Which Language Centers in Hong Kong & China?


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There are a lot Chinese Language Schools in China that offer Mandarin and Cantonese courses. Here are a few language training companies worth exploring.

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Which Language Centers in Hong Kong & China?

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) in Hong Kong:http://www.qlanguage.com.hk==== ====If you are considering learning the Chinese language or improving your Chinese language skills,the best place to do so is to travel to China and cram yourself with Chinese culture, traditions andcharacters while you learn to speak the language. Many dialects and languages co-exist in China.However, the most popular is Mandarin Chinese. This is the official language of the PeoplesRepublic of China. Mandarin, or Beifanghua (this literally means Northern Dialect) or Ganhua(which literally means official speech) is a category of related Chinese dialects spoken acrossmost of the northern and southwestern China.There are a lot Chinese Language Schools in China that offer Tutorials and Courses. Thisincludes the following:1. Kunming - This is one of the top Chinese language schools in China. It offers a one-on-oneinstruction at an affordable tuition fee. Also, students of all ages are welcome and languageproficiency for all levels is available. The advantages of this language school include a uniqueteaching method, flexible schedules, flexible course duration, high-quality textbooks, easyapplication process, and comfortable single dorm rooms with private bathrooms.2. Languages in Action - This Chinese language schools has been providing language courses formany years now. The school is accredited internationally since it meets the guidelines in providingfirst class language instruction within supportive environments. The school has 2 branches, one inHong Kong and the other one in China.3. ALLDAYCHINESE - This school is located in Beijing and it aims to produce students who speakthe language with accuracy, fluency and creativity. Students will have the best teaching supportbecause each staff aims to provide the best convenience and help for all students. This schooloffers group and one-on-one classes all year round. The class schedules are flexible too.4. Beijing Hutong School Chinese Classes and Internships - This Chinese language schoollocated in Beijing is dedicated to guide the student through the initial stages. It offers apersonalized service dedicated to meeting the students needs as well as a deep understanding ofthe complex society that the student will enter.5. China Unipath Chinese Mandarin Language Programs - This school offers highly affordableChinese Mandarin language study programs at top-tier universities in Beijing, China. The programprovides participants with complete immersion in the living environment of Beijing. With thismethod, the students gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture while mastering theircommand of the language.6. Chinese Language Study in Shanghai Mandarin House - Shanghai is Chinas most dynamic city
  2. 2. so this is the perfect place for Chinese immersion and experience. The Mandarin House is thebest Chinese language school in Shanghai. It is located one block from Huai Hai Lu. It is equippedwith the finest facilities such as wireless internet access, after class activity programs, etc. Thisprovides an excellent learning environment especially for beginners.Go to ExpatIntelligence.Com for information about Chinese Language Schools and Expat China.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Miguel_Carlos==== ====Learn Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) in Hong Kong:http://www.qlanguage.com.hk==== ====