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Hong Kong's Top Gentleman Tailors


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Looking for the best bespoke/custom tailors? Then Hong Kong is the place to be. Choose from a variety of the best tailors that's right for you.

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Hong Kong's Top Gentleman Tailors

  1. 1. Hong Kong tailoring hasbeen practiced in since thelate 1800s and the trend stillthrives today.
  2. 2. Popular CustomTailors in Hong Kong
  3. 3. Ascot ChangIt is world-acclaimed,offering a supremecraftsmanship in mensuits and shirts, highquality products such asrobes, tuxedos and cufflinks.Image courtesy of
  4. 4. A-Man Hing CheongDealing exclusively withmen products, it hasperfected a niche in mensshirts, suits and top-classworkmanship in bespokeproducts. Image courtesy of
  5. 5. RajaIt cuts top qualitycustom suits and shirtsat affordable prices andoffers the worlds exoticfabrics to give everyclientele a wide range ofselection.Image courtesy of
  6. 6. StrandAnother speck inbespoke tailoringbusiness, preserving theunique tradition ofHonk Kongs tailoringcraftsmanship.Image courtesy of
  7. 7. HouseOffers luxury,handmade, bespoketailoring ofexceptional qualityand excellent value.Image courtesy of
  8. 8. It offers custombespoke suits forwomen and men, withthe tailors candidlyassisting withinformation about theavailable fabrics.Image courtesy of
  9. 9. Tailoring bespokecustom suits and shirtswith the standardHong Kong touch tomeet the modernsuave of todayspersonal touch.Image courtesy of
  10. 10. “Hong Kong tailoring is definitelyhighly preferred among otherswhen you want custom-tailored suitand shirts. They are known aroundthe world for their fashion senseand precision tailoring.”
  11. 11. For a wide variety of list of custom and bespoketailors offering the best in Hong Kong tailoring,please visitThere are so many tailors in Hong Kong that offer top qualityservices in a very affordable price; the ones already mentioned arejust the few of them.www.HongKongTailors.orgImages courtesy of