Presentation 15.12.10 mii for vitamin a


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Presentation 15.12.10 mii for vitamin a

  1. 1. Development of training modules for training of frontline workers (ANMs, ASHAand AWW) and supervisors of Health & ICDS in Uttar Pradesh Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust
  2. 2. Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust
  3. 3. About us… HLFPPT established and promoted by HLL Life Care Ltd., a Public Sector Undertaking in1992. It is registered as a separate body under Travancore Cochin Charitable Trust Act Initiated our first program on rural social marketing in Uttar Pradesh ‘Chhota Sansar Pariyojana’ in year 1998 supported by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) Currently operational in eleven states of the country Recognized as a leading social enterprise with more than five hundred professionals associated with us
  4. 4. Our core areas Social Marketing for health care products Social Franchising for increasing access to low cost, good quality services in health care Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health programs HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, support and care Technical assistance to public health programs
  5. 5. Partnership with MII - Training Materials developed• TOT Module for MTs• Facilitator Guide cum Training Module for ANM and Supervisors of Health & ICDS• Facilitator Guide cum Training Module for AWWs and ASHAs• FAQ Booklet for trainees• Pre & Post Questionnaire for Trainers• Pre & Post Questionnaire for ANM and Supervisors• Pre & Post Questionnaire for AWWs and ASHAs• Training Aids for Supervisor & ANMs – flip chart• Training Aids for AWWs & ASHAs – flash cards
  6. 6. PROCESS FOLLOWED FOR DEVELOPING OF MODULES• Listing the skills and knowledge needed to do the tasks through Training Needs Assessment (TNA).• Based on the TNA, defining the Objectives of the training module.• Organizing the selected skills and knowledge into Training Modules and training methodology.• Drafting objectives, main body of text, and descriptions of training methods, examples, case studies, role plays and exercise• Sharing the Draft module with MII.• Designing and developing the final Training Module.
  7. 7. Training Need Assessment (TNA)• TNA WORKSHOP conducted for Bal Swasthya Poshan Mah-BSPM• Districts:  Rama bai Nagar (Kanpur Dehat) on 16th to 17th September 2010  J.P.Nagar on 4th October 2010  Mahoba and Devaria
  8. 8. Workshop ObjectivesThe objectives of TNA workshops were to assess:• Knowledge on Bal Swasthya Poshan Maah• Knowledge on Vitamin A• Knowledge and skills of service facilitators on community mobilization and communication techniques• Attitude of Managers and MOI/Cs on BSPM• Identify implementation skill gaps against the BSPM strategy in service providers/frontline workers for improving the coverage of vitamin A supplementation
  9. 9. Target group• Health supervisors – MO/C, CDPOs, ICDS Supervisors• Frontline workers and service facilitators who are responsible for improving Vitamin A Supplementation- ANMs, ASHAs and AWW
  10. 10. Salient findings of the workshop incorporated in the manual• There are huge gaps in the knowledge of ASHAs and AWW on BSPM and its components.• Intra as well as interdepartmental coordination on micro-planning needs improvement.• More clarity on roles and responsibilities on BSPM are required for frontline workers.• Mostly meetings held are on aspects related to day to day administration. At times, meetings are held at the block level where various topics are discussed.• Most of the participants added that training is important and should be provided. This helps in educating them in order to perform their job effectively.• According to ANMs, the training on BSPM was not provided to them.• The willingness among the ANMs/ASHAs and AWW to get trained was observed.