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Language Schools Hong Kong & China - Choosing The Right One For YOU!


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A few tips to help you choose a language school in China and HK.

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Language Schools Hong Kong & China - Choosing The Right One For YOU!

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) in Hong Kong: ====In todays world, if you can speak Mandarin or one of the Chinese dialects in addition to English,you will never have a problem getting a great paying job. For this reason alone, many people arechoosing to go to Chinese language school in China as a way to learn the language. But beforeyou just sign up with the first Chinese school you find, you should do your best to evaluate at leastseveral of them, based on the four following factors:- Location - Some people choose to spend their educational time in a large city like Beijing, andthen travel around the country on their days off. You may also find that you can go to a school thatallows you to take classes in various cities, such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, or even Hong Kong,which is an experience in itself. While you are learning, you can stay in the big cities, and thentravel through the countryside on the weekends or after your schooling is done.- Experience - You should be looking for a Chinese language school in China that has beenaround for a while and who will freely put you in touch with past graduates. Many schools that arelocated in the metropolitan areas of China have turned out literally tens of thousands of graduates,while if you go to a school in a smaller town or village, you may be just one of a handful ofgraduates.- Visas - The school you choose should be able to arrange all visas and help you out with yourtravel arrangements. Getting into China is now much easier than it has ever been, but if you planon venturing outside of Beijing or Hong Kong, you might want to do your research on what travelpapers are needed first. A quality school will let you know exactly what tests, vaccinations, andpapers you need.- Accommodations - You need to make sure that you will be given assistance in findingaccommodations while you are in China. Especially since you will arrive in their country with littleor no knowledge of the language, having a place to stay already lined up will make your trip a lotmore comfortable and reassure your relatives.Since there are numerous schools available to you, it is important that you choose your Chineselanguage school in China wisely to ensure you get the best education and safest travel experiencepossible. But, whatever you do, make sure you take the time to travel around China while you arethere, so that you get the big city experience of places like Beijing, and the small town experiencesof traditional Chinese life.Carla Kaplan is a writer and researcher on Chinese language school in China. Save time andmoney by getting FREE in-depth information including discounts and best prices at: Letz-
  2. 2. Learn.OrgArticle Source: ====Learn Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) in Hong Kong: ====