Looking For An English Course In Hong Kong?


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Website: www.qlanguage.com.hk If you are researching English courses (full-time or part-time, general or business English) in Hong Kong this article offers a good summary of the English courses offered by Q Language in Hong Kong.

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Looking For An English Course In Hong Kong?

  1. 1. English Courses Hong KongIf you are looking for an English Course in Hong Kong Q Language offers an excellentvariety of both full-time and part-time courses. Whether you would like to study English forthe workplace, school or university we have a course to suit your needs. Browse the Englishcourses below and contact us for more details at: http://www.qlanguage.com.hk • General English Course (Intensive) • Business English Course (Intensive) • General English Course (Semi-Intensive) • Corporate English Courses • Private English Course (small group or one-to-one) • English Enhancement Courses For Hong Kong Schools Q Language Ltd . 14/F Wing On Cheong Building, 5 Wing Lok St. Central , Hong Kong
  2. 2. General English Course – Intensive 24 or Intensive 15Both our Intensive 24 General English Course and our Intensive 15General English Course offer local and overseas students full-timestudy at our (Hong Kong) Centre with Hong Kong student visa sponsorship included.Our friendly, native English teachers will help you improve your speaking, listening,reading and writing skills by giving you a practical understanding of the English languageand how best to use it in real life situations. Our intensive English courses are basedon either 24 hours per week or 15 hours per week of General English study; the choiceis yours. What’s more, our flexible class schedule allows you to choose either AM or PMclasses. Business English Course – Intensive 24 or Intensive 15 As with our General English Courses, our Intensive 24 Business English Course and our Intensive 15 Business English Course offer local andoverseas students full-time study at our school in the heart of Hong Kong. Hong Kongstudent visa sponsorship is also available with these courses.With a strong focus on fluency, our Business English Courses will improve your leveland maximize your ability to use Business English in real-life situations. The courses arebased on either 24 hours per week or 15 hours per week of Business English study.You can opt for either morning or afternoon classes.
  3. 3. Semi-Intensive General English CourseBoth our Semi-Intensive 9 General English Course and our Daytime 6General English Course are for the busy student with limited time availablebut with a strong demand for improving English skills. Choose to study 6 or 9hours a week mornings or afternoons Monday to Friday.Study in a fun and relaxed environment in our small group classes and learn real Englishfor real-life situations with friendly, supportive classmates from around the world! Ournative-English teachers will help you improve your listening, reading and writingskills in task based lessons with practical and functional materials.Corporate English CoursesOur specialist Corporate Training Department can identify and design English courses tosuit the needs of all corporations. With experienced trainers from academic and businessbackgrounds, Q Language will train your staff in a range of language functions necessaryfor successful business. See more details of our Corporate English Courses Hong KongWe Can Train Your Staff To Be Proficient At: • Business Writing • Executive Communication • Office Skills • Social Business • Management Workshops • Business Correspondence • Presentation Skills • Technical English
  4. 4. Private English Courses (One-to-One or Small Group Classes) For students with a busy lifestyle, we offer a flexible schedule for One-to-One or Small Group Private English study. These private courses allow you to choose either a General English or Business English course and then fix a schedule to suit your needs. You can arrange your Private EnglishLessons anytime Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm and choose from 1 to 20 hours perweek. Your English course Hong Kong can be tailored to focus on your individual learningneeds. These can include: socializing, travelling, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, exams,reading & writing skills, presentations, job or university entrance interviews etc.English Enhancement Courses For Hong Kong SchoolsIf you represent a Government primary or secondary school in Hong Kong, let Q Languagehandle your English Enhancement needs. Our highly-trained and experiencedSchools team can identify and design English courses to suit the language training needsof P1 – S7 students. With dedicated NET teachers from academic backgrounds, we havebeen successful in creating and delivering effective, cost-efficient courses for manyGovernment schools.Options include: Exam Preparation, Creative Writing, Summer Bridging (for new S1– S6),Debating & Presentation, Phonics, Story-telling and Drama,Themed Programmeshttp://www.qlanguage.com.hk/english-courses/school-english-enhancement-courses