. What we do:Better targeted brands, faster to market!(and optimise effort and investment)We can improve your By getting the And then makeperformance! fundamentals right! sure you stay on target!
  4. 4. 3 Common questions when you re entering theHealth and Wellness market Brand New 1. How to create and launch the right new idea? Brand Direction 1. How to choose Where to Play in the category? Brand Rescue 1. How to deal with a failing brand
  5. 5. And one common first step: HealthCheck your brand 1. How to critically diagnose how your brand is doing in Health and Wellness
  6. 6. The Four Key Success Factors forSuccessfully Marketing NaturalAntioxidants
  7. 7. Tell you what I will tell you Understanding how the right food and beverage category can help you promote the benefits of antioxidants Learning how to communicate the health benefit with or without health claims Escaping antioxidant and moving towards the superfood tag is this the best approach? Trusting the brand securing the consumers trust in the brand going forward
  8. 8. The Four Key Success Factors forSuccessfully Marketing NaturalAntioxidants
  9. 9. Need the productMileHigh an exceptional antioxidant drink forhigh flyers MileHigh is the UK s only exceptional antioxidant drink made with red grapes, cherries, aloe vera and ginger. It was developed by Stuart Roberts and Richard Hammond as a result of their joint interest in flying. Richard had worked in aviation for 15 years and Stuart, was a professional nutritionist. Stuart believed that he could apply his health and fitness expertise to creating a drink that would improve general wellbeing for all life styles and life stages from pregnancy to ageing to recovering from a stressful journey. Richard and his cabin crew colleagues put the drink through its paces and received an overwhelmingly positive response. The drink was launched as Mile High in 2008.
  10. 10. Need the product Trust the brand? The drink was launched as Mile High in 2008 but re-branded in 2010 following consumer feedback that the name was limiting its potential and acceptance as a mainstream, everyday, lifestyle drink.
  11. 11. Need the product Trust the brandUK . September 2008 UK . 2010A drink that would improve general Re-branded following consumer feedbackwellbeing for all life styles and life stages that the name was limiting its potentialfrom pregnancy to ageing to recovering and acceptance as a mainstream,from a stressful journey. everyday, lifestyle drink. WHY WAS THAT POSSIBLE?
  12. 12. Understand the benefit Accept the ingredients?
  13. 13. Antioxidants and consumers:Awareness, interest and trends
  14. 14. Antioxidant-rich foods - increasingawareness and interest
  15. 15. Antioxidant Benefit supported by othercategories
  16. 16. Antioxidant ingredient communicated byother food categories
  17. 17. Then next thing that happens is that we start tosee signs that connects to antioxidantsin mass market categoriesLipton: Tea FlavanoidsResponding to regulationYou will see the Tea Goodness seal on manyLIPTON® Tea packages. The Tea Goodness sealsignals that the tea contains "a specific levelof" tea flavonoids. You can find the flavonoidcontent per serving on all packages with theTea Goodness seal.* Tea is not a substitute for fruits orvegetables, which provide a wide range ofnutrients such as vitamins and minerals.Please consult your doctor regarding adiet/nutritional plan that is right for you.
  18. 18. a product with caffeine immediately deliveryantioxidant benefits without even saying it
  19. 19. So antioxidants are good for me where can I get one?
  20. 20. Drinking a 250ml bottle of AOk every day is aquick, easy and delicious way to ensure that yousupplement your daily antioxidant needs.AOk Drinks are designed to help you take control of your health and wellbeing. Smallchanges to your diet and lifestyle each day will help you to feel and look better.Drinking just one 250ml bottle of AOk provides the recommended daily amount ofantioxidants, which have a major impact on our wellbeing and are vitally important inmaintaining optimum health, helping to render free radicals harmless to the body.
  21. 21. Understand the benefitNeed the product Trust the brand Accept the ingredients
  22. 22. Antioxidants and superfruits
  23. 23. When is afruit aSuperfruit?
  24. 24. When it s full of antioxidants..
  25. 25. Superfruits aresupported byscience Reference: Mellentin J & Crawford K, How to create and market superfruit, (In Press)
  26. 26. And written about everywhere!
  27. 27. Hard to see the wood for the trees??
  28. 28. Antioxidants and superfruits in a strategic perspective
  29. 29. Understand where you are playing inhealth and wellnessThe market for any health and wellness benefit is developed inthree stages. Each stage is a playing field with its own set ofrules. Your need for a Health Claim will depend on where you play. ©2010 Healthy Marketing Team Four Factors® Brand Analysis system The life cycle of health is introduced in the Food & Health Marketing Handbook by Wennström and Mellentin and commercially applied by the Healthy Marketing Team
  30. 30. How to position antioxidants andsuperfruits in the market place?
  31. 31. Stage 1: The technology/medical stakeholders. They need the health benefit. They have a real problem. CholesterolConsumer belief:Antioxidants prevent cancerAntioxidants prevents CVDIs the concept accepted by themedical community? MASS MARKET STAKEHOLDERS ©2010 Healthy Marketing Team Four Factors® Brand Analysis system
  32. 32. 2. The Lifestyle stakeholders.These are the early adopters and they want newbenefits with a fit to their beliefs Extremely interested: Antioxidants 19% Superfruits 14%Is the concept liked bytrendsetters and key opinion leaders?©2010 Healthy Marketing Team Four Factors® Brand Analysis system
  33. 33. 3. The Massmarket stakeholders just want tasty and healthy everyday foods that they understand. Awareness: Antioxidants 83% Increase #1: 25%Is the concept understoodand accepted byeveryone? ©2010 Healthy Marketing Team Four Factors® Brand Analysis system
  34. 34. Three playing fields for antioxidants andthe benefits of fruit and vegetables As a functional As a superfood As food ingredient I need to prevent I want to live I am normal. Five servings of fruit a day are good or cure disease. healthy for you©2010 Healthy Marketing Team Four Factors® Brand Analysis system
  35. 35. Three stakeholders,three strategic platforms giving directionto innovation, marketing andcommunication:Technology (Medical) benefits :Problem-solution, scientific proof, real need, educationLifestyle benefits:Led by trends and new beliefs, aboutbeing first, better, authentic etcMass (Standard) benefits:Led by normality just doing thenormal/right thing, everyone knows The FourFactors ® Brand Analysis System
  36. 36. Superfruit strategic summary:1. The new , fast-growing superfruits are all in the lifestyle area.2. Even established niche fruits are building a health and nutrition platform in this area.3. They are niche products that sell in low volumes but command premium prices.4. Lifestyle consumers willingly embrace health messages about these new fruits. SUPERFRUITS FRUITS TIME
  37. 37. Superfruit : Marketing strategyFruit + convenience + strong brand differentiation + lifestyle benefits + health benefit = premium pricing SUPERFRUITS FRUITS TIME
  38. 38. Need the product Understand the benefit The right food and beverage category Communicate the health can help you promote benefit without health the benefits of claims antioxidants Trust the brandAccept the ingredients Trusting the brand Antioxidants are securing the closely linked to consumers trust in superfruits the brand going forward
  39. 39. Our
  40. 40. Thank you!For more
  41. 41. Global experts in health and wellness marketing.In 2010 alone supporting our clients on the ground in 25countries. Combining expertise and experience we helpthem to understand:What is happening? Global consumer trends and data Global market and category developmentWhy is it happening? Consumer drivers and true motivations Product success and failures explainedHow to make it happen for your brands? Category direction/Innovation pipeline Brand Acceleration Concept Development Brand Development Brand Management