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Sandra Wong on "Ebooks and the SFU library" 2015


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From HLABC Continuing Education Panel Discussion on Jan 30, 2015

Published in: Education
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Sandra Wong on "Ebooks and the SFU library" 2015

  2. 2. Simon Fraser University Medium-sized public university offering undergraduate and graduate degrees. 20 203 FTEs 3 campuses (but single site status – one administration/president)
  3. 3. SFU Collection Information  Collections budget: approx $9.4 million  $2.2 million monographs  50% or more electronic depending on subject area.  Coutts/Ingram is our book jobber.  3.3 million records in Summon Discovery  Includes free and open access e-books  Hathi Trust  Directory of Open Access Books
  4. 4. Academic Library Market for E-books  Scholarly academic monographs  Research  Literature  ReferenceWorks  Dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopaedias, atlases  Technical manuals  Textbooks
  5. 5. SFU Library’s E-books – Major Issues  Digital Rights Management (DRM)  Third Party Aggregator versus Publisher Platform  Simultaneous User Restrictions  Purchase models:  subscription (lease) vs outright purchase (own)  Licenses –permitted uses for course packs and e-reserves  Acquisitions workflow
  6. 6. Growing usage of e-books at SFU  E-books increasingly being used for course readings.  Added to Course Management Systems.  Not using the library’s reserve system to create stable links – and accounting for off- campus access.  Using e-books from leased collections.  Frantic students report on disappearing access.
  7. 7. Leased collections and swapping titles – monthly updating of records  Ebrary Academic Complete  118 000+ titles and growing (unlimited users)  Books 24x7 (IT and Business Pro collections)  22 000+ titles  5 simultaneous users (not per e-book)  SafariTech Books Online  25 000+ titles  8 simultaneous users (not per e-book)
  8. 8. Leased collections – stable/growing and monthly updates  CRC netbase e-book subscriptions  SFU was an early adopter  Low subscription rate  Collections grow – but titles are almost never removed.  11 CRC netbase subject collections:  ENGnetBASE, ENVIROnetBASE, FORENSICnetBASE, MATHnetBASE, BIOSCIENCEnetBASE….etc…
  9. 9. E-books are in the Library catalogue
  10. 10. Communicating info to end-users  Simultaneous user limits in the link text  856 field (z note) in a MARC record  |zFull text - Single user access.  |zFull text - Access for x simultaneous users.  |zFull text - Unlimited user access.  |z[Name of platform] limited to x simultaneous users.  199 MARC for leased collection note:  Leased collection. Future access is not guaranteed.
  11. 11. Leased collection and limits on users
  12. 12. Leased but unlimited users
  13. 13. If multiple copies,choose a different copy – no leased collection note.
  14. 14. Single user access aka one simultaneous user
  15. 15. 3 simultaneous users
  16. 16. Unlimited simultaneous users
  17. 17. What happens when an e-book disappears but is being used for a course?  We have mechanisms in place to purchase an electronic copy if there is still one available for purchase by an academic library.  If no e-versions available, we will investigate and work with the instructor to find a suitable solution.
  18. 18. What if there are 500 students in a class and the e-book is limited to a single user?  We have mechanisms in place to upgrade a purchase to higher levels of users if the publisher or provider has that option available.  Additional e-copies may also be purchased.  We will work with instructors to find a solution ASAP.
  19. 19. E-reserves and Course packs  Depends on the publisher, platform and specific license.  License details at platform level.  Best practice is to avoid making a copy.  Create a link using the permanent link from the catalogue record.  Library’s off-campus authentication is embedded.  If the website changes, the library will take care of changes.
  20. 20. License details at platform level
  21. 21. Use permanent link from catalogue at the bottom of the record
  22. 22. E-textbooks  Higher Education Textbook publishers generally do not sell electronic copies to academic libraries directly.  Some academic monographs designated as textbooks by the publisher.  Higher price  User limits (sometimes)
  23. 23. Same publisher Textbook – 3 users Monograph – unlimited users