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Twitter isn't just for people who love to talk, it's also great for people who want to listen and learn. A beginner's guide to getting started with the social media platform that gives you superhuman hearing powers!

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Why use Twitter

  1. 1. Why use Twitter? SURE Revolution July 2013 Prepared by Helen Kitchen @helenkitchen_pr
  2. 2. • My target market/business contacts aren’t using Twitter. Why should I? • I don’t need to target a huge commodity buying audience, so why should I use Twitter? • What should I tweet about? • How do I gain more followers? • Who should I follow? • How to use Twitter better & consistently? • What are the pros & cons of scheduling tweets? • What are hashtags #? What is #followfriday? • I don’t have time for Twitter, do I?
  3. 3. So what IS Twitter?
  4. 4. Twitter • 2012 stats show 140m worldwide including 10m UK active users tweeting an average of 340m tweets every day • Now there are an estimated 12m active UK Twitter users! • The UK has the second highest proportion of social networkers in the EU • Trending topics in the UK yesterday: #FollowMeLittleMixStudio Liverpool #Ashes #ArsenalTour2013 Andy Murray Miliband http://fly.twitter.com/#null
  5. 5. Real-time connections • Quickly share information about your products & services • Gather real-time market intelligence & feedback • Build relationships
  6. 6. You don’t have to tweet to get value from Twitter What gets the world talking? Listen… • To key influencers • To your business contacts • To your competitors • To your team/staff • To your customers • To people with problems you can solve…
  7. 7. How to tune in to interesting conversations • Offline connections – are they online too? • Use industry influencers’ communities eg media, trade associations • Advanced Twitter search (twitter.com/search- home) • Hashtags.org (keywords, phrases – popular ones include #events #news #TVprogrammes #health #fashion #jobs #business #startup #WakefieldHour #followfriday/#FF)
  8. 8. Organise your conversations • Create Twitter lists so you can listen to subject-specific conversations • Use keywords and hashtags, not just profiles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAHitI26MmE&feature=player_embedded#!
  9. 9. So you want to join in… • Demonstrate your expertise and make yourself relevant to your followers: – Share photos and videos – Join in, don’t just talk at people – Comment on industry news – Talk about projects you’re working on, events you’re attending – Answer FAQs and share real-life case studies – Use Mention or Talkwalker Alerts to source interesting content
  10. 10. Manage your time – Hootsuite (other social media dashboards are available!) https://help.hootsuite.com/entries/21626925-Quick-Start-Guide HootSuite is a social media management tool that can be used to manage multiple profiles, schedule messages, track brand mentions, analyse social media traffic…
  11. 11. Benefits of scheduling tweets • Keep your followers happy - sharing information in short bursts can annoy some followers, and can be missed by others • Be consistent • Target followers when they are listening • Save time • Be strategic – think about what you’re tweeting!
  12. 12. When to Tweet?
  13. 13. Twitter is what you make it • Listen and learn from the wealth of conversations going on • Share information & gather intelligence • Build relationships
  14. 14. Useful resources • https://business.twitter.com/ • The art of the pithy hashtag http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine- 14400398 • http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how- to-grow-a-twitter-following/ • www.hootsuite.com
  15. 15. Thank you for listening! Connect with me @helenkitchen_pr