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3. detection and treatment


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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3. detection and treatment

  2. 2. India’s policy on HIV testing Voluntary, Informed, Confidential and Free HIV testing Mandatory HIV testing of Blood and blood products and organ donation HIV positive test result is given to an individual only if the person’s blood test positive on three separate HIV tests. Test results are always disclosed with post-test counseling irrespective of test result HIV testing can be availed free of cost at ICTC centers
  3. 3. Window Period
  4. 4. Voluntary Counseling An individual undergoes counselling enabling him or her to make an informed choice about being tested for HIV It is the individual’s choice based on the appropriate information and support provided by the Counsellor. The Counsellor keeps all the information confidential. All efforts must be made to counsel the person for voluntary disclosure of HIV status to the spouse or sexual partner
  5. 5. Counselling processPre-Test Post-Test Follow upCounselling Counselling Counselling • Done before • Offered • Immediately HIV test. irrespective of after post test • The counsellor test results counselling or prepares the • For clients to anytime later client for the understand • Client should test corrects their test be offered myths and results and care and misinformation initiate support • An informed adaptation to services as consent is their status per need required • Collaboration and cross referral
  6. 6. ELISA platePositive result Negative Controls
  7. 7. Know the Stage of HIV and CD4Count The diagnosis of AIDS is made based on the occurrence of opportunistic infections or a CD4 count less than 200 It is possible to improve the stage of HIV by reducing the amount of HIV in the body  This is done best by ART Counsellors need to advise their clients to get their CD4 test every 6 months If PLHAs properly monitor Stage of HIV and CD4 count, they can stay healthy and love positively for a long time
  8. 8. Control of AIDSPreventiona. Educationb. Prevention of Blood borne-HIV transmissionAntiretroviral Treatment
  10. 10. Starting ART Before beginning ART treatment, counsellors should make their clients understand that:  Medicines must be taken for the rest of their lives  Non-adherence may result in further illness  Medicines should not be shared with others  Disclosure may aid in treatment adherence  Regular appointments with the doctor must be maintained
  11. 11. Continuing to Work, Save, & UseMoney Wisely Working and earning help clients continue to live a satisfying life If the client is healthy, the counsellor may encourage them to continue working and being productive Counsellors should advise clients to save some of their monthly income to  pay for treatment  pay for care and education of their children
  12. 12. Plan for the Family Counsellors need to discuss the importance of family planning for couples  Contraception  Preventing Parent to Child Transmission (if a female client is pregnant)  Options for Having children are a personal issue for the mother/couple.  A counsellorshould talk through all the pros and cons and options and allow the client to make a well informed, personal decision.